Throne of Shadows: The Conqueror (HxH)

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Chapter 95: Heading to the restaurant

Machi's voice was laced with caution as she asked, "You... Who are you?"

Sakujiro's gaze was equally wary as he watched Raymond closely.

Raymond chuckled softly before introducing himself, "My name... is Raymond Celestia. I shall be the one to change Meteor City for the better."

Sakujiro's voice was edged with skepticism as he asked, "...You think I'd trust you?"

"Why do you care? I thought you wanted to die?"

Raymond's response was calm as he shook his head.


Silence fell between them, thick with tension. The air around Sakujiro seemed to chill as his Nen surged.

"But I do! So, if you try to take anything from us..." Machi's voice dripped with threats, her stance defensive, but Raymond's smile only widened in response.

"Your little group definitely poses a threat to me right now..." Raymond acknowledged, his tone unwavering.

The mention of the Phantom Troupe prompted Machi to channel her Nen, forming a thread of Nen in her hand, her alert gaze fixed on Raymond.

However, Raymond remained unfazed, shaking his head confidently, "...But it won't be so in the future."


Machi's skepticism of Raymond's words was palpable, her confidence in her ability to take him down evident in her stance.

"Hahaha, you two are just too adorable..."

Raymond's laughter filled the tense atmosphere, seemingly unfazed by the sudden hostility.

Being called adorable only served to fluster Machi further, her anger immediately rising.

"I'm serious!" she snapped.

Raymond's chuckle persisted as he reassured them, "Don't worry, though, you can watch me all you want. Feel free to attack if needed..."

His words carried a hint of amusement, further irking Machi.

"...Hmph, better not try anything funny." Machi's harrumph was accompanied by a subtle retraction of her Nen, mirrored by Sakujiro.

Yet, a trace of wariness lingered in their eyes, wary of Raymond's intentions.

"Give me the purse, Little Machi..."

"So you still remember that..." Machi scoffed, a flicker of annoyance flashing in her eyes. "Look, old man, you should thank me for taking this out since some people wanted to burn down your place."

Her hand scratched her head in irritation as she pulled out a creased photograph of Sarasa, holding it up with a mixture of pride and exasperation, "I even took Sarasa's picture with me just in case they tried it again..."

"They tried to burn my place? Why?"

"Who knows! All I know is I did you a favor, so you must listen to me this time!"

Machi's voice rose with anger, her words cutting through the air like a whip as she stared down Sakujiro

"...They should burn down my place as well, then."

Raymond's brow furrowed deeply as he muttered under his breath, his gaze shifting to the side.

He hadn't anticipated such aggression from Watanabe.

It seemed like they wanted to kick them out of the city completely.

"...So, they are trying to take over the whole city?"

The thought hit him like a ton of bricks.

It was like they were saying they weren't welcome anymore, sparking a flicker of realization in Raymond's eyes.

If that was the case, Raymond concluded with a sense of urgency, "...I have to go back to the city, now..."

The implications were clear. Raymond was certain that the next target for Watanabe's attacks would be the elders of Meteor City.

"Sakujiro, let's head back to the city now..."

Raymond turned to find Sakujiro caight in an argument, his stubbornness evident as Machi started throwing a tantrum over the purse.

Sakujiro's frown deepened, his gaze momentarily flicking to his reattached hand. "That's precisely my intention..."

"Damn it! We need that purse to track down her killer, you old fool!"

Machi's frustration erupted into a heated outburst.

"What did you just say?"

Sakujiro's eyes widened in disbelief, his blood boiling as an instinctual surge of rage pulsed through him, causing the forest birds to scatter in fear.

Sensing the tension, Raymond shook his head, stepping away slowly.

"I'll go on ahead. Come meet me at my place when you're done talking..."

His words hung in the air as he retreated, leaving Sakujiro and Machi to settle their dispute.

"Why should I?"

"I know who they're targeting next. Just trust me on this..."

"Last time I did so, you knocked me out."

"...I guess I did, yeah."

Raymond sighed as he shook his head, "Then, how about this? Come to get yourself a weapon, I have another knife back at the restaurant..."


Sakujiro took a moment to collect himself, watching as Raymond swiftly departed.

With a sigh, he turned to Machi, "Alright, explain..."


"Should I really?"

Taka's uncertainty echoed in the air, his gaze flickering uncertainly.

Sin shook his head with a knowing smile.

They had been talking for a while now, and Taka's repeated mentions of the restaurant spoke volumes.

It was evident that Taka held a deep affection for the place and the people within it.

Having known Taka for years, Sin could easily decipher his friend's inner turmoil.

Taka wanted to go, but that much was clear, and a sense of guilt held him back.

"...But Aniki promised he'd come get me when we're reopening later today."

"Why? You don't want to go?"


Taka pondered, his brow furrowing in thought.

Sin watched as Taka fell into contemplative silence, his little head seemingly racing.

Then, like a lightbulb turning on, Taka's face lit up with an idea, "Wait, I could clean up the restaurant for him! He'll be happy when he sees it, right?"

"I'm sure he will," Sin agreed with a nod, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

Although, deep down, Sin couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness at the thought of Taka leaving him alone again...

However, he also couldn't deny the joy he felt for his friend finding happiness at the restaurant.

Still, Sin was feeling a bit jealous, he was envious of the bond Taka had formed with his new friends.

Yet, he pushed those feelings aside, reminding himself of the importance of Taka having someone he could rely on, just as Sin relied on him.

"Alright, then it's settled!"

Taka declared cheerfully, rising from his seat.

"But umm..."

But as he glanced back at Sin, a hint of hesitation crept into his expression.

Sin gave Taka a reassuring pat on the shoulder, a warm smile softening his features, "I'll be eagerly awaiting that meat once more. Let the Owner know I'm a big fan of his cooking...."

Those words took away all of Taka's hesitation as he beamed.

"Got it, Sin! I'll make sure to tell him!"

Excitement was bubbling within him as he dashed out of their home, heading straight for the restaurant.


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