1 Chapter 1

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos.

First, there was the Yellow Turban Rebellion, and then there was the Ten Permanent Servants Rebellion.

Fortunately, Zhang Jiao died and Zhang Rang gave the court his head, and the Han family was saved. However, despite the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the Ten Chang Servants' rebellion was quelled, but soon a more ruthless Warlord Dong Zhuo appeared, who seemed also to be a dead man soon according to history.

Dong Zhuo's occupation of the capital, his power over the government and the opposition, his rebellious actions, and his actions of abolishing the imperial court, finally provoked the wrath of the heaven, and also the resentment of the people. And all the heroes in the world rise together to crusade against him.

In 190 AD, when Cao Cao issued a war decree against Dong Zhuo, the lords of various provinces raised their troops to respond accordingly, opening the prelude to the crusade against Dong Zhuo by the Eighteenth Route Warlords!

This is also the beginning of the separatist rule in the late Han Dynasty.

This is a bloody era!

This is the era of heroes!


At the same time, outside the Sishui Pass, in the main camp of the Allied Forces of the Eighteen Route Warlord, a young man slowly woke up.

"Ding, the system has detected the existence of the host, the God-Level Selection System has been activated and is being bound..."

"The God-Level Selection System is successfully bound to the host, Han Yu..."

Han Yu shook his head to wake himself up, confirming that he was indeed the one selected by the system.

For an old bookworm who has been reading novels for many years, Han Yu was only a little confused at the beginning when faced with world travel and the system.

But soon he accepted his new reality.

His name has not changed, he was also called Han Yu before and after crossing, and his appearance is still the same good looking.

He is as good looking as he was before crossing over!

And he's 1.85 meters, very tall.

The ignorance and unease after crossing over were immediately forgotten and replaced by new expectations for his new life.

Just his appearance alone he feels as if he already won at the starting line, and this alone will not fail in any era.

Just relying on his appearance, it's not a problem to get a girl or two.

However, Han Yu soon realized that he was wrong about something.

When the original body of Han Yu's memory was merged, Han Yu found that the era he lived in turned out to be the chaotic era of the end of the Han Dynasty and the era before the Three Kingdoms.

And at this moment, the Eighteenth Route Warlords, because of righteousness are attacking Warlord Dong Zhuo, and currently, he is at the Sishui Pass.

As a traveler, Han Yu is naturally very familiar with the history of the Three Kingdoms of the late Han Dynasty!

Every time he saw the Three Kingdoms in the film, television, and also the novel, Han Yu will sigh that Cao Cao's heroic talent and strategy, Liu Bei's perseverance to be able to rule the chaotic world, and finally, the Sima family who ruled the world, but they also caused more chaos later on.

What a pity!

In such a troubled world, Han Yu feels like his appearance seemed to be useless, and also has this sense of helplessness.

Currently, Han Yu is the eldest son of Jizhou's Governor Han Fu, his courtesy name is Ziyu, and he is eighteen years old this year.

His father, Jizhou's Governors Han Fu could be said to be a good old man. But in Han Yu's eyes, it's stupid. Han Fu started the game as a Warlord, but he didn't do any big things.

Han Fu left only two famous things in his life. One thing is the famous sentence "Here's one of my best men, Pan Feng. He can destroy Hua Xiong.", which turned out it killed Pan Feng and was instead fulfilled by Guan Yu!

Another thing is that after Yuan Shao plotted Jizhou, Han Fu directly voluntarily surrender Jizhou, and was forced to commit suicide in the toilet. Both these two things reflect Han Fu's incompetence and ridiculousness.

As Han Fu's elder son, Han Yu is actually under a lot of pressure. He didn't want to face such an ending this time!

Fortunately, a system is bound to him, and this is his Gold Finger which is a standard for travelers like himself, and the Three Kingdoms period he traveled is the best era.

There is nothing worthy about Han Yu currently!

Being able to fight for hegemony in these troubled times is what Han Yu wanted.

Especially in these chaotic times of the Three Kingdoms in the late Han Dynasty, it is a place that Han Yu has been fascinated by for a long time!

Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun.

Diao Chan, Wen Ji, Xiao Qiao, Zhen Ji.

Here I come!

At this moment, the cold voice of the system sounded at the right time:

"Ding, the location of the host is detected. The enemy's main general Hua Xiong will go out to fight tomorrow, and the historical event 'Slaying Hua Xiong while the wine remains warm' will happen."

"Ding, the God-Level Selection task is being released..."

"Mission option 1: Ignore, let the plot develop, let Pan Feng fight and be beheaded by Hua Xiong, the mission reward: 100 taels of gold!"

"Mission option 2: Take the initiative to invite Guan Yu to kill Hua Xiong and return while the wine remains warm, task reward: Guan Yu's favorability +10, force +20, and a hundred thousand cups of warm wine!"

"Mission choice three: Refuse to let Pan Feng fight, and find another way to kill Hua Xiong, mission reward: force value 50 points and get the big turntable of destiny!"


"Choose three!"

Without any hesitation, Han Yu chose task three!

"Ding, ask to confirm the host again. Once selected, it cannot be changed!"

The cold voice of the system reminded Han Yu.

"I choose three; refuse to let Pan Feng fight Huaxiong!"

Han Yu was the eldest son of Jizhou Governor Han Fu, and Pan Feng was Han Fu's general. Han Yu naturally knew the outcome of this battle. Pan Feng was beheaded by Hua Xiong in just one round and became cannon fodder before Guan Yu beheaded Hua Xiong.

Because of this, Pan Feng who was dubbed as the peerless general, become the Pan Feng known as a third-rate general.

Of course, many people also think that Pan Feng's death was caused by Yuan Shao's poison.

Han Yu didn't know which statement was correct.

But in this life, he became Han Fu's eldest son, and Pan Feng was of course also his person.

In any case, he would not let Pan Feng die again, causing Jizhou to lose a general.

As for other people who are his enemies, he has no reason to help them!

What's more, the system rewards 50 points of force and a big turntable of destiny which he doesn't know what that is.

It also allows Han Yu to completely ignore options 1 and 2.


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