63 Chapter 60: Imperial Ascendance

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"...It's starting, huh?"

Sakujiro had just arrived on the scene and slowly made his way toward Sin.

He could see that Sin was struggling, sweat rolling down his face as he fought to keep the seal intact.

"You okay?"

Sakujiro asked, his voice flat and emotionless.


Sin could only manage a weak nod in response, his breathing heavy and labored as he battled to maintain the seal.

Sakujiro acknowledged Sin's response with a nod of his own before turning his gaze to the arena.

His eyes narrowed as he observed Raymond standing tall, his hair gently swaying as if stirred by an unseen breeze.

Sin's seal was shimmering faintly as he tried his utmost to hold it together despite the strain.

Back inside the sealed arena, the referee's expression turned ashen as he felt a heavy weight pressing down on his shoulders.

A surge of Nen energy erupted from Raymond's form, slamming the referee to the ground with immense force.

"I'll give you a few seconds, take her along with you," Raymond's voice echoed through the arena.


With a nod of understanding, the referee scrambled to comply, his heart pounding in his chest.

Raymond took a deep breath, veins bulging in his neck and face as he exerted every ounce of his strength to control the surging energy.


Raymond's voice boomed

Without hesitation, the referee sprang into action.

With a blur of motion, he darted across the arena, scooping up Cassandra in his arms as he moved with lightning speed

As they barely escaped the arena, a surge of even greater pressure enveloped the entire space with Raymond at the center.


Sin's face drained of color as he felt the blood rush to his throat, struggling to maintain consciousness as he worked to seal off the arena from prying eyes outside.

The intensity of Raymond's aura threatened to overwhelm Sin, but he gritted his teeth, refusing to succumb to the overwhelming force.

"No, not yet!"

With every ounce of his strength, he fought to contain the power within the sealed arena, ensuring that no one beyond its bounds would sense the formidable energy emanating from Raymond.

Wing furrowed his eyebrows as he watched Sin's condition.

He had been suspicious of him for a while now, and Sin's current state only deepened his unease.

Glancing over at the arena, Wing noticed Raymond's hair moving as if there were a breeze, and cracks forming on the ground beneath him, spreading across the entire arena.

"Is he using Ren? But why can't I feel it?"

Wing wondered aloud, puzzled by the lack of any noticeable power emanating from Raymond's figure.


Then, it clicked.

He remembered Sin's strained appearance and the strange absence of energy coming from the arena.

"Is he somehow blocking others from sensing what's happening inside?"

He murmured, realizing the extent of Sin's efforts to conceal whatever was going on within.

Wing straightened his posture and focused his Nen energy into his eyes. As he peered into the arena, his eyes widened in shock at what he saw.

A powerful seal encased the entire arena.

Within the seal, a swirling tornado of dark red aura emanated from Raymond, casting an eerie glow that sent chills down Wing's spine.

As time passed, the aura grew increasingly darker and more menacing, filling Wing with a sense of dread unlike anything he had ever seen before.

"...What in the world?"

Wing muttered in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Raymond's face twisted into his trademark smirk as he sensed the overwhelming potency of his aura, far stronger than ever before.

With Heaven's Arena under his control and after the letter he had sent to Zoldyck, the Zoldyck family was now basically on his side.

And there was no denying that the Republic of Padokea lay firmly within his grasp.

A sense of euphoria washed over him as if he were being baptized in power.

Closing his eyes, he savored the exhilarating sensation coursing through his entire being.

"...Such an addicting feeling," Raymond chuckled, reveling in the intoxicating rush of dominance and control.

The ground beneath him, which had already cracked from his immense power, suddenly shattered.

A collective gasp swept through the crowd as they watched in disbelief.

"What the hell was that?"

"Why did the arena just crack open like that?"

"I didn't hear anything, though?"

Murmurs of confusion and disbelief rippled through the audience, their eyes wide with astonishment as they pointed accusing fingers at Raymond, the sole figure standing amidst the chaos.

Gon, Killua, and Zushi exchanged puzzled looks, then turned to Wing, whose complexion had visibly paled.

Concern etched their faces as they voiced their confusion.

"Sensei, what's happening?"

Zushi asked, his voice tinged with worry.


Wing remained silent, his expression grim.

The kids looked at each other, perplexed by Wing's silence. It was unlike him to be at a loss for words.

"What do you think is happening right now?" Gon whispered to Killua.

"I don't know but..."

Killua shook his head.

He glanced at the shattered arena below, his brow furrowing with concern for Raymond, "...he should be fine, right?"

On the sidelines, Sakujiro watched Sin's condition with worry. He knew the young man was pushing himself too hard.

Turning his gaze to Raymond in the arena, he muttered, "Imperial Ascendance..."

Sakujiro understood Raymond's ability well. The more control they had over a territory, the stronger his aura became.

It was a fundamental rule of his power.

"The more he conquers, the stronger he gets," Sakujiro thought, feeling a mix of awe and fear.

Raymond's ability was both impressive and terrifying.

With each new territory he claimed, his Nen would grow stronger, reflecting his dominance over the land.

As he expanded his influence and asserted his authority over larger areas, his aura surged, showing the power he held over the land and its people.

It was a power that commanded respect and fear alike.

"That's why we serve him, as he is the one and only..." Sakujiro muttered, his pupils gleaming with a slightly crazed light.

"...ruler we need in the entire continent!"

Meanwhile, the pressure on Sin's seal continued to mount, causing blood to trickle from his mouth.

He watched helplessly as cracks began to spread across his seal like a spider web.

Turning his gaze towards Raymond, he muttered weakly, "...I've reached my limit, Master."


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