To be a leader

We start with an everyday cosplaying otaku walking down the street and boom truck kun ! (No one expected that) and when he awakes he is given wishes now let's see if he can live up to her legend ?

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Beans & Kyuahh

(Artoria POV)

"Kyuaahhhhh" (Filo)

Once Filo was fully out of her egg she shook off the egg shell which was stuck on her feathers, she Jumped straight from her shell onto Masters head startling him out of his sleepy state

'That'll get him all woken up' (Artoria)

"Woah !?" (Master)

"Kyuahhh" (Filo)

She just sits on Masters head while I slowly approach her while she is seemingly celebrating on Masters head,

"Kyuahhh" (Filo)

"Sure is lively" (Master)

"It must think you're its parent *Giggle* " (Raphtalia)

she says with a slight giggle added on

While they are bantering to themselves Im still slowly approaching filo, she seems to of noticed me as she stops celebrating and just stares at me. I slowly reach my hand out to try pet her and once I have my hand on-top of her head but seems to recoil once it settled on her head.

"k.....yuah" (Filo)


I droop down as a metaphorical rain cloud pours over my head as I move to spiritualize to loath in self pity. Allowing some tears to fall

It seems that Master and Raphtalia noticed that little scene

"Wh...what was that ?" (Raphtalia)

"Saber, What was that ?" (Master)

'Nothing. That was your imagination.'

'Why did it not like Saber ?..... i'll have to ask her later.' (Master)

"M...Master Naofumi I think it isn't too fond of Saber " (Raphtalia)

"It seems so" (Master)

after that embarrassing display I just thank my lucky stars that Merlin didn't see that . now that I think that knowing him he probably did and is sitting in his tower laughing at me... I thought filo would be fine with me but I guess my dragon core was not hidden from her . ughhhhhh

"anyway it looks like a type of bird monster, I wonder what it is exactly ?" (Master)

Raphtalia puts her finger to her chin

"I don't know...." (Raphtalia)

"hmmm, Let's go ask a Villager" (Master)

they begin to leave so I follow behind staring at Filo still nested on Masters head now back to her chirping

"Kyuahhhhh !!" (Filo)


We walk into a beaten barn with huge chunks taken out of it which im sure is from the recent wave. Inside we see villager moving lumber inside the barn which stopped as he noticed Master and Raphtalia approaching.

"Eh sir, we have a question... what type of monster is this ?" (Master)

"Ah, That's a philorial." (Villager A)

"Kyuahhh" (Filo)

"A philorial ?" (Master)

"Most of ours died during the wave." (Villager A)

He points at 2 big birds on their hind legs grazing a field

"Look over there. They like pulling carts If you don't let them pull carts from time to time, they'll become restless. It's in their nature" (Villager A)

"For a living being to behave like that " (Master)

"Is something wrong ?" (Villager A)

"What do they eat ?" (Raphtalia)

"At first, it's best to feed them warm bean paste, but when they're big, they'll eat whatever you give them. If you level it up, it'll become big that much faster." (Villager A)

"Kyuahhhh" (Filo)

"I see, so it's the same as Demi-humans. Alright, let's go level it up then." (Master)

"Ah yes before you leave, sir hero. Just incase you are near any dragons with your philorial just know that a philorial hates dragons by nature." (Villager A)


"Hm... Dooley noted" (Master)

'I definitely heard saber there.... that must have something to do with why the Philorial doesn't seem to like her... i will definitely have to speak to her later' (Master)

' Oh grate ' (Saber)

"Here" (Village A)

the Man puts his hand out while he is holding a bag full of beans to grind up and give to filo

"Please, take the beans, You don't have anything to feed it, Do you ?" (Villager A)

Master take the beans from the villager

"Sorry. How much for those ?" (Master)

"Oh, take them for free. It's fine, really. We villagers are truly grateful to you, Shield hero." (Villager A)

The man gives Master a smile so wholesome I had to look away before it blinds me, it even calmed Filo down

"I don't know how much they're worth, so just name your price." (Master)

'Oh goodness sake take his kindness' (Artoria)

"No, No, No, as I've said..." (Villager A)

"You said you lost lots of monsters, right ? and this barn is also in a pretty bad shape. WE came here because we had something to do. I'm sorry, but we don't have time to help with reconstruction. And I've received quite enough gratitude. Or would you rather barter ?" (Master)

P.s okay okay okay, I know I have not updated anything In woah its been donkeys, but I'm back partially and I will update this story and this story only until I've got a solid clean schedule, cause as of right now I have some, I won't make any schedule promises atm but I'll try my best to update on a semi regular basis

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