To Be or Not To Be A Family Book

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To Be or Not To Be A Family


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[NOTICE: SILVER WINNER OF WRITING PROMPT CONTEST 235 - FEMALE LEAD - FAMILY] Ashma never knew her father. Her mother and maternal granddad are the only family she knows. She hates her father as he left her mother after she became pregnant out of wedlock. But her mother made sure that she grows up into an independent woman. She is a world-renowned fashion designer. Suddenly she gets news of another family of her fathers as her half-sister seeks her out. Everyone in the new family loves her except her paternal grandfather. He hates her as she is an illegitimate child and would cause a scandal if the word of her existence comes out. She hates him as he destroyed her mother’s life, and he ordered his son to leave her mother forever. They go toe to toe at every turn. Who will win the familial war? Will they ever learn to love each other? Will Ashma accept her new family or reject their love?


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