61 61. Spoiled princess

After Qin Yunhan carried her things to the dormitory, she immediately shared her joy with Mu Zhaozhao.

However, Mu Zhaozhao wasn't very happy. Instead, she asked doubtfully.

"Yunhan, why is that Qian Jun so good to you? Does he have any ulterior motives?"

"I'm a natural beauty. How many of the boys who know me don't have ulterior motives?" Qin Yunhan said narcissistically.

"Then are you interested in Qian Jun?"

"He's quite handsome, and I think he has a good personality. He's okay as a friend, but I don't like him." Qin Yunhan shook her head. Then she suddenly thought of something and said with a smile, "I don't like him.

"Zhaozhao, I just told Qian Jun that after Xiao Yifeng leaves, I'll give you to him as a girlfriend to thank him."

"Sister Yunhan, what are you talking about? It's not like you don't know that I hate those handsome and rich boys the most." Mu Zhaozhao complained.

"I'm just teasing Qian Jun. How could I really give you to him as a girlfriend? Okay, okay, I won't make this kind of joke again." Qin Yunhan immediately comforted her.

Mu Zhaozhao's cousin was once abandoned by a rich man. In the end, she slit her wrists and committed suicide.

At that time, Mu Zhaozhao was the first to find her cousin's body. At that time, she was only 12 years old.

This matter had a great impact on Mu Zhaozhao's heart.

As Mu Zhaozhao's best friend, Qin Yunhan certainly knew about this matter.

Near the school gate.

A van was parked.

In the van, there were three young men with a murderous aura.

"Is this our goal this time? What's her identity? "The pockmarked youth looked at a photo in his hand and asked the tall youth.

"She's Qin Kai's daughter," the tall young man replied.

"She's so pretty. This is the first time I've seen such a pretty little girl. When I get her, I'll definitely have a good taste." One of the young men with a face full of pockmarks looked at the photo in his hand and said with a face full of desire.

"The employer said that we can only tie her up. We can't touch a single strand of this girl's hair. Otherwise, we won't be able to receive the remaining 2 million yuan." The tall young man scolded.

"What a pity." The pockmarked youth sighed.

"Sigh my ass. If you have money, do you still need to be afraid that there won't be any girls?" The short youth said.

"You're right. After we finish this ticket, we must have fun for a while." The pockmarked young man's mood suddenly improved, and he lit a cigarette.

"Give me one." The short youth stretched out his hand.

The three young men chatted as they took turns staring in the direction of the school gate.

However, the three of them didn't notice at all that a pair of eyes were locked onto them from a car not far from them.

The owner of this gaze was Xiao Yifeng.

Qin Kai wasn't able to arrange for him to enter the school directly, but Xiao Yifeng wasn't idle either.

He asked Qin Kai to arrange for a driver to drive a car around the school.

Sure enough, he found three suspects.

With Xiao Yifeng's skills, he could take care of these three youths without expending any effort.

He could help Qin Yunhan solve the crisis.

However, Xiao Yifeng didn't do that.

Although it was comfortable to stay in the small villa yesterday, it was a little lonely.

If Qin Yunhan and Mu Zhaozhao lived with him, it would be perfect.

Xiao Yifeng planned to wait for the three young men to make a move on Qin Yunhan, and then he would intervene to stop them.

At that time, Qin Yunhan would be aware of the crisis, and naturally wouldn't be so resistant to him, and she would return to the small villa to live.

Living under the same roof with two beautiful women, Xiao Yifeng felt excited just thinking about it.

When he was free in the village, he often watched some unhealthy dramas.

He remembered one of them was an ancient drama.

The male lead was a servant, and the female lead was a young lady from a rich family.

The general plot was, the servant stole the young lady …

Xiao Yifeng was asked to be a bodyguard, and he inadvertently put himself in the shoes of the male lead in the drama.

— —

Ten minutes before the morning class.

Qian Jun was wearing a Bluetooth headset, and was sorting out the newly stuffed love letters on his desk.

After sorting them out, he put them aside to threw them later.

"Beep beep beep, virus implantation successful, connecting, please wait …"

"Connection successful!"

A mechanical prompt came from the Bluetooth headset.

Qian Jun knew that Qin Yunhan used the charger he gave her to charge, and the virus hidden in the charger invaded Qin Yunhan's phone.

The virus successfully invaded.

That way, Qian Jun would be able to find out about Qin Yunhan's movements in time.

Not long after, the noise in another classroom came from the headset.

Suddenly, Qin Yunhan's muttering could be heard in the background of the commotion.

"This Qian Jun is so thoughtful, he even brought me a charger."

Then, there was the sound of a finger touching the screen.

Obviously, Qin Yunhan was playing with her phone while charging.

"Qin Yunhan, you haven't eaten breakfast yet, right? This is the breakfast I bought for you, there's milk, steamed buns and dumplings."

Qian Jun could recognize that this was Zhen Wei's voice.

"I'm on a diet, I don't want to eat, get away from me." Qin Yunhan's voice was full of disgust.

"It's bad for your body if you don't eat breakfast, eat a little."

"You're so annoying, get away."

"Just eat something for my lo..."


Her palm hit something.

Then, there was the sound of something falling to the ground.

Qian Jun guessed that Qin Yunhan had knocked the breakfast Zhen Wei brought to the ground.

Then, there was the sound of shoes stepping on plastic, cups, and other things.

It seemed that Qin Yunhan not only knocked over the food, but also stepped on it.

This Qin Yunhan's problem was really serious.

Not only did she knock over the breakfast, she even stepped on it.

What a waste of food.

She needed to be educated.

But then again, this Zhen Wei was really despicable, he deserved it.

"Qin Yunhan, I have good intentions, how can you do this?" Zhen Wei's voice was full of sadness.

"I'm like this, you're not convinced?" Qin Yunhan's tone was arrogant.

"I'm convinced, I'll just step on it. How can I be angry with you?"

Just by listening to the voice, Qian Jun couldn't imagine Zhen Wei's obsequious expression.

"You're not angry? Then I'll give you a gift, you wait here. "

"You have a gift for me? Good, good, good! "

After that, Qian Jun couldn't hear Qin Yunhan's voice for the time being.

But Qian Jun immediately received a message.

It was from Qin Yunhan, asking him to go to the classroom over there.

She really knew how to command people.

Qian Jun pretended not to see the message and continued to do his own thing.

After a while, Qian Jun caught a glimpse of Qin Yunhan's figure at the classroom door.

She came to the classroom to look for someone.

Qin Yunhan waved at Qian Jun .

Qian Jun pretended not to see and picked up a book to read.

There were people in the classroom doing morning reading, Qin Yunhan couldn't make a fuss, and she was even more embarrassed to enter the classroom to look for Qian Jun .







Dirty joke of the chapter


A man in a hotel lobby turns to go to the front desk, but he accidentally runs into a woman beside him and his elbow bumps into her breast.

They are both quite startled.

The man turns to her and says, "Ma'am, if your heart is soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me."

She replies, "If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 436."




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