Chapter 137 New Discovery

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Su Tang stepped forward and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Huang Guo immediately voiced her dissatisfaction, "Tangtang, look at them! You clearly told them to pick mushrooms, but they picked a bunch of unknown fruits instead!"

The young females of the Weasel Clan stood huddled together, not daring to respond to Huang Guo's words.

Seeing this, Aunt Hongguo frowned slightly and sternly said to Huang Guo, "All right, we still have time. They will be part of our tribe in the future. Be mindful of the way you speak!"

Hearing Aunt Hongguo's lecture, Huang Guo was deeply dissatisfied!

It was obviously these Weasel Clan females' fault. Why was Aunt Hongguo blaming her?

She looked at Su Tang with a wronged face, "Tangtang, look at them~"