To be a Wildflower
novel - Contemporary Romance

To be a Wildflower

Jade Maddox

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What is To be a Wildflower

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Elizabeth Hartley a rebellious and very lost girl from the brightest city in the world tumbles upon an old love letter from the past. The discovery leads to an excuse for an impulsive trip to deliver a letter at the heart of a of a small town, where she is bound to discover a missing part of her soul... Her escape from reality transforms into a journey of unexpected miracles, love and second chances. A story on true love, redemption and the unspoken connection between two souls and one messenger.

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Loved the story! Personally I am not much of a fan of Romance, but this story? I couldn’t stop reading it!! Loved every bit of it. Each chapter makes you hungry for the next. Filled with the desire to know what happens next. 100% would recommend this to any lover of books.


I'm a huge fan of romance novels and this story has an interesting plotline. It's a bit different than what we usually read and I like the writing style of the author. I highly recommend this book to you all. Definitely worth a read. Keep it up, author.✨✨✨


I'm a romance junky if that's a thing, but finding true love in a novel is what has happened to me, this is amazing!!! Can't wait to read all the chapters


This story - which is a Southern 70s romance mixed with a modern day tale of self discovery - has such a beautiful calmness to it. I can see myself in the main character - I can see how she is also learning and growing to become her own person. The romance is written so well and I can truly feel the honesty and passion of every moment. This is a must-read and this author needs to release her next book!


The prose of the author is a delight to read. it flows clearly inside the mind, like a stream of clear water. I found the writing surpisingly poetic, and I love it. It's quite rare to see something that well-written on webnovel's plateform. Good job !


I'm a huge fan of romance novels. The book captured my heart because it has an interesting plot, Characters and story keeps you engaged throughout the book. I confidently recommend this book to everyone to read. Can't wait to read further chapters...:)


WOW! The book is so well written that it made me feel like I was reading the work of one of my favourite romance novelist. the prologue was so captivating and intriguing I am looking forward to reading the whole book. Thank God its Complete.


This is a story of love and redemption,nice I love the way the author put it. The arrangement of words,background everything is well built. Immediately I read the synopsis,I knew it was a novel I couldn't miss for the world. Keep it up dear


This story is just ... wow The author's style of writing is just... wow And the emotions embedded, really something. Keep up the good work


In the midst of distractions, something got my attention. This amazing book. Wow! This is really emotionally arousing. I am aroused! Initially, I didn't know what to leave as a review comment, not because I don't have what to write, but because I have too much to write and I only have a maxim of 140 words, so..I'm going to exhaust the maxim. This is a masterpiece, very enticingly captivating... The author knows how to play around words into heart of readers to spell bound them. I LOVE IT. It is driving my emotions to love like loving a Bluering in my heart, but its just far apart. This is deserving of all the necessary accolades. Kudus This is commendable. I recommend this book as an excellent read.


I'm giving this book a 5-star rating because this beautiful romance has captured my heart. I sincerely want to know how this story will end, so I will be sticking around for a while. You are doing a great job author, please keep writing.


I love ur style of writing! it emphasizes the story line even more. Good luck to other future stories, author! Keep up the good work, Looking forward to it🤗


The whole plot was interesting! Once dwelled, you just can't get yourself to baack off untill finished! They way of writing and expressing everything was awesome! Loved it ❤️


Beautifully written. The plot develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. With use of words that complement the subject of the story as a whole.


i have to say, the author's way of writing is Beautiful, i can picture every scene described, the characters are well developed, I'm here for it😌😌 great work author!


Is it a sin to find what you love that is a poison and let it kill you? Welp! Just found mine. Love the funky feel from the book and the old but eccentric soul that is our protagonist. Absolutely reccomend this.


The storyline is very interesting and I think I'm going to fall in love with the book once I start reading it. I am definitely adding it to my library


Reveal spoiler


5 stars from me! I just finished reading it! Keep up the excellent work! So far I enjoyed the book! I’m looking forward to more books made by you author! I’m rooting for you! This story is a great binge!


I love this story!!! I can't wait for more I really like the character Elizabeth Hartley, she seems to play a very important role. Continue your wonderful work Author.


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