43 43.Qian Jun ate age retaining pill

After Lawyer An left.

Tang Bingyun and Qian Jun started talking about serious matters.

"Why did you come looking for me?"

"Let me show you something first," Qian Jun said as he took out the photos that he had prepared beforehand.

These photos were close-up shots of Fan Jian, Fin Tong, and Qin Shousheng after being beaten up.

"Who are they? Why were they beaten up so badly? "Tang Bingyun was stunned when she saw the pig heads in the photos.

"These are my classmates. They were all beaten up like this by Chu Bai."

"Is that the kid with the buzz cut today?"

"Yes, this kid has a serious tendency to be violent!"

Tang Bingyun agreed with this very much.

The thief was tied up by the security guards and had no ability to resist. However, Chu Bai rushed over to beat him up.

Ordinary people would not be able to do such a thing.

"He beat someone up like this. Didn't the school expel him?"

"It's only a compensation of 30,000 yuan."

"He beat someone up like this and he only paid 30,000 yuan? That's too light. "Tang Bingyun shook her head. Then, she quickly reacted.

"The old principal protected him?"

Qian Jun nodded and did not beat around the bush.

"I came to you to ask you to use your authority as a school board member to transfer the old principal to another position. Without the protection of the old principal, Chu Bai will not be so arrogant in the future."

"Okay." Tang Bingyun did not waste any time and directly nodded in agreement.

The old principal was old and did not take care of the affairs of Water Luster High School. The affairs of school are mostly taken care of by the additional non-teaching staff which is the management department.

Transferring him to another post wouldn't affect Water Luster High School in any way.

Moreover, Qian Jun had already spoken. How could she refuse?

Moreover, she also felt that the old principal was indeed too biased towards Chu Bai. It was unfair.

"I'll transfer the money for the jade to you as soon as possible." Tang Bingyun asked Qian Jun for his card number.

"I'm not in a hurry. You can gimme the money later when you start selling the jade stones as a jewellery."

Qian Jun looked at the time.

"Auntie Tang! Bye bye, let's keep in touch. "

Hearing this title again, Tang Bingyun's pretty face twitched, but she didn't know what to say. She could only watch Qian Jun get on Cullinan and leave.

She stood there in a daze for a while until her phone rang, waking her up with a start.

It was Zhen Li.

"Bingyun, how did the discussion between you and my son go?"

"I've already promised him."

"Thank you. I'll treat you to a beauty salon when you're free." Zhen Li thought that Tang Bingyun agreed to Qian Jun's invitation because of her.

"Okay!" Tang Bingyun immediately agreed. She said as if she was possessed by gods and demons.

Unexpectedly, she said, "Sister Zhen Li, you're actually from the same generation as my parents. Speaking of which, I should actually call you Aunt Zhen. I'll call you Aunt Zhen from now on."

Zhen Li had a bad temper. When she heard this, she was immediately become unhappy.

"Tang Bingyun, what do you mean? How did I offend you? Why are you calling me old? Don't think that I have to give in to you just because you helped my son.

I'll return this favor to you. Anyway, our two families have a business cooperation. I'll give you a 10 million discount. We're even! "

"Sister Zhen Li, I was just joking. I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Tang Bingyun quickly apologized. She knows that previously she herself ask Zhen Li to take her as peer not as a junior in bussiness.

Then, they chatted for a while before Zhen Li calmed down.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Bingyun couldn't help but sigh. It seemed that it was really difficult to pull down the seniority.

— —

The chauffeur sent Qian Jun to school.

Qian Jun had nothing to do, so he opened the panel to take a look at the attributes.

[Host: Qian Jun]

[Combat Strength: 289]

[Charisma: 268]

[Villain Aura: 319]

[Villain Points: 1700]

[Skills: Master-level painting and calligraphy copying skill, Master-level combat mix boxing skill, God-level singing skill, Oscar-level acting skill, X-ray Vision]

[Villain Points are 1700?]

Qian Jun entered the System Mall and found the low-grade Age-retaining Pill.

[Low-grade Age-retaining Pill, 1100 Villain Points (Note: Age will be frozen after consumption. The effect lasts for 30 years.) Do you want to exchange?]


Qian Jun ordered the System.

After the exchange, Qian Jun couldn't wait to take the low-grade Age-retaining Pill.

There was a sweet feeling when the pill entered his mouth.

After Qian Jun ate it, he didn't feel any obvious changes in his body.

According to the introduction of the low-grade Age-retaining Pill, the effect will take a long time to be seen.

Qian Jun is now 18 years old. When he is 48 years old, he will still look like an 18-year-old boy.

After the age of 48, he will start to age slowly, but the starting point of this aging starts at the age of 18.

In other words, Qian Jun has 30 years more youth than ordinary people.

There are still 700 villain points left, and he can still draw a prize.

Last time, he drew the same X-ray Vision as Chu Bai. What will he get this time?

Qian Jun was looking forward to it.

[Unfortunately, the host didn't draw any rewards.]


[A|N : What did you think author will give you everything 'cuz you're mc dream on.]

— —

Evening self-study.

Qian Jun opened the desk and found a cup of milk tea inside.

It was most likely from Hsu Mu-yan.

Qian Jun took a sip.


Really sweet.

It's easy to get fat if you eat too much desserts.

However, Qian Jun didn't have to worry at all. The Age-retaining Pill can not only preserve one's appearance, but also maintain one's figure.

While drinking milk tea, Qian Jun inadvertently glanced in the direction of Hsu Mu-yan.

Qian Jun could only see Hsu Mu-yan's side profile.

But he clearly noticed that she seemed to be a little absent-minded and didn't pay much attention to her studies.

During class.

Qian Jun sent a message and called Wen Jing out for a talk.

On the campus flower garden path.

Some students were walking here in twos and threes. Some were classmates, and some were lovers.

The lights here were dim, the environment was quiet, and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

It was very romantic.

Those young couples who were in love liked to come here after the evening self-study session.

Wen Jing was called out by Qian Jun and was very happy.

"Hsu Mu-yan doesn't seem happy. What's wrong with her?" Qian Jun asked.

Wen Jing was a little disappointed. She thought that Qian Jun called her out for a date.

It turned out that she was thinking too much.

"In the evening, she ran into her father when she was out buying milk tea. Her father wanted her to stay away from you. She felt that it was strange, so the two of them argued for a bit."

As Hsu Mu-yan's best friend and deskmate, Hsu Mu-yan would share everything with Wen Jing.

"I've never met her father. Her father seems to be against me."

"Maybe her father doesn't want her to fall in love, so he did that."

"That can't be." Qian Jun directly denied this conclusion.

Last time, Chu Bai made a bet with Hsu Mu-yan. If she could get into the top ten, he would let Hsu Mu-yan be his girlfriend.

At that time, Father Hsu even agreed on behalf of Hsu Mu-yan.

From this, it could be seen that Father Xu was an open-minded person. He wouldn't interfere with his daughter's relationship.

Favor Chu Bai and target him?

Could Hsu Mu-yan's father also be a side character in the main character's camp?

Qian Jun felt that this was very likely.

"You … You're so concerned about Hsu Mu-yan. You want to pursue her, right?" Wen Jing couldn't help but ask.

"Yes." Qian Jun nodded.

Hsu Mu-yan was one of the female leads. If he didn't pursue her, the main character or the protagonist would .

If the main character got her, the main character's halo would increase, and his villain's halo would decrease.

When that time came, he wouldn't be far from death.

Hearing Qian Jun's words, Wen Jing suddenly felt a little jealous.

She had already seen through it, but she didn't expect Qian Jun to admit it so easily.





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