Thorny First Marriage Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Thorny First Marriage


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"Immersive, and definitely entertaining. Sang Qi is such a magnetic character. Highly recommend! Kudos to the author!” A young, gorgeous journalist, Xia Zhi, was pregnant, and yet that baby didn't belong to her husband and she had no way of knowing who the real father was. After being kicked out of her own house, she was taken into a villa and cooped up like a pet by a mysterious man. One night, someone crawled into her bed. “It's you? You are the father of my child?” “Why didn't you own up to it?” “I am a man of influence. It's not like I will ever admit to having slept with a random woman.” “In that case, why would you want me to keep this child?” “Why wouldn't I? My gene is too good to go to waste.” If it were not for the child, they never would have crossed paths in this world. How will this awkward, strained love play out? What future awaits for Xia Zhi? Join us in reading this ever entertaining story that is Thorny First Love!


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