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This Summoner Is Too Abnormal

Fried Egg With Orange

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# NOFEMALELEAD # CARD # RELAXED 200 years ago, the world welcomed a huge change that was never seen before. The abnormal space that suddenly appeared caused monsters that humans had never encountered to descend onto Earth. As humans were on the brink of destruction, a group of awakeners suddenly appeared and they became the first generation of summoners. After six failed summonings, Li Pu finally succeeded on his seventh try. But, he had summoned a useless scarecrow. He was about to give up and return home when the summoner’s talent suddenly appeared. “Isn’t this talent a little weird?” he said after a short ponder. [Friend of Demonic Beasts]: You can give demonic beast’s skills to your summoned beast. 1. By consuming items related to the beast and crystal coins, you can give one of the beast’s skills to your summoned beast. 2. There are 3 types of methods. Learning, fusion, and sacrifice. 3. You can only give one skill from each type of beast. “Wait… What if I give the skill of the strongest beast to my scarecrow?”


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