1 Thranduil & Kili-a love story

It's three weeks since we reclaimed Erebor my aunt and sister-in-law are with child. I was starting to feel lonely i wanted someone to love to i am beautiful i will find somebody just when. Then a Dwarf came in. " My King Thranduil is here to talk to you. " He said. I for one know why in the war four Armies he came to help us. He wants to be friends. I smiled at that that's when i started to get feelings for him.

Thranduil's p.o.v

I never expected to be walking into Erebor again after what King Thoror did but an Elf friend who is now Queen of Erebor told me that her Husband is nothing like Thoror so i went to go see them. I walked in where there were sitting and i saw the most beautiful woman in the world sitting by Thorin i fell in love with her. '' You wanted to talk to me". " Yes i came to ask to be friends.'' '' Really?" He said to me. ''Yes that is what i would like.'' '' Sure we can be friends if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be sitting here with a family on the way.'' I saw him put a hand on Arwen's belly. ''Your pregnant my Lady?'' Yes Two weeks'' She said. '' Congratulations my Lady. Thorin if you or your family need me i will be there for you no matter what. '' Ok let's go sigh some papers I will be back my love.'' He kisses her cheek. ''Thorin can Thranduil stay for the party?'' Whatever you like my love.'' I see her smile she was happy that we were friends again.