68 68.You're really a filial woman-R18(1)

Qian Jun replied to Hsu Mu-yan, "I'm going to take a shower, so let's talk another time ." Then he put down the phone and looked at Fang Xuan again.

"Sit anywhere and relax." Qian Jun said, then poured a glass of red wine and took a sip.

He turned his head and asked, "Want some?"

Fang Xuan shook her head.

She didn't even say anything, it was obvious how nervous she was.

Qian Jun wasn't in a hurry. He didn't immediately talk to Fang Xuan. Instead, he turned on the karaoke equipment in the suite and casually picked a few soothing songs.

Then, he started singing to himself.

After a few songs, Qian Jun put down the microphone.

He looked back and saw that Fang Xuan's expression was less pale and nervous. She looked much better than before.

Fang Xuan also looked at Qian Jun with surprise.

Obviously, she was surprised by Qian Jun's singing.

[Ding, the female lead, Fang Xuan's favorability towards the host has increased by 10. Current favorability is -10 (mild disgust).]

[Ding, the host has influenced the plot and gained 100 villain points!]

[All the favorability is negative?]

After receiving the system notification, Qian Jun was slightly taken aback.

But thinking about it, it was normal.

For a well-behaved beauty in the workplace to encounter such a situation, anyone would be disgusted.

Qian Jun didn't mind.

After all, he didn't need Fang Xuan's heart.

It didn't matter.

"I understand your family's situation. You're just an adopted daughter. Over the years, you've paid nearly a million in medical fees for your adoptive mother. Is it worth it?" Qian Jun broke the silence first.

"In my opinion, they're no different from my biological parents."

"What a filial woman." Qian Jun nodded approvingly and said, "You're really a filial woman.

"But treating uremia is a huge bottomless pit. You need money, and it's a lot of money. This is a huge burden for you."

"And I can provide you with money, 10 million!"

Fang Xuan was taken aback. She didn't expect this situation.

Previously, she had thought that Qian Jun was willing to pay a salary increase of 100,000 yuan.

[Ding, the female lead, Fang Xuan's favorability towards the host has increased by 10. Current favorability is 0 (Strangers).]

[Ding, the host has influenced the plot and gained 100 villain points!]

After receiving the system notification, Qian Jun paused and looked at Fang Xuan and continued.

"So, you should understand what I mean, right?"

Fang Xuan pursed her lips and then nodded.

Since she came here, she was already mentally prepared.

"There's a new bathrobe here. That's the shower room." Qian Jun pointed.

Fang Xuan nodded. She took the things and walked in with heavy steps.

Taking advantage of this time, Qian Jun picked up Fang Xuan's phone on the table and immediately transmitted a "surveillance" virus.

From now on, as long as Fang Xuan carried her phone, she would be under Qian Jun's control, just like Qin Yunhan.

Half an hour later, Fang Xuan came out.

"I thought you wouldn't come out." Qian Jun teased. Seeing Fang Xuan standing at the bathroom door, he frowned.

"You should be 25 years old. Do you still need me to teach you?"

Fang Xuan walked over slowly.


Upon getting near the bed Qian Jun directly pulled her towards him with a jerk and began kissing her like the girl had never been kissed before. Ofcourse, that wasn't meaning much since this is her first kiss.

Fang Xuan was shocked by this sudden action, but when Jun gently laid her down, and got on top of her, with a ravenous look in his eyes. She couldn't help but look away in shame. But Jun could not, after all, he was now alone with a pretty young woman .

Although her assets are smaller than Wen Jing and she had a gorgeous face as any  of other heroines, and a pretty face was worth weight in gold in this lookism world.

Qian Jun began stripping put of his clothing, began revealing his rigid six-pack to the girl, who gazed upon it with awe.

Fang Xuan touched the man's abdominal muscles without even thinking about it and immediately spoke aher thoughts aloud.

"Woow ..so firm...."

Qian Jun leaned and kissed the girl as he tossed his shirt away, before pulling off her cardigan and loosening her blouse. The moment the young woman bra was revealed, Jun was not surprised by her B-cups . Just simple pure white bra which cutely wrapped itself around her mounds.

Fang Xuan flushed in embarassment when Jun unhooked her bra and began to suckle on her tiny pink nipples. Jun was, of course,  as hard as her as diamonds as he struggled to to take his pants off. After all he loved women of all sizes and sizes as long as they aren't obese.

Qian Jun took off his pants, leaving him in nothing but his underwear, Fang Xuan finally got an idea of just how big her young master cock really was. Her eyes nearly popped out of sockets as Jun took off his underwear and tossed it aside to reveal his full length. She began to panic, and nearly screamed as she told Jun there was simply no way his cock would fit inside her night, and virgin hole.

"Qian Jun! No! It won't fit!!"

However, Qian Jun knew better yet he did not immediately thrust himself inside the young woman. Instead, he slapped his mammoths cock against her flat chest.

Which caused Fang Xuan to wince as he did so. She could feel the warmth of the penis tingle across her bare breasts with each slap, as Qian Jun smirked and complimented Fang Xuan in a way she did not expect.

"You may not know this... But I love a petite woman like you.... Now that I've had some fun, it's time to return the favor." Qian Jun then slapped his cock against Fang Xuan's tiny tits once more, before moving down, so that his face was aligned with her lower body.

Where he flipped up the girl's skirt to reveal her pure white panties, which were already drenched with the girl's love juices.

Qian Jun did not even bother to pull them down as he stuffed his face into Fang Xuan's panties and began to lick her virgin pussy through them.

Slurp! Slurpp! Slurp!

Schlik! Schlik!!


The sensation of having a thick and broad tongue push past the folds of her lower lips, and wedgie her panties between them was something Fang Xuan had never experienced before so couldn't hold her moans.

Hell, the girl seldom played with herself, and when she did, it was only with a single finger.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurpp!

Schlik! Schlik! Schlik!!

"Heok....ahn...heut... ahhh...I..I'm cummingg...ughnn."

Because of this, she climaxed immediately, soaking her panties with her cum, as she stuffed Qian Jun's head further into her crotch, and quivered like a snake.

Qian Jun laughed as he saw the now see through white panties cling to the girl's puffy kitty. He then decided to pull them off and align the tip of his cock with her glistening lips.





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Dirty joke of the chapter

There was an elderly man who wanted to make his younger wife pregnant. He went to the doctor to get a sperm count.

The doctor told him to take a specimen cup home, fill it, and bring it back.

The elderly man came back the next day; the specimen cup was empty and the lid was on it.

The doctor asked, "What was the problem?"

The elderly man said, "Well, I tried with my right hand... nothing. I tried with my left hand... nothing. So my wife tried with her right hand... nothing. Her left hand... nothing. Her mouth... nothing. Then my wife's friend tried. Right hand, left hand, mouth... still nothing."

The doctor replied, "Wait a minute, did you say your wife's friend too?!"

The elderly man answered, "Yeah, and we still couldn't get the lid off of the specimen cup."


This old man is more lucky than you.

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