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Qian Jun (mc) : What, I, a 30 year old man transmigrated as 18 year villain chaebol, but why the f** the plot so cliche. Heroine(1) : Why is this guy so hateful and scumy compared to that guy ? Protagonist (1) : Why are these " crazy mad scientists" know about my power, who told them ? Protagonist(2) : Why is my sister in that bastard arms? Protagonist (3): What, your only sister, here my whole family's women are in that bastard arms. Qian Jun : Whole world is my chess board, I'll play with anyone women and daughters and who go against me...heh... no matter even if it's heaven sons...they will suffer...hehe...what you think I'll kill them...nah ....death is too light for these species. Heroines  : Why is that guy cold smile more attractive than those guys fake kindness. Qian Jun : Hahaha ...these arrogant puny guys, did they leave their brain with their creator. These delusional guys are the only brainless guys in the whole plot. Heroines : I'm sure Qian Jun will pamper me. Qian Jun : hehehe....here you will earn for my 'villain' love not the other way around girls. ........................................................... Do add the novel in your library, even if u don't read it now....yr addition it to yr library is also helpful to me. ......... MC has both lust in his *dick and a *smart brain to make these guys suffer hell in their own heaven. No YURI No NTR No ped*philia No R*pe .... Your little help is a great help for me. .... This novel is not written by me completely, I took this novel from a MTL site where the translation is same as dog sh!t. But I like this novel, so I adopt this novel for  IMPROVEMENT and    DEVELOPMENT in grammars ,pronouns and names correction. So please you don't need to waste your energy in commenting that 'I stole this work or anything negative'. I'll suggest you too not compared my adaptation to OG one as there will be many changes . ..... MY DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/C39EGehuvD MY PATREON LINK https://www.patreon.com/SpiritImmortal?utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator

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92. But then again …

Qian Jun withdrew his attention from the battle outside and immediately scanned the people around Qin Yunhan with his X-ray vision.

He saw a waiter carrying a tray and inadvertently walking towards Qin Yunhan.

The tray was covered with a red cloth, making it impossible to see what was on the tray.

But this couldn't be hidden from Qian Jun's X-ray vision.

The waiter came to Qin Yunhan's side and slowly reached for the red cloth on the tray.

But he didn't have time to do it.

Qian Jun picked up a wine bottle and throw it with lightning speed.


With a bang and a scream, the waiter fell to the ground with his head in his hands.

The surrounding people were shocked, and at the same time, they felt a little confused.

They didn't understand why Qian Jun suddenly hit someone.

But everyone's eyes quickly gathered on the tray that fell to the ground.

Because of the impact of the fall, the red cloth was separated from the tray.

The gun on the tray was also exposed to everyone's vision.

After the thug eyes opened, he screamed with his head in his hands and seemed to have lost the ability to resist.

But for the sake of caution, Qian Jun still kicked the weapon away.

Qin Kai was sensitive and immediately realized that this was most likely the thug who wanted to kidnap his daughter.

"Dad, this is …" Qin Yunhan was a little frightened and confused.

"Now do you understand why dad wanted to find you a bodyguard?" Qin Kai said in a deep voice.

Qin Yunhan still had lingering fear. If it wasn't for Qian Jun, she would have been held hostage.

Last time, Qian Jun had saved her when she was caught in a fire. Now that she was about to be kidnapped, Qian Jun had saved her again.

In the fairy tale world, when the princess was in danger, the prince would always come to her rescue.

Qian Jun, maybe he was her prince?

Thinking of this, Qin Yunhan's eyes couldn't help but stare at Qian Jun.

In terms of image and family background, wasn't Qian Jun a real prince?

[Ding, the host intercepted the main character and prevented the thug from kidnapping Qin Yunhan. Received 400 villain points, Xiao Yifeng protagonist aura -20, host villain aura + 20!]

[Ding, the female lead Qin Yunhan's favorability towards the host increased by 10. Current favorability is 55 (Admiration)]

[Ding, the host greatly affected the direction of the plot. Received 600 villain points, Xiao Yifeng protagonist aura -30, host villain aura + 30!]

After receiving three system messages in a row, Qian Jun was so happy that he almost flew up.

The reward of 1000 villain points and 50 villain aura points was secondary.

The main thing was that Qin Yunhan's favorability towards him had a qualitative change.

In this way, it would be easier to deal with Xiao Yifeng.

"Jun, fortunately, you reacted quickly and acted in time. Otherwise, something big would have happened. Thank you so much!" Qin Kai said gratefully.

At this time, Xiao Yifeng also ran over.

However, what he could do was only to break the bones of the thug, making the bandit completely lose the ability to resist.

"Miss, are you okay?" Xiao Yifeng asked with a face full of concern.

"The thug has been dealt with and you only came to intervene now. Tell me, what's the use of you being a bodyguard?" Qin Yunhan said to Xiao Yifeng contemptuously.

"Miss, you just told me to guard the door. If you let me stay by your side, this person would have been lying down when he was three meters away from you." Xiao Yifeng said.

"Are you blaming me? I told you to guard the door and you went to guard the door. If I told you to die, are you going to die too? "Qin Yunhan was used to being unruly and willful. When she dissed people, it was even more tricky and ruthlessly.

Xiao Yifeng was directly speechless.

— — — —

Outside the banquet hall.

The sound of the guns firing gradually stopped.

Both sides had limited supplies. If they continued to fight, whoever ran out of supplies first would be done for.

The thug side used the hotel's pillars as cover. There were seven of them in total.

Three of them were the three young men who failed to kidnap Qin Yunhan.

One was tall, one was short, and the last one had a pockmarked face.

"Damn it, why are there so many bodyguards here? And they even brought weapons! "The battle temporarily stopped, and the short-tempered pockmarked young man growled.

"Maybe they were brought by Qin Kai. This person is really not simple. He actually has this kind of defense." The tall young man was shocked.

"Then … Then what should we do now?" The short young man's face was a little pale as he asked in a panic.

"It's all your fault. If you hadn't accidentally exposed the gun, those bodyguards wouldn't have noticed that something was wrong with us!" The pockmarked young man said angrily.

"Now is not the time to quarrel. Xiao Meng, that bastard, hasn't come out for so long. Something must have happened. Let's not wait anymore. Let's find a way to get out of here!" The tall young man made a prompt decision and said to his companions.

"Cover the retreat!"


When his companions heard this, they immediately used the last of their supplies to fire and retreat in an orderly manner.

When the bodyguards saw this, they did not desperately try to stop them.

Their main purpose was to protect their employer, not to fight with the thugs.

Beep beep beep …

Suddenly, a car horn sounded.

"The police are here. Let's split up!" The tall young man commanded.

The group of thugs got into two separate cars and fled in opposite directions.

The person who led the team to catch them was Xu Zheng.

"I'll go after the black van. Xiao Lin, go after the white van. Xiao Ling, go to the banquet hall and see if there are any hostages or casualties. If there are, the safety of the hostages is the most important thing!"

When he saw this scene, he immediately split his men into three groups. Two of them were to chase after the thugs' cars, while the other group was to go to the banquet hall.

After that, Xu Zheng and Xiao Lin went to chase after the thugs.

"Follow me!"

Ling Duanya commanded valiantly. Then, she rushed into the banquet hall with her colleagues with weapons in hand.

However, when they entered the banquet hall, they found that there were no thugs that could threaten the crowd.

There was only one thug, and he had already been subdued.

After confirming that there was no danger, Ling Duanya and her colleagues immediately let down their weapons.

Then, Ling Duanya and her colleagues quickly gave the bodyguards and some of the guests in the banquet hall a simple preliminary statement.

After understanding the general process of the incident, Ling Duanya looked at Xiao Yifeng and frowned slightly.

Xiao Yifeng had indeed made a move again. However, that was when the thugs had already been subdued.

In Ling Duanya's opinion, this was somewhat superfluous. In fact, it was even a little extreme.

Thugs also had human rights.

Xiao Yifeng had dislocated the thug' several bones and jaw when he had no ability to resist.

This thug could find a lawyer to sue Xiao Yifeng.

But then again …

Xiao Yifeng had the support of the business tycoon, Qin Kai. The chances of this thug winning the lawsuit were close to zero.

However, this was not something that Ling Duanya should be worried about.

Ling Duanya hated Xiao Yifeng very much. Naturally, she could not be bothered to pay attention to him.

She ignored Xiao Yifeng and looked at Qian Jun with great admiration.

There was astonishment, amazement, and admiration in her eyes.

[Ding! Ling Duanya's favorability towards the host has increased by 5. Current favorability is 25 (very friendly).]

[Ding! The host has influenced the plot. You have gained 100 villain points!]



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