This Life As A 2nd Generation Villain

Qian Jun (mc) : What, I, a 30 year old man transmigrated as 18 year villain chaebol, but why the f** the plot so cliche. Heroine(1) : Why is this guy so hateful and scumy compared to that guy ? Protagonist (1) : Why are these " crazy mad scientists" know about my power, who told them ? Protagonist(2) : Why is my sister in that bastard arms? Protagonist (3): What, your only sister, here my whole family's women are in that bastard arms. Qian Jun : Whole world is my chess board, I'll play with anyone women and daughters and who go against me...heh... no matter even if it's heaven sons...they will suffer...hehe...what you think I'll kill them...nah ....death is too light for these species. Heroines  : Why is that guy cold smile more attractive than those guys fake kindness. Qian Jun : Hahaha ...these arrogant puny guys, did they leave their brain with their creator. These delusional guys are the only brainless guys in the whole plot. Heroines : I'm sure Qian Jun will pamper me. Qian Jun : hehehe....here you will earn for my 'villain' love not the other way around girls. ........................................................... Do add the novel in your library, even if u don't read it now....yr addition it to yr library is also helpful to me. ......... MC has both lust in his *dick and a *smart brain to make these guys suffer hell in their own heaven. No YURI No NTR No ped*philia No R*pe .... Your little help is a great help for me. .... This novel is not written by me completely, I took this novel from a MTL site where the translation is same as dog sh!t. But I like this novel, so I adopt this novel for  IMPROVEMENT and    DEVELOPMENT in grammars ,pronouns and names correction. So please you don't need to waste your energy in commenting that 'I stole this work or anything negative'. I'll suggest you too not compared my adaptation to OG one as there will be many changes . ..... MY DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/C39EGehuvD MY PATREON LINK https://www.patreon.com/SpiritImmortal?utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator

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93. He must be tired of living!

Ling Duanya was working at the moment, so it wasn't convenient for her to talk to Qian Jun. She just looked at Qian Jun kindly.

Qian Jun nodded slightly in response.

At that moment, Ling Duanya's phone rang.

It was a message from Captain Xu Zheng.

The criminals in the black van had been caught, and the criminals in the white van had escaped.

"Let's go."

Ling Duanya called out to her colleagues and prepared to leave.

"Officer, please wait." Qin Kai walked up to Ling Duanya and said.

"What's the matter, President Qin?" Ling Duanya asked calmly.

She was still a little upset that Qin Kai bailed out Xiao Yifeng.

"I want to ask if the criminals have been caught?" Qin Kai asked.

"Sorry, according to the rules, I'm afraid it's not convenient for me to answer this question, right now." Ling Duanya declined politely.

Qin Kai was also a smart person. When he heard Ling Duanya's tone, he knew that the criminals were most likely caught.

"I can understand you very well." Qin Kai agreed with Ling Duanya's thoughts at first, but then he suddenly changed the topic.

"However, it's very likely that these criminals were after my daughter. I might be able to provide you with some useful information for the case."

Ling Duanya heard this and was moved.

"Since President Qin is willing to help, we will definitely welcome you."

Qin Kai smiled and nodded. He was about to leave with Ling Duanya.

"Officer Ling, wait a minute." Qian Jun suddenly said.

Ling Duanya turned around and looked at Qian Jun with a puzzled expression.

Qian Jun didn't answer immediately. Instead, he looked at Qian Xiang and said,

"Those thugs may not be here to kidnapped Qin Yunhan. They may have something to do with our Qian family. You should follow them and have a look. Maybe you can help solve the case."

"What does that have to do with our Qian family?" Qian Xiang was stunned.

"I received a threatening letter a few days ago." Qian Jun started to bluff with a worried expression.

Those thugs must have come for Qin Yunhan. The reason why he was so deceitful.

First, he wanted to ease Qin Kai's tension. Because he was afraid that Qin Kai would be too emotional, he directly arranged Xiao Yifeng to be Qin Yunhan's personal bodyguard by force.

Secondly, he wanted Qian Xiang to understand the case.

Those thugs must have been instructed by someone. If he could get some clues about the mastermind behind the scenes from the thugs' mouths, he would be able to find out who it was.

In that case, he could start from here and think of a way to deal with the mastermind behind the scenes.

In this way, the crisis of Qin Yunhan being kidnapped will be directly resolved.

And Xiao Yifeng's as bodyguard would definitely lose his job. He would lose the opportunity to stay by Qin Yunhan's side.

Hearing his son's words, Qian Xiang immediately understood. He thought that his son wanted him to take the medical team and the bodyguard team because of the threatening letter.

"Which bastard dared to touch my son? He must be tired of living!"

Qian Xiang was very angry. He did not doubt Qian Jun's words.

In the business world, it was too easy to offend people. If the enemy wanted to deal with him, they would choose to deal with his son. It was very normal.

"Do you still have the threatening letter?" Ling Duanya asked with concern. She wanted to find clues through the threatening letter.

"Sorry, but I threw it away after reading it." Qian Jun was just making things up. Of course, it was impossible for him to take out the threatening letter.

Ling Duanya felt a little regretful. Then she left with Qin Kai and Qian Xiang.

Because of the thugs, the guests were all uneasy. A good birthday banquet ended unhappily just like that.

Everyone went back to where they came from.

— — — —

During the afternoon class.

Qian Jun received a WhatsApp message from Fang Heng.

It was a picture of a blue and white porcelain vase and a line of words:

"A blue and white porcelain vase from the Tang Dynasty. Are you interested?"

Obviously, Fang Heng had found a good treasure with the help of the Golden Finger.

Qian Jun did not know the value of these antiques, but he thought that they were from the Tang Dynasty. They must be worth a lot.

"Of course I'm interested." How could Qian Jun refuse someone who was giving him chance to make more money?

"Then let's arrange a place to meet. You can tell me the time and place." Fang Heng immediately replied.

"We'll meet at the entrance of Water Luster High School at six o 'clock in the evening."

"No problem."

After ending the conversation with Fang Heng, Qian Jun made a call.

— —

At the headquarters of Heavenly Fragrance.

Fang Xuan had a good rest last night, so she was very serious and devoted to her work today.

"Director Zhen, this is the proposal for the new season's moisturizer from the planning department. Would you like to take a look?" Fang Xuan stood in front of her desk and handed a document to Zhen Li.

"It's much better than last time." Zhen Li looked through it and nodded slightly. However, she was still not completely satisfied.

She pointed at a few details in the proposal: "Here, and here. Let the planning department make some changes."

"Okay." Fang Xuan noted down the places that Zhen Li mentioned.

Zhen Li was still looking through the proposal. It was obvious that she was still picking out the flaws.

Fang Xuan bent over slightly and waited patiently.

All of a sudden, her phone rang.

When she saw the caller ID, Fang Xuan's heart subconsciously panicked.

"Director Zhen, I want to go outside to take a private call. Is that okay?" Fang Xuan asked carefully.

"Is it your first day at work?" Zhen Li frowned and asked back.

It was against the rules to take a private call during work hours.

She had no choice but to take the call. Fang Xuan hesitated for a moment and could only tell the truth:

"It's … It's your son."

"Oh, then go take the call. Work isn't that important." Zhen Li's expression immediately softened.

"Thank you, Director Zhen." Fang Xuan nodded and ran out of the office to take the call.

"Your brother found something good again. I'm meeting him at the school gate to trade." Qian Jun went straight to the point.

"Okay. I'll ask Director Zhen for a leave of absence, but I don't know if she'll agree." Fang Xuan had a lot of work to do. Plus, she had taken half a day off a few days ago, so she was worried.

"If she doesn't agree, tell her that I asked you to take a leave of absence."


When Fang Xuan heard this, she immediately felt that there was no problem at all.

With how much Zhen Li spoiled her son, she would definitely agree to this request.

"Six o 'clock in the evening. Our school gate." Qian Jun reported the time and place, then reminded her:

"Oh right, when you come over, to prevent your brother from getting suspicious, you'd better find a suitable excuse to come over. It's best if your brother thinks that you met him by chance."

"Then I'll pretend that I'm working for the company and pass by the school?" Fang Xuan said.

"How about this, when you come over, go to a five-star hotel to pack some food and bring it over." Qian Jun gave a suggestion.

After what happened at Mu Zhong's birthday banquet at noon, he only ate a few mouthfuls of food. He was starving in the afternoon.

"Okay, what do you want to eat?" Fang Xuan asked.

"You decide. I'll transfer the money to you. That's all."

After that, Qian Jun hung up the phone.

A few seconds later, Fang Xuan received a WhatsApp transfer.

The amount was thirty thousand.

Fang Xuan was stunned.

Was this the life of a rich person? Thirty thousand for a takeout?!



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