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Qian Jun (mc) : What, I, a 30 year old man transmigrated as 18 year villain chaebol, but why the f** the plot so cliche. Heroine(1) : Why is this guy so hateful and scumy compared to that guy ? Protagonist (1) : Why are these " crazy mad scientists" know about my power, who told them ? Protagonist(2) : Why is my sister in that bastard arms? Protagonist (3): What, your only sister, here my whole family's women are in that bastard arms. Qian Jun : Whole world is my chess board, I'll play with anyone women and daughters and who go against me...heh... no matter even if it's heaven sons...they will suffer...hehe...what you think I'll kill them...nah ....death is too light for these species. Heroines  : Why is that guy cold smile more attractive than those guys fake kindness. Qian Jun : Hahaha ...these arrogant puny guys, did they leave their brain with their creator. These delusional guys are the only brainless guys in the whole plot. Heroines : I'm sure Qian Jun will pamper me. Qian Jun : hehehe....here you will earn for my 'villain' love not the other way around girls. ........................................................... Do add the novel in your library, even if u don't read it now....yr addition it to yr library is also helpful to me. ......... MC has both lust in his *dick and a *smart brain to make these guys suffer hell in their own heaven. No YURI No NTR No ped*philia No R*pe .... Your little help is a great help for me. .... This novel is not written by me completely, I took this novel from a MTL site where the translation is same as dog sh!t. But I like this novel, so I adopt this novel for  IMPROVEMENT and    DEVELOPMENT in grammars ,pronouns and names correction. So please you don't need to waste your energy in commenting that 'I stole this work or anything negative'. I'll suggest you too not compared my adaptation to OG one as there will be many changes . ..... MY DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/C39EGehuvD MY PATREON LINK https://www.patreon.com/SpiritImmortal?utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator

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94. I'll transfer the money to your sister's

After ending the call with Fang Xuan, Qian Jun called Qian Xiang while he still had some time.

"How's it going? Who are those criminals after?" Qian Jun asked even though he already knew the answer.

"They're not after our family. They're after Qin Kai. They're planning to kidnap Qin Yunhan," Qian Xiang replied.

"Oh, so that's how it is." Qian Jun pretended to be enlightened.

He then asked, "Who's the mastermind behind these criminals?"

"I don't know. The person behind the scenes is very careful. He only sent a contact person to talk to them. Those criminals have never seen the person behind the scenes. They didn't even see the face of the contact person, let alone the person behind the scenes. They all talked online."

"That means the clues are completely lost …" Qian Jun sighed.

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean?"

"Although those criminals haven't seen the contact person, they know that the contact person has a nickname called Eagle. After the police investigated, they found out that Eagle is one of Black Peony's men."

"Who's Black Peony?"

"A woman who's more ruthless than a man. She's very popular among the underground forces in Qingling City. She's a fearsome figure, but in recent years, she's gradually cleaned herself up and started doing some legal businesses."

"Where does Black Peony usually go?"

"There's a Black Peony Bar on 19th Street in Qingling City. She owns that bar. She'll usually be there at night." Qian Xiang answered the question and immediately became curious.

"My dear son, why are you asking this?"

"Nothing. I'm just curious," Qian Jun replied vaguely.

At that moment, the bell rang. He took the opportunity to say,

"I have to go to class. Let's talk later. Bye Dad."

"Okay, my dear son."

After hanging up the phone, Qian Jun returned to his seat in the classroom. He was deep in thought.

According to Qian Xiang, the mastermind behind Qin Yunhan's kidnapping should be related to Black Peony.

Even if the mastermind behind the scenes was not Black Peony, with Black Peony's background and identity, she must have seen the mastermind behind the scenes.

Black Peony was a key figure in solving Qin Kai's problem and destroying Xiao Yifeng's job as a bodyguard.

"Looks like I have to make a trip to the Black Peony Bar."

Qian Jun made up his mind.

With that thought in mind, he opened his Attribute Panel and checked his Villain Points.

That Black Peony Bar might be a dragon's lair or a tiger's den. If he wanted to go, it was best to raise his strength.

He had accumulated another 3,200 Villain Points.

Qian Jun spent 3,000 villain points to exchange for six years of internal energy.

At this moment, the Attribute Panel also changed.

[Host: Qian Jun]

Combat Power: 1099

[Charm: 268]

Villain Halo: 736

Villain Points: 200

Skills: Master Level Painting and Calligraphy Copying Skill, Master Level Mix Boxing Skill, Singing God Level Singing Skill, Best Actor Level Acting Skill, X-Ray Vision, Advanced Poison Skills, Top Hacker Skills, 18 years of internal energy]

His combat power had increased to 1099, which brought about a huge improvement.

Qian Jun's physical fitness, reaction ability, and attack speed were all greatly enhanced.

Within 30 meters, even if he was facing an enemy with a firearm in their hand, he could dodge in time, easily approach the enemy, and finish them off cleanly.

— — — —

A few minutes before six o 'clock in the evening.

Qian Jun arrived at the school gate as promised.

An online car-hailing car and a Ferrari stopped at the school gate almost at the same time.

Fang Heng got out of the online car-hailing car.

Fang Xuan got out of the Ferrari.

"Sister, why are you here? And you're driving such a cool supercar?! "Fang Heng was surprised.

Fang Xuan opened the Ferrari's trunk, revealing some exquisite takeout boxes.

"Our boss asked me to deliver food to her son. For convenience, the boss let me drive her car."

After she explained, she pretended to be curious and asked her brother,

"What about you? What are you doing here?"

Fang Heng gestured to the two-foot-tall bottle wrapped in a soft cloth in his arms. He said happily, "That's right.

"I found another treasure. Last time, he told me that he would accept all the treasures I found in the future, so I came to trade with him."

While speaking, Fang Heng glanced at Qian Jun.

Fang Xuan saw her brother's happy face and couldn't help but sigh in her heart, but on the surface, she still pretended to be surprised and smiled.

Qian Jun saw the different expressions of the two siblings and secretly smiled, then said to Fang Heng seriously,

"Open it and let me see."

Fang Heng put the soft cloth on the ground, then carefully placed the bottle on it.

Qian Jun squatted on the ground and pretended to study it, as if he was judging its authenticity.

After a long while, he slowly said, "That's right. It does look like a blue and white porcelain from the Tang Dynasty. Name a price."

Fang Heng was the one who told him all this information, and he only repeated it once.

But it couldn't be helped. He really didn't know how to appraise treasures.

"I've already asked an expert. The market price of this blue and white porcelain bottle is around 8 million." Fang Heng said.

"8 million?!" Fang Xuan couldn't help but cry out.

Her brother was really crazy. His appetite was getting bigger and bigger. This broken bottle was actually worth 8 million?

Qian Jun's expression was normal, and he was even secretly a little happy.

Because the more expensive the bottle was, the more he would earn.

"We have a long-term cooperation in the future. Do you think it's appropriate to sell it to me at market price?" Unlike the last time, Qian Jun didn't agree immediately. Instead, he bargained for a bit.

He was afraid that if he agreed too quickly, Fang Heng would be suspicious.

"Name a price. I'll see if I can accept it." Fang Heng hesitated and said.

"7.5 million." Qian Jun cut the price a little.

"500,000 is too much low. I can only accept 200,000."

"Let's each take a step back. How about 7.7 million?"

Fang Heng was silent for a few seconds before nodding, "Okay."

Although the market price of this blue and white porcelain bottle was 8 million, it would take some time to sell it at market price and auction company will also take some percentage of it. It was good to lose 300,000 and sell it quickly.

After all, the other party had agreed to a long-term acquisition. This small loss was still acceptable to Fang Heng.

"Then I'll transfer the money to you."

Seeing that Fang Heng agreed, Qian Jun began to blindly operate on his phone.

After a while, he still couldn't complete the transfer.

"Is there a problem with your account? I can't transfer the money." Qian Jun +said.

"How is that possible?" Fang Heng immediately questioned.

"Are you trying to cheat me of my blue and white porcelain bottle?"

"Ask your sister how much my family's assets are. Do I need to cheat you of a mere 7.7 million?" Qian Jun sneered.

"Little Heng, maybe there really is a problem with your account." Fang Xuan helped.

"That's impossible. I recently withdrew the money. Everything is normal." Fang Heng was puzzled.

"How about this." Qian Jun felt that the time was right, so he suggested.

"I'll transfer the money to your sister's account instead of you."

"Okay, try it." Fang Heng nodded without hesitation.



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