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Qian Jun (mc) : What, I, a 30 year old man transmigrated as 18 year villain chaebol, but why the f** the plot so cliche. Heroine(1) : Why is this guy so hateful and scumy compared to that guy ? Protagonist (1) : Why are these " crazy mad scientists" know about my power, who told them ? Protagonist(2) : Why is my sister in that bastard arms? Protagonist (3): What, your only sister, here my whole family's women are in that bastard arms. Qian Jun : Whole world is my chess board, I'll play with anyone women and daughters and who go against me...heh... no matter even if it's heaven sons...they will suffer...hehe...what you think I'll kill them...nah ....death is too light for these species. Heroines  : Why is that guy cold smile more attractive than those guys fake kindness. Qian Jun : Hahaha ...these arrogant puny guys, did they leave their brain with their creator. These delusional guys are the only brainless guys in the whole plot. Heroines : I'm sure Qian Jun will pamper me. Qian Jun : hehehe....here you will earn for my 'villain' love not the other way around girls. ........................................................... Do add the novel in your library, even if u don't read it now....yr addition it to yr library is also helpful to me. ......... MC has both lust in his *dick and a *smart brain to make these guys suffer hell in their own heaven. No YURI No NTR No ped*philia No R*pe .... Your little help is a great help for me. .... This novel is not written by me completely, I took this novel from a MTL site where the translation is same as dog sh!t. But I like this novel, so I adopt this novel for  IMPROVEMENT and    DEVELOPMENT in grammars ,pronouns and names correction. So please you don't need to waste your energy in commenting that 'I stole this work or anything negative'. I'll suggest you too not compared my adaptation to OG one as there will be many changes . ..... MY DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/C39EGehuvD MY PATREON LINK https://www.patreon.com/SpiritImmortal?utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator

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79. Yifeng, don't mess around

"How old is the bodyguard?" Tang Lao asked.

"He's the one next to me." Qin Kai glanced at Xiao Yifeng beside him.

"Oh, he's so young. He can definitely go to school." Tang Lao nodded.

He had thought that Qin Kai had found a man in his thirties and was going to arrange for him to go to school.

If it was Xiao Yifeng in front of him, there would be no problem at all.

"Brother Qin, why don't you go to Bingyun?" Tang Lao asked.

"If I could, I wouldn't dare to disturb Tang Lao. It's just that Miss Tang Bingyun has blocked my phone number. When I went to visit her company, I was rejected without even seeing her face." Qin Kai smiled bitterly.

"I've never offended Miss Tang Bingyun. I really don't know the reason, so I came to visit Tang Lao."

"I see …" Tang Lao paused and said awkwardly,

"But I've left all the matters of Water Sheen Education Group to Bingyun. I haven't interfered in a long time. Since Bingyun did this, she must have her reasons. I'm old, so it's not convenient for me to interfere."

Qin Kai couldn't help but curse the old fox in his heart, but on the surface, he still said with a pleasant expression,

"Tang Lao, the real estate in Great Period Square under my company's name is currently tendering for tenants. I wonder if you're interested in Tang Lao?"

"Great Period Square is a place where every inch of land is worth gold. My family's business is small, so I'm afraid we can't afford such a high rent." Tang Lao sighed.

"What do you think of 90% rent?"

"The jade industry has been in a slump in recent years. Even if it's in a prime position, the money it earns is probably not enough to pay the rent."


"Brother Qin, don't make things difficult for this old man."


"Bingyun is a very filial child. If she doesn't want to do something, I can't force her."


"Bingyun just gave me such an expensive necklace yesterday. How can I make her unhappy?"

"25%!" Qin Kai gritted his teeth and said.

"Sigh, forget it. Since Brother Qin insists on doing this, I'll risk damaging my relationship with my granddaughter to help Brother Qin." Elder Tang reluctantly agreed with a reluctant expression.

Seeing this, Qin Kai cursed the old man in his heart, 'Old fogey, old fox …old dog'

Arranging for a student to study in a private high school under the Tang family's name was a trivial matter.

And Qin Kai had reduced the rental price by 25%. That would cause an economic loss of at least 30 million!

Thirty million to buy a place in the school.

This is a huge loss.

However, for the sake of his daughter's safety, Qin Kai had no choice but to arrange for Xiao Yifeng to go to school.

This fox Tang Lao was obviously confident about this.

It was true that old trees became demons, and old people became shrewd.

Tang Lao took out his mobile phone and immediately dialed Tang Bingyun's number in front of Qin Kai.

It was just a matter of a few words, but Tang Lao and Tang Bingyun talked for more than ten minutes before hanging up.

"Tang Lao, how is it?" Qin Kai asked with a frown.

"I don't know why, but Bingyun is particularly against you arranging for Xiao Yifeng to go to school. However, I've already said that I must get him in, but Bingyun didn't give me an immediate reply. She said that she would give me an answer in ten minutes," Tang Lao explained and then expressed his attitude.

"Don't worry, Brother Qin. Since you're so sincere, I'll definitely do it."

Qin Kai nodded slightly.

He just watched Tang Lao make the phone call. The expression that Tang Lao showed didn't seem to be fake. It seemed that Tang Bingyun had a disagreement.

However, he couldn't figure out when he had offended Tang Bingyun.

— —

At the school.

Although the fire had been put out, and the investigators had temporarily left.

However, the storm still didn't stop.

The students and faculty members were all shocked, and their emotions still hadn't calmed down yet.

However, under the arrangement of the school, the parents went back one after another.

The students went back to the classroom as usual to prepare for the afternoon class.

"Jun, come here. I have something to tell you."

When Qian Jun was about to go back to the classroom, Tang Bingyun suddenly came over and said.

The two of them came to a quiet place where it was convenient to talk.

"Qin Kai went to my grandpa and asked him to arrange for Xiao Yifeng to go to the school. I don't know what benefits Qin Kai gave my grandpa, but my grandpa seems to be determined to help Qin Kai." Tang Bingyun said directly, her face full of embarrassment.

Hearing this, Qian Jun started to think.

In the current situation, it seemed that there was no way to stop Xiao Yifeng from coming to the school. If he forced Tang Bingyun to fall out with her grandpa and tried her best to stop Xiao Yifeng from going to the school.

Tang Bingyun might agree, but it would inevitably affect Tang Bingyun's own feelings.

If he really did that, it might be a loss for the greater good.

Thinking of this, Qian Jun immediately replied.

"Then let's go with your grandpa's wishes, but you can also make a request."

"What request?"

"Xiao Yifeng can go to the school, but it has to go through the normal process."

"What normal process?" Tang Bingyun did not quite understand.

"It's .…" Qian Jun approached Tang Bingyun and whispered in her ear.

After listening to Qian Jun's words, Tang Bingyun immediately showed a relaxed and gratified smile.

She had a good relationship with her grandpa, and at the same time, she did not want to go against Qian Jun's wishes. If she really had to choose, Tang Bingyun would definitely be in a dilemma.

[Ding! One of the female leads, Tang Bingyun's Favorability towards the host + 5. Current Favorability is 55 (Adoration).]

[Ding! The host has influenced the direction of the plot. Obtained 100 villain points!]

Tang Bingyun immediately took out her phone.

On the other side.

Tang Lao received his granddaughter's reply and could not help but smile.

"Tang Lao, has the problem been solved?" Qin Kai asked expectantly.

"There's no problem with going to the school, but we have to …"

Tang Lao had a strange expression on his face. He was about to answer when a servant suddenly came to report.

"Master, there are people from the government outside."

"What? What are they doing here?" Tang Lao said unhappily.

"I've asked. They said they're looking for the little brother by CEO Qin's side," the servant replied.

"Let's go and have a look."

Tang Lao frowned and walked in front.

Qin Kai and the others followed.

After a while, the group arrived outside the manor.

Ling Duanya and a few colleagues were waiting outside.

"There are so many beauties in this city. Another good-looking beauty." Xiao Yifeng saw Ling Duanya at a glance and secretly drooled.

"We suspect that you're related to a beating and a fire incident. We want to invite you back to assist in the investigation. Please come with us," Ling Duanya and a few colleagues walked up to Xiao Yifeng and said.

"Beauty, I admit to the beating, but what does the fire have to do with me?" Xiao Yifeng teased with a relaxed expression.

"Whether you're related or not, we'll know after we investigate. Please come with me."

"Beauty, I'm sorry. I don't want to go anywhere right now," Xiao Yifeng said with his arms crossed.

"That's not up to you," Ling Duanya called out to her colleagues and wanted to handcuff Xiao Yifeng and take him away by force.

"You want to fight, right? But you'll have to bear the consequences." Xiao Yifeng still maintained a leisurely posture with his arms crossed, but his mouth issued an unfriendly warning.

"Yifeng, don't mess around. Just go with them. I'll help you solve this." Qin Kai hurriedly persuaded.

Fighting with the security guards and fighting with Ling Duanya and the police were two different things.

Hearing this, Xiao Yifeng forcibly suppressed the urge to fight and followed Ling Duanya and the others into the car.

At the same time.

[Ding! The host manipulated behind the scenes and caused the protagonist Xiao Yifeng to be arrested. Gained 200 villain points]







Dirty joke of the chapter

Three boys were discussing their father's favorite foods.

The first kid said his father loves to eat burgers.

The second boy said his father loves KFC.

The third boy said his father loves to eat light.

The other two boys questioned how his dad does that.

The third boy replied, "Every night I hear my daddy tell mommy to turn off the light so he can eat it."


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