This Life As A 2nd Generation Villain

Qian Jun (mc) : What, I, a 30 year old man transmigrated as 18 year villain chaebol, but why the f** the plot so cliche. Heroine(1) : Why is this guy so hateful and scumy compared to that guy ? Protagonist (1) : Why are these " crazy mad scientists" know about my power, who told them ? Protagonist(2) : Why is my sister in that bastard arms? Protagonist (3): What, your only sister, here my whole family's women are in that bastard arms. Qian Jun : Whole world is my chess board, I'll play with anyone women and daughters and who go against me...heh... no matter even if it's heaven sons...they will suffer...hehe...what you think I'll kill them...nah ....death is too light for these species. Heroines  : Why is that guy cold smile more attractive than those guys fake kindness. Qian Jun : Hahaha ...these arrogant puny guys, did they leave their brain with their creator. These delusional guys are the only brainless guys in the whole plot. Heroines : I'm sure Qian Jun will pamper me. Qian Jun : hehehe....here you will earn for my 'villain' love not the other way around girls. ........................................................... Do add the novel in your library, even if u don't read it now....yr addition it to yr library is also helpful to me. ......... MC has both lust in his *dick and a *smart brain to make these guys suffer hell in their own heaven. No YURI No NTR No ped*philia No R*pe .... Your little help is a great help for me. .... This novel is not written by me completely, I took this novel from a MTL site where the translation is same as dog sh!t. But I like this novel, so I adopt this novel for  IMPROVEMENT and    DEVELOPMENT in grammars ,pronouns and names correction. So please you don't need to waste your energy in commenting that 'I stole this work or anything negative'. I'll suggest you too not compared my adaptation to OG one as there will be many changes . ..... MY DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/C39EGehuvD MY PATREON LINK https://www.patreon.com/SpiritImmortal?utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator

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95. New jealousy Queen was born!

Seeing that Fang Heng agreed, Qian Jun immediately operated his phone normally.

In less than ten minutes, 7.7 million was successfully transferred to Fang Xuan's account.

In order to make Fang Heng believe, Qian Jun really transferred the money.

"Brother, look, I received the transfer." Fang Xuan showed the bank notification on her phone to Fang Heng.

"It's good that you received it." Fang Heng was completely relieved and reached out his hand to Qian Jun.

"Happy cooperation."

"Happy cooperation!" Qian Jun laughed in his heart and reached out to shake his hand.

"Sister, you've already delivered the food. Let's go together." Fang Heng looked at the Ferrari parked by the side of the road and was very tempted. He wanted to try the feeling of riding in a supercar.

He was even thinking about buying a Ferrari when he had the time.

"Brother, you go back first. I still have some work to do after delivering the food." Fang Xuan declined her brother's suggestion.

This car was Zhen Li's, and Qian Jun was present. She didn't want to use a Ferrari to carry her people.

She was afraid that her brother would be careless and damage the car. Zhen Li would then find trouble with her.

"Okay then, I'll hail a taxi." Fang Heng also understood his sister's difficulties, so he didn't insist.

A taxi just happened to pass by. Fang Heng reached out to stop it and quickly disappeared from Fang Xuan's sight.

"I'll go to the nearby bank and transfer the money back to you," Fang Xuan said.

Her bank account was a normal one. The speed of online transfers was far slower than a top bank customer like Qian Jun. Under normal circumstances, it would only be processed within 24 hours for such a large sum.

With such a large sum of money in her card, Fang Xuan felt a lot more nervous. Therefore, she wanted to go to the nearby bank and quickly transfer the 7 million back to Qian Jun.

"Wait a moment. I'll go with you after I finish eating."

"Huh?" Fang Xuan didn't understand.

"You're not happy to wait here for a while?" Qian Jun complained.

"No … No." Fang Xuan quickly shook her head.

She has still follow her morals. After receiving benefits from Qian Jun and also getting taken advantage by him, she was still willing to work without complaint.

"You guard this blue and white porcelain vase. I'll call the driver to come and get it."

"Does that mean that I can leave after the driver takes the blue and white porcelain away?"

"Of course not. Wait for me. I have something to talk to you about."

"Oh, got it."

--— --

Qian Jun carried the food to the classroom.

"What's in your hands?"

When he arrived at the classroom door, Qin Yunhan, who was looking at the scenery on the window next to the door, asked Qian Jun curiously.

Qin Yunhan was originally looking at the scenery on the window next to her classroom. However, when she saw Qian Jun coming up from downstairs, she mysteriously went to the path that Qian Jun had to take to get back to the classroom.

"I don't want to eat in the cafeteria today, so I got someone to pack some food from the hotel and send it over," Qian Jun explained.

Then, he asked politely, "Have you finished eating? Do you want to join me?"

"Sure, I haven't eaten yet!" Qin Yunhan couldn't wait to agree more after she smelled the food.

"Sister Yunhan, why are you here?" Mu Zhaozhao suddenly walked over from afar and asked curiously.

"The view here is good. It's convenient to see the scenery downstairs." Qin Yunhan started to talk nonsense.

"Is that so?" Mu Zhaozhao stood at Qin Yunhan's position and took a few glances. She didn't feel anything special at all.

"Since you haven't eaten either, then come to my classroom to eat together." Qian Jun said to Qin Yunhan.

"Sister Yunhan, didn't you eat in the cafeteria with me?" Mu Zhaozhao didn't understand the situation and immediately asked without thinking.

Qin Yunhan was embarrassed and annoyed. She glanced at her good sister and said angrily,

"I'm not full. I want to eat more. Is there a problem?"

"No, no. Speaking of which, I'm not full either." Mu Zhaozhao touched her stomach and hinted.

"There's quite a lot of food. Why don't you join us?" Qian Jun said.

"Okay!" Mu Zhaozhao immediately nodded.

Qian Jun came to the classroom and put a few desks together to form a simple dining table.

He opened all the takeout boxes and all the dishes inside were revealed.

In an instant, the aroma filled the air.

"So sumptuous?!"

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were both surprised.

These dishes weren't inferior to the birthday banquet at noon.

Qian Jun was also a little surprised.

He transferred thirty thousand yuan to Fang Xuan. A small part of it was to buy food, and a large part of it was for Fang Xuan, since she won't accept money from him directly if he gives her.

However, Fang Xuan was quite straightforward. She only thought that Qian Jun wanted to eat a luxurious dinner, so she didn't think of embezzling from it. Instead, she spent all the thirty thousand yuan.

[Ding! The host made one of the female leads, Hsu Mu-yan, jealous. The host has gained 200 villain points!]

Qian Jun was taken aback by the sudden system notification.

He immediately looked up. It turned out that Hsu Mu-yan had returned to the classroom.

Hey, Jealous Queen, add more villain points for me!

Qian Jun secretly called out, but pretended not to notice Hsu Mu-yan. He continued to eat with Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao.

"This guy's luck with women is really good." Hsu Mu-yan muttered softly.

Wen Jing, who walked into the classroom with her, teased:

" Mu-yan is jealous?"

She was more open-minded and was very obsessed with Qian Jun. Seeing Qian Jun being pursued by so many beauties, it proved that Qian Jun was excellent.

Not only was Wen Jing not jealous, but she was also a little happy.

"Who's jealous? I'm not." Hsu Mu-yan was as stubborn as ever.

"You're so beautiful, and you're not inferior to them. Go over. Otherwise, our class school hunk will be snatched away by another class's school beauty. Where will you put your face?" Wen Jing couldn't help but instigate.

Hsu Mu-yan heard this and felt that it was very reasonable.

Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao were from another class. They came to her class to eat with Qian Jun and didn't feel embarrassed. What was she afraid of?

Thinking this, Hsu Mu-yan also walked towards Qian Jun's desk.

"Seeing you eat so happily, I'm hungry too." Hsu Mu-yan revealed a sweet smile and said to Qian Jun.

"Do you want to eat too? But I don't have any chopsticks. "

Fang Xuan only took three sets of chopsticks and had already used them.

Hsu Mu-yan took a deep breath and directly threw her worries to the wind. She opened her mouth and said with a smile:

"I want to eat papaya stewed with pork trotters. Can you give it to me?"

"Uh … Okay." Qian Jun was stunned by Hsu Mu-yan's words, but he still nodded and agreed. He used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of papaya and pork trotters and sent them to Hsu Mu-yan's rosy little mouth.

Hsu Mu-yan elegantly chewed and swallowed, and said with a little excitement:

"It's so delicious, I want to eat more."


Qian Jun looked at Hsu Mu-yan in surprise.

There was something wrong with the jealousy Queen today. There were so many people in the classroom, but she was so shy and took the initiative.

Could it be that she was provoked by Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao?

Qin Yunhan was originally eating happily, but she was really tired of Hsu Mu-yan. She couldn't help but retort:

"You two aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. You let Qian Jun feed you. Aren't you ashamed?"

[Ding, the host made one of the female leads, Qin Yunhan, jealous. Received 100 villain points!]

Qian Jun was surprised and happy. The new jealousy Queen was born!








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