12 Chapter 12: How to Scare a Ghost? (Please keep reading!)

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It took half a day of intense cultivation to enter the third realm?

Just now???

Is this word appropriate to use here?

The female ghost had been living in the human world for more than half a month and had a rough understanding of many modern "language" terms.

She quickly realized—Xu Yang was just showing off!

After slightly recovering from the shock, the female ghost raised her hand and wrote, asking: "How did you do it?"

"How did I do it?"

Xu Yang glanced at the system attribute panel.

The number behind the [Merit Value] column has already been reduced to zero.

So he laughed: "I was able to enter the third realm in half a day, probably because of my talent and qualifications."

While saying this in his mouth.

Another thought rose in his heart.

Should he...

Scare the female ghost a bit more and brush up some more merit value?

"My talent is so poor that it would take ages for me to achieve something on my own through cultivation?"

"It would be difficult in this life to try to get my grandpa's bones back... If I could scare her a few more times and brush up a few hundred or thousand more merit points, I could quickly improve my cultivation!"

With this thought, Xu Yang began to walk towards the sofa.

On the sofa, the female ghost did not notice anything unusual. She was still writing blood words.

"If your talent is so strong, why didn't your grandfather teach you Daoist skills when he was alive?"

"If he had taught you the Daoist skills early and carefully guided you, you might have already become a Daoist, or even achieved the level of Supreme Sage!"

"How would I know?"

Yu Yang said, "Maybe my grandpa got tired of the disputes and didn't want me to get involved in the martial world's whirlpool."

As he spoke, he had already arrived in front of the sofa.

Facing the female ghost.

Without warning, he pulled down his pants.

Then, with both hands on hips, he laughed loudly: "Hahahaha, girl, are you scared?"

Female ghost: "......."

Her black hair covered her face, making her expression unclear.

She just stared at Xu Yang for a few seconds, then wrote: "Put on your pants!!!"

Three bloody exclamation marks exuded a bone-chilling coldness.

Xu Yang felt a cold sensation in his crotch area, hurriedly pulled up his pants, blushing, cursing and mumbling as he went downstairs—

"Damn it!"

"Is it because the way I took off my pants was wrong?"

"Why isn't she scared anymore?"

He went downstairs.

Opened the shop door.

Xu Yang went to the spicy hot pot store next door, ordered a large bowl of spicy hot pot and a pancake. After filling his stomach, he returned to the store.

It was already 9 pm at this time.

All the shops on the street had closed, and there was no business in the funeral parlor. Xu Yang stared at the old man's photo on the wall for a few seconds, then took out his phone and searched online.

"The video Officer Wang showed me today seems to be a live-stream recording."

"I remember the female anchor's ID, she is called Taozi..."

Xu Yang quickly found the live-stream platform where "Taozi" was located.

She had 270,000 followers on the platform and was considered a major influencer in Wu City.

There were numerous live-stream recording clips related to "Taozi". Xu Yang searched through them all but found that most of them were about popular moments during her live-stream, such as when her bra strap fell off during a dance, revealing half of her breasts.

"Taozi's supernatural adventure, North City Cemetery!"


"Video on June 18th... It should be this one!"

After a moment of searching,

Xu Yang's eyes lit up.

However, when he clicked on it, he found...

This video had been 404'd!

The prompt was "temporarily removed for rectification due to suspected violations", but Xu Yang knew that it was probably not that simple. Perhaps it was the handiwork of the "higher-ups" Officer Wang mentioned.

After all, there were many videos about "supernatural adventures" before, and those videos with explicit dances didn't even blur the images, so why only 404 this one?

Xu Yang's brow furrowed.

Officer Wang only showed him a brief glimpse of the video.

He saw the screen where two men in duckbill hats, masks, and black clothes came out of the cemetery and put a package in the trunk of a car. However, he did not see the license plate number clearly.

"Officer Wang said that this was a martial world affair, and the police had no authority to investigate."

"But now that I have already started practicing Daoism, perhaps I can barely count as a person in the martial world, right?"

"They have no authority to investigate, so I will investigate myself!"

Xu Yang decided on two ideas.

The first was to find Officer Wang.

After knowing the license plate number, he would definitely have conducted further investigations and might have more clues!

The second was to find "Taozi".

Maybe she had the video and was willing to give out her phone number for Xu Yang to investigate on his own.

Xu Yang contacted Officer Wang first.

However, Officer Wang refused Xu Yang, citing "regulations from above" and said before hanging up the phone: "Xu Yang, don't put me in a difficult spot, you're not an ordinary person, you should be clear that these matters are handled by special departments. You can try to contact them."

Special department?

I don't know anything about special departments!

Xu Yang could only try to contact "Taozi".

Entering the live-stream platform.

He found that Taozi had just started her live-stream.

At this time, she was sitting in the car and talking to her viewers: "My friends, today we will visit a small village in Yu Town, Tongxin County. There is a primary school there where a fire had occurred. At night, you can hear the sounds of children reading and playing."

Tongxin County, Yu Town?

Xu Yang knew the place.

Heizi's hometown was in Yu Town.

The reason why he was entangled by the "female ghost" was because he had gone to the mountains of Yu Town to perform a ritual and encountered her.

During the live-stream,

Taozi mentioned the name of the school.

Xu Yang searched on the internet and found a lot of news reports and posts related to the school.

Among them, there was a detailed report about the fire that occurred years ago.

The post with the most views was posted on a forum.

The poster was a female college student, and the title of the post was "Supernatural Events in an Abandoned Village School".

She said in the post that her hometown was in a small mountain village in Wu City, Tongxin County, Yu Town.

When she was in elementary school, a fire broke out at the school, killing four students and a volunteer teacher.

Since then, strange incidents have occurred frequently in the school.

Some people had witnessed those four students playing around the school.

Others heard the sounds of reading and teachers lecturing inside the school late at night.

Later, under the national "ecological relocation" policy, most of the people in the village moved away, and the school was abandoned.

Not long ago, she returned to her hometown.

One night, with nothing to do, she remembered the "rumors" from her childhood and decided to visit her alma mater. As soon as she entered the school gate, she heard a burst of reading sounds that almost scared her to death!

"Village, abandoned school, supernatural events?"

Xu Yang's face lit up, saying: "Maybe I can go find these ghosts and brush some merit... and also take the opportunity to ask Taozi for some clues!"


How should he scare the ghosts?

As he recalled the scene where he had taken off his pants in front of the female ghost just now, Xu Yang felt embarrassed. He knew that this approach would not work.

Moreover, if there really were ghosts in that school, they should be the spirits of the four students and the volunteer teacher. He couldn't bring himself to take off his pants in front of them!!!

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