75 75.I'll carry you!

Xiao Yifeng didn't wear that set of shabby clothes today. Instead, he was wearing a school uniform.

He was young, mixed in the crowd of students, he looked no different from an ordinary student.

Today was the day of the parent-teacher conference, there were a lot of people coming and going. Xiao Yifeng must have taken advantage of this opportunity to sneak in.

At this moment.

Xiao Yifeng looked around, squinting his eyes to look at the beautiful girls around him.

Soon, a very beautiful girl attracted his attention.

This girl was Hsu Mu-yan.

In terms of appearance and figure, she was not inferior to Qin Yunhan.

When Xiao Yifeng saw Qin Yunhan for the first time, he felt amazed.

At this moment, seeing Hsu Mu-yan, his heart felt the same.

Xiao Yifeng was envious and immediately went forward to strike up a conversation.

Qian Jun watched from afar and did not find this scene strange at all.

The protagonists and lascivious readers reading this are like a dog, and the female leads like a steamed bun. How could a dog not be greedy when it saw a steamed bun?

Hsu Mu-yan was originally the female lead in Chu Bai's original plot, but after Chu Bai died, the original plot that belonged to Chu Bai collapsed, but Hsu Mu-yan's identity as the female lead was still there.

From what he remembered Chu Bai may be now is a lab rat somewhere, maybe right now he is strapped to a metal bed and those mad scientists are surrounding him.

How vicious was the reader who suggest this to author? So cruel? But so new.

According to the current situation, under the imperceptible influence of the world, Hsu Mu-yan should be included in Xiao Yifeng's original plot.

But Qian Jun didn't panic at all.

Regarding the matter of Xiao Yifeng striking up a conversation with Xu Muyan, he did not go and stop it.

Because he was too lazy to do more.

Hsu Mu-yan was different from Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao. She already had someone in her heart.

Even if the protagonist wanted to win her heart, it would be a very difficult thing.

Sure enough.

Before Xiao Yifeng could finish his conversation, Hsu Mu-yan walked away with a look of disgust.

Xiao Yi Feng's nose was covered in dust and his face was covered in dust. However, he very quickly looked elsewhere and resumed his covetous appearance.

Because he saw the big miss.

"That baby-faced girl with an explosive figure next to the big miss must be Mu Zhaozhao, right? She's really beautiful! "

Xiao Yifeng couldn't help but swallow a few times, his heart began to fantasize.




In the distance.

Qian Jun looked at Xiao Yifeng and couldn't help but be surprised.

The reason for his surprise was not because he found out that Xiao Yifeng was a pervert.

But he suddenly realized a problem.

According to the law of novels, wherever the protagonist with high combat value goes, nothing good will happen.

This was just like Detective Conan. Wherever Detective Conan went, people would die!

Qian Jun was sure that Xiao Yifeng suddenly appeared here, something unusual must have happened.

And this matter would most likely involve Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao.

He couldn't let Xiao Yifeng stay here.

Xiao Yifeng wasn't a student of his school, so it wasn't difficult to drive him away.

But this kind of small matter, Qian Jun was too lazy to do it himself.

He called the three brothers Fan Jian, Fin Tong, and Qin Shousheng over and said a few words to them.

When the three brothers finished listening, they immediately headed over to Xiao Yi Feng's side without stopping.

Soon, the three brothers' strange cries could be heard from the crowd.

"Who are you, you don't seem to be a student of our school, where did you come from?"

"Look at him sneaking around, he's not a good person, he must be here to steal something!"

"Security, where's the security?!"

Hearing the commotion, seven or eight security guards immediately rushed over and asked for Xiao Yifeng's student ID.

Water Sheen Education Group is rich and powerful.

Water Sheen High School is a brand in education field.

Therefore, the group equipped the school with very strong security.

Every security guard was well-trained, almost to the level of professional bodyguards.

Otherwise, the three young men who kidnapped Qin Yunhan wouldn't have just waited outside.

Xiao Yifeng naturally couldn't produce something like a student ID.

When the security guards saw this, they immediately became suspicious and wanted to detain Xiao Yifeng.

However, Xiao Yifeng's combat value was high, and he was arrogant, so how could he just let himself be captured?

He immediately broke through the security guards' encirclement and successfully escaped.

The security guards chased after him, but they didn't even get near enough to smell his fart.

Although these security guards were well trained, Xiao Yifeng was simply too strong. With 15 years of internal strength, he could easily push a strong man three to five meters away with just a push.

It was impossible for these security guards to catch Xiao Yifeng.

Qian Jun wasn't surprised by this result at all. He knows that he may be the antagonist in the world eyes but those protagonists are the real villains, always bring violence and destruction wherever they went.

He just wanted to drive Xiao Yifeng away, and now he achieved his goal.

Xiao Yifeng's incident caused a small disturbance.

However, it was quickly suppressed.

The parent-teacher conference went on as usual.

The homeroom teachers of each class walked on stage in order to speak, either praising or criticizing their own students.

Qian Jun, who had excellent grades, received special praise from Song Zhenyu.

There were many envious eyes around him. If it were an ordinary student, he would have been overjoyed.

However, Qian Jun wasn't in the mood to enjoy this joy.

His attention was almost entirely focused on Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao.

However, after waiting for more than half an hour, nothing unusual happened.

"Could it be that after driving Xiao Yifeng away, the bad things will also disappear?"

Qian Jun secretly guessed.


However, just as Qian Jun had this thought, a panicked voice suddenly came from outside.

The others in the conference hall were stunned at first.

However, as some thick smoke drifted in from outside the window, everyone's expression changed instantly.

F * ck!

Sure enough, it's not a good thing!

Qian Jun complained in his heart.


In the conference hall, people's panicked screams and the sound of chairs crashing together converged together.

"Slow down, slow down. Don't be in a hurry. Leave in an orderly manner!"

Tang Bingyun shouted loudly, trying to calm everyone's emotions.

However, the thick smoke outside seemed to be rolling in. It seemed that the fire was getting bigger and bigger.

This conference room was on the sixth floor the top floor.

If they didn't run now, they might be gone!

How could they not be in a hurry?!

The scene was out of control and suddenly became a mess.

Parents and children in pairs all rushed toward the door like a swarm of bees.

There were more than five hundred people in the conference hall, but there were only two exits out of the conference room.

In the crowd, collisions and trampling were inevitable. Among them, there were some unlucky people who were trampled.

Although it wasn't to the extent of serious injuries, it was inevitable that their feet would be trampled.

Unfortunately, Mu Zhaozhao was one of the unlucky people.

Qian Jun saw this scene and couldn't help but mutter.

As expected of someone with the female lead halo. There were so many troublesome things. These damn FL always need a watch dog.

However, this was exactly what Qian Jun wanted.

Qin Yunhan was very loyal. She let Mu Zhaozhao's grandfather run with everyone first. She wanted to carry Mu Zhaozhao on her back and leave.

However, she was pampered and weak. She couldn't even walk a few steps with Mu Zhaozhao on her back. She had no choice but to use the method of supporting her.

Qin Yunhan had a princess syndrome, but her character was really good. In this critical situation, she didn't abandon her sisters and run away alone.

Qian Jun really wanted to help, but Fang Xuan couldn't even walk, let alone run.

My Damn Luck, all faults is of readers who want smuts.

They were both female leads. Qian Jun couldn't just leave Fang Xuan and help the other side.

"I'll carry you!" Qian Jun suddenly bent down and said to Fang Xuan.

Seeing this scene, Fang Xuan was stunned.

She thought that Qian Jun would abandon her and run away. She didn't thought that Qian Jun the man who chased her away after taking her virginity will care for her now at this time.

Look like men really don't let their inside emotions out, like girls.

[Ding, one of the female leads, Fang Xuan's favorability towards the host has increased by 10. Current favorability: 30 (Very friendly)]

[Ding, the host has influenced the plot. Received 200 villain points!]







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