Timed Book

novel - Fantasy



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In the heartland of Illinois, lies more than werewolves and vampires; gargoyles are what creep the land of never before seen rural areas of Illinois. Ace is amongst the many creatures, and is the one with a destiny that is granted every one-thousand years to various creatures. What once was a normal life, now transformed into a test of skill, killing, betrayal, choices, sacrifice, and luck. Ivory is the key to confirming Ace's ticket to forever living with the Immortalis; however, with a vampire after her as well, and her father returning, how will the prophecy be completed, and who will get Ivory to the throne first? No one knows, except the Council. In order for either of them to succeed, they must solve the murder of Sir Johnson, and the death of the late Ruler, Miles Liverstone. Twenty-four hours has been set, who will make it to the end?