27 This is Roppongi

Chapter 27: This is Roppongi

"... Where are we going again?" Okuma slouched in the comfy seat, leaning her head on Azuma's right shoulder. "Aren't we supposed to eat? But why is it taking so long?"

"We're heading to Roppongi," said the flashy man. He looked back over his shoulder, his hands on the steering wheel. "It's traffic. It's not my fault that rush hour gets heavy at this point."

Time check: "6:04 P.M."

Since Koizumi suggested everyone should eat somewhere, they never expected to bring the flashy man along. Nonetheless, riding in that man's van who you barely even know, who would do that?

Everyone thought it was a bad idea, but Koizumi insisted. And when she saw everyone refusing, she said the man would pay for the food they would order.

But then again, seeing Azuma and Okuma hesitating, Koizumi said that Ryu would come along. And if anything were to happen, he would be there to beat up any bad guys.

It's as if you were telling two kids that a superhero would accompany them.

But Azuma wasn't your average girl; she knew things were suspicious. If you were to look at the flashy man, what would be your first thoughts?

Blinding clothes, messy hair, unshaven beard, red eyes, what would you expect? Drugs? A person behind an organization? No. Azuma knew exactly what that person wanted.

But as Okuma was about to say that they should head home, Azuma agreed that both of them would come along; she wanted to know how things would end.


On their way to Roppongi, they rode in his black passenger van with 4 rows of seats.

With the paper bags in the last row; Azuma, Okuma, Ryu in the third row; Koizumi, Yuki in the second row; the one and only flashy man in the driver's seat.

The van's interior has black tinted glass and grey leather seats; there's nothing to complain about when you already feel comfortable, but only the feeling of uneasiness about going with a stranger.

"Hey, Yu-kun," Azuma whispered. "How did you and Harumi-chan meet?"

With his elbow against the window supporting his cheeks, he looked to his right. "We met at the welcoming party of our department yesterday."

"But, you know, this girl, I met her today at a motel." Akuma laughed and continued, "She probably did it with some guy from the welcoming party."

"HAhAha-Ha," he laughed.

"What's with that creepy laugh?" She looked to her right. "Anyway, you can still see how tired she is."

Ryu leaned forward to take a look at Okuma.

'She kept snoring last night... And now she's peacefully sleeping...'

Once Ryu leaned back in the seat, Azuma smirked and looked at him.

"So, did you enjoy your time with her?"

"What do you mean?" Ryu asked, pulling out his phone from his pocket.

"Don't play dumb with me." Azuma took his phone and checked what he was looking at.

She then scoffed, "Looking at the weather forecast, huh?"

"Is there something wrong with that?" Ryu cleared his throat. "I was interested in the weather."

"Okay, okay," Azuma said, giving Ryu his phone back. "I'll believe what you said."

As Ryu got his phone, he started messaging Kumiko.

: "Aunt Kumiko, I'm going to come home late. Don't wait for me."

"Oh~" Azuma tried peeking at his phone. "Messaging your girlfriend~?"

"No. And what's wrong with you?" Ryu pushed her back and irritatedly said, "Just sleep like Okuma-san if you can't do anything else rather than bugging me."

"That's rude of you to say..." She thought of something for a second, then looked at Ryu. "Get my coat from the back, and I'll stop bugging you."

Ryu didn't say anything and gave Azuma her coat.

Once she got it, she then placed the coat on Ryu's lap.

"...?" Ryu looked at Azuma and gave her an indifferent tone. "What now?"

But what Azuma did next made Ryu swallow up the words he was about to say next.

"Shh," she said, her voice lowered down. "We wouldn't like to wake the person beside me."

"Don't say we, just you."

"Okay." She twirled her tongue around her lips. "But you really have to be quiet."

Ryu nodded.

'Shit, I never expected Okuma-san's friend to be a Thot. But I can't be sure without the Thot meter.'

With Azuma's hand under the coat, she started caressing Ryu's dick through his pants.

But as soon as he felt her hand rubbing his crotch, no in damn hell would he not get hard.

And feeling Ryu's dick hard already, she continued for a few seconds. Not wasting any time, she pulled back her hand and slowly shoved Okuma to the side.

After seeing Okuma leaning her head against the window, Azuma glared at Ryu and immediately took the coat away.

"H-Hey! Why are you removing it?" Ryu tried pulling the coat back, but Azuma forcefully pulled it away and threw it in the back row.

"There's no need to be embarrassed," Azuma said, her voice as calm as a river.

Azuma dragged down the zipper of his jeans while looking patient before unveiling her lust.

Her hand slid its way inside the zipper and just barely pulled down his trousers, making his hard dinosaur shockingly spring out immediately.

With her breath getting rough, she gulped down her own saliva and held his dick with her warm hand.

"I can't believe someone like Harumi-chan would keep this all to herself."

She then looked into Ryu's eyes and said, "May I?"

Sighing, he answered, "Why ask when we're already at this point."

"Then don't mind me."

Azuma started stroking his dick, but while the two of them continued what they were doing, they forgot that there were still people in the van aside from them.

- 2nd Row -

"..." Koizumi started showing a disdainful look.

With her hands on her phone, she couldn't stop her ears from hearing the sounds in the row behind her.

She then looked to her right.

"What's wrong, Yuki-chan?" Koizumi asked.

Yuki tightly wrapped her hands between her thighs. Or, to be exact, between her crotch.

Yuki looked at her left and whispered shakily, "Uh... T-Tomio, I know this is weird to ask, but what are they doing?"

Koizumi chuckled and said, "Yuki-chan, are you really sure you want to know."

The sound of someone slurping onto something echoed around the van.

Though it seemed no one wanted to care, they were actually interested.

Yuki thought about it for a split second and shook her head. "I-I think I already know what it is."

Looking at her face, it was beet red like a tomato.

Tomio wanted to say something to Yuki, but she ended up thinking it was better for her not to know about it.

Yuki's legs started moving in a pacing motion. Her knees were rubbing against each other, and her fingers unintentionally touched her panty.

Yuki took a deep breath, but it couldn't stop the feeling that aroused within her.

The only choice she had was to place her hands behind her back and watch the scene she saw through the window.

"That piece of shit..." Koizumi mumbled.

She then moved a bit to the side and slightly turned to her left.

With the small gap you could see within the seats, Koizumi gnashed her teeth after seeing what was happening in the back.

- First row/Driver's seat -

Looking at the rearview mirror, the flashy man laughed and said to himself, "Girl knows how to bob her head well."

- 3rd row -


With her head moving up and down and her slimy tongue enveloping his cock, Ryu was nearly reaching his limit.

Though Azuma's skills weren't that inferior to the ones he got from the duos (Hanae and Aya), there was still something lacking.

But who cares? As long as you have a girl who can twirl her tongue around your cock and has experience, just let it be.

Azuma gave a simple blowjob, not bothering placing his whole dick inside her mouth. It was too big.

As she licked the tip of his dick, she flicked her tongue, making Ryu feel a tingling sensation rush over his body.

She pulled out his dick, and with her meaty lips, she slid it to the sides of his shaft. And with the final blow, she placed back his cock inside his mouth, moving her tongue in a circular motion.

With no warning, Ryu unconsciously held her head and let out his load inside her mouth.

"Fuck..." He looked at Azuma. "Are... you okay?"

With Azuma raising her head, she wiped off the excess cum on the side of her lips. She looked at Ryu and opened her mouth.

She swallowed everything!

"Why did you hold my head?" She asked as she smirked. "I was gonna let you cum inside my mouth, anyway."

"Well, it was instincts. Sorry."

As minutes passed, they finally arrived.

"So this is Roppongi," Ryu said, looking through the window.

"It's been a while since I came here." Azuma leaned her body against Ryu to take a look at his side of the window. "It's still bustling as always."

Ryu didn't mind what she said. "You're heavy. Look at Okuma-san's window."

Bright lights filled the entire place that outshone the cars. You could see people walking to every corner of shops, bars, and others.

But Ryu wondered why there were so many people despite it not being the weekend. But does a place like this need to be visited only on weekends?

Roppongi is known for its nightlife, but there's more to this area than pricey bars and fancy restaurants. It is a place where men and women find partners to have fun with.

Roppongi also has a significant concentration of nighttime entertainment establishments with a diversified environment that targets everyone's satisfaction.

"Okay, we're here." The flashy man parked the van on the side of the street. He went out and slid open the door of the van for the rest to go out.

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