352 Chapter 346: Marriage?

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin:...

The world seemed to petrify, and Yuki raised an eyebrow at the awkward silence of the new member.

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin: Hahahahaha

Fortunately, that silence didn't last long, as the new member responded with laughter.

However, it wasn't a laughter of joy; there was a coldness and anger in that laughter, something the more perceptive members of the group instantly understood.

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin: Well, well, very well! You're right; this princess agrees with you... Why would I take orders from someone weaker than me? And you, Your Majesty, Emperor of Time, are absolutely right; this princess admires you for your wisdom.

Trembling with fury, a girl of delicate appearance and a small body, around 12 or 13 years old, true to her nickname, her skin as white as snow or jade, her bright red hair and unmatched beauty, almost monstrous. Every facial feature was beautiful to the extreme, and though she was so young, her beauty rivaled that of an Inori (Eva).

As a Perfect Human, Inori's beauty is absolute, but this girl would rival her at such a young age. Despite her youth, the upper part of her body had matured considerably. Her breasts, white as snow, were like two jade pearls on her perfect body, as soft as bamboo shoots in spring.

There was no doubt that as she grew up, this girl would steal the souls of many men. Not to mention that her immature beauty was dazzling.

This woman's name is Jasmine, the heir princess of the Star God's Realm. At a young age, she inherited the strength of one of the Twelve Star Gods, the Star God of Celestial Slaughter.

Her strength is terrifying at such a young age, and she has every right to be arrogant. Unfortunately, she is a Hero; not even the most powerful hero could compare to a Champion or an Overlord.

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin: The price, this princess will pay for your services.

Despite all her beauty and power, like any person, there are regrets or deep desires within her. She has strong desires and regrets that, thanks to this Chat Room and the Champion, can be fulfilled...

Two days ago, this strange holographic screen suddenly appeared in front of her, surprising her.


[The World is watching you; your regrets, helplessness, and pain have made the Mother of all cry.]

[The Champion wants to help you.]

[I, as the Emperor of Time, have the power to revive the dead.]

[Do you want me to revive your older brother?]

[I can help you with many more things.]

[Do you seek revenge?]

[I am very strong; my power is something people in your world have never seen before... I can eliminate all your enemies, including your father.]

[Now decide, Heir Princess, Star God of Celestial Slaughter, Xing Tong.]

[Do you want my help?]

[Yes] [No]

After reading all the entries on the holographic screen, a deep fear penetrated her being.

How did this screen appear in front of her? For someone of her power, doing this means that the other party is stronger than her, often much stronger.

Who is this Champion, Emperor of Time?

Jasmine didn't know, but that person knew her so well that many of her secrets were revealed. Not only that, but several important parts of her life were also exposed.

Is she being harassed?

If so, the other party is a terrifying person with a higher cultivation level, as they could evade the surveillance of her realm and her father.

After weighing the pros and cons, Jasmine asked.

"I don't know who you are; how can you assure me that everything you say is true?..."


Jasmine didn't finish speaking when a powerful fist materialized, striking a mountain in front of her, destroying everything in its path, including the cultivators who lived on that mountain peak. Everything happened too quickly for anyone to detect the attack, which seemed to come from another dimension and level of strength. This surprised Jasmine, as the cultivators on that peak were not weak; they were at least in the Divine Sovereign Realm, and some even in the Divine Master Realm.

This terrified her; she didn't even detect when and where the attack would come from, or who the culprit was.

(What a horrifying person! A True God? Is it a God?)

Thinking about the only beings that could have such power, a deep chill ran through Jasmine's body.


However, the shocking part came seconds later; the sound of a gun echoed, and the entire mountain returned to its original form, much like a reverse camera, as if the huge fist never existed. The same happened with the cultivators; at least their bodies had returned intact. However, Jasmine could feel that the cultivators were still dead, as their souls had left their bodies.

But this was not over; a huge crack opened, and from it, a gigantic face appeared, resembling a samurai, with a pair of strange eyes with a wave pattern extending along the eyeballs, with thin purplish-gray irises and sclera.

It opened its huge mouth, and several lights emerged, entering the bodies of the cultivators.

What happened seconds later left Jasmine gaping, as the 'dead' had returned to life.

Jasmine blinked several times and even used her divine sense to confirm the reality of the events, but it didn't seem like an illusion.

This excited her... It was true.

She could revive the dead...

There was hope...

"If I join your group, do you promise to revive my brother and help me with my revenge?"

However, Jasmine is not naive; she didn't think that this person would help her out of pure compassion. In a world where the strongest fist holds power, someone wanting to help her is suspicious.

But even if that's the case, she should be with this person, even if this 'Champion' desires her as a wife, Jasmine would agree as long as her wishes are fulfilled.

[I promise]

After confirming this, Jasmine gritted her teeth and joined the group. There were many things about this 'Champion, Emperor of Time.'

But for now, this was enough; at least, she had his promise, and Jasmine didn't think that someone of his caliber would lie to her, as it would damage his honor...

Unfortunately, two days have passed since she joined this Chat Room, and the Champion still hasn't responded to her call. She began to doubt; there were other women in the group, but none of them attempted to message her, and Jasmine didn't bother talking to them. So, she waited until the Champion logged in.

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin: I can pay; this princess's kingdom is very wealthy. What do you need to fulfill your promise? Some Divine artifact? This princess can get it!

Yuki Uchiha (Champion): Divine artifacts? Interesting. However, my companion won't allow me to use any weapon other than her. But my clones could find them useful.

With this new information, Yuki brought a hand to his chin and pondered.

If his memory serves him right, Divine artifacts are precious combat tools or defenses. Having a few in his possession wouldn't be a bad idea.

Moreover, this girl's world must be incredibly strong if it gave birth to someone like her.

(Maybe... Level 7? No... Level 8?!)

A level 8 world is massive, so vast that there are sub-worlds within it, as well as parallel timelines... How vast is this girl's world?

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin: Is it a deal?! What kind of artifacts do you need?

Yuki Uchiha (Champion): Relax, don't get worked up. We can chat peacefully.

Sighing, this girl's personality took a 90-degree turn. It seems she recognizes his strength or is suffering from some misunderstanding.

The question is... What did the Chat Room promise?

Yuki didn't know, but for now, he thought of maintaining his facade and gathering more information.

Yuki Uchiha (Champion): For now, I don't desire artifacts.

Negotiating with a Low Star is very dangerous, especially when you don't know what the other party wants. It might get upset if it thinks you're lying.

It would be terrible if someone of that caliber gets angry, so he should make his intentions clear and gradually steer away from the topic while collecting information.

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin:...

However, this girl's mind seemed to wander at Yuki's message, and she fell into silence for a few seconds before responding.

Princess Arrogant Jade Skin: I understand... It's my 'Hand' you're looking for, right? Fine! This princess promises to be your wife, as long as you keep your word!



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