21 21 .Chu Bai is frame for sexual harassment

Zhang Li's seat was only two seats away from Chu Bai.

Chu Bai saw the scene of Hsu Mu Yan secretly asking for the dorm key.

'Zhang Li is a boarder right? The key she just gave should be the dorm key. That means that the note was indeed written by Hsu Mu Yan.' The last trace of doubt in Chu Bai's heart disappeared.

He was overjoyed.

At this moment, the bell rang for the end of class.




<Female dorm>

It was not yet time for the evening self-study sessions, so the dorm manager was leisurely watching TV in one of the dorm rooms on the first floor.

The door to the female dorm was wide open.

Chu Bai quietly slipped into the female dorm.

There were not many boarders in Water Luster High School, and there was only one female dorm in the high school.

The entire building had three floors, and the first- to third-year students each occupied one floor respectively.

A single dorm was enough to accommodate all the boarders in the school.

The class number was posted at the door of each dorm, and it was arranged in a very orderly manner.

It was a piece of cake to find the designated dormitory.

Chu Bai tiptoed like a thief and arrived at the door of one of the dorm rooms.

The door was not closed, and it was left ajar.

The light in the dorm room was dim, Chu Bai was sure that Hsu Mu Yan must have arrived by now.

Chu Bai could not help but feel proud, wiping away the depression he felt from being suppressed by Qian Jun for the past few days.

"Qian Jun, that scum, would never have thought that Hsu Mu Yan's usual conversation with him was just a pretense."


"And Mu Yan's purpose was to prevent him from targeting me. But speaking of which, when did Mu Yan start to like me?"


"It should be during the time when she was tutoring me. Sigh! She really put in a lot of effort. I'm so stupid; I never saw that she had a crush on me."


"If it wasn't for my Mu Yan seeing that I was unhappy in that afternoon, she probably would have kept it a secret until the college entrance exam. What would Qian Jun think if he knew the truth? He'll probably be furious, won't he?"

Chu Bai thought jokingly with an extremely excited mood.

Waking up from his stupor, Chu Bai pushed open the half-closed door and walked in.

"Mu Yan, I know how you feel. Actually, I like you too. I've liked you for a long time. Every time I see you and Qian Jun talking and laughing, my heart really bleeds."

Chu Bai couldn't wait to express his feelings further.

Hsu Mu-yan had taken the initiative to ask him out, and the words on the note clearly portrayed that she liked him.

Chu Bai felt that, as a guy, he had to be more direct.

It would be best if he could establish a relationship with Hsu Mu Yan or even take her directly to bed.

After all, this was the girl's dormitory, filled with beds. Moreover, Mu Yan asked him to meet in the girl's dormitory; maybe she also had this idea?

Chu Bai felt that his blood was flowing at a much faster pace, and he already felt his little brother harden.

However, even after he spoke for a while, Mu-yan still didn't say anything.

"Hsu Mu Yan, why aren't you saying anything? Are you saying away now?" Chu Bai couldn't hold back the excitement in his heart and spoke again.

However, what responded to Chu Bai was a woman's high-pitched scream.


Chu Bai was startled, and the excitement that he had swelled in his heart instantly dissipated like smoke in a hurricane.

Because he could tell that this voice didn't belong to Hsu Mu Yan.

In an instant, a chill rushed from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

"This is a trap!"Chu Bai immediately reacted and ran.

He successfully ran out of the girl's dormitory.





<Twenty minutes later>

Chu Bai was called to a separate office by Song Zhenyu.

In the office, there were Chu Bai, Song Zhenyu, and Wen Jing.

This was a special case.

Before a reasonable solution was found, Song Zhenyu didn't want others to know about it.

Because this involved the reputation of a female classmate.

Wen Jing's eyes were red, and tears kept flowing. She was crying. She was really crying.

Good acting skills?

Of course not. This was because Wen Jing rubbed some of the colorless and tasteless chili water that Qian Jun gave her.

(A/N: Use novel logic to imagine colorless chili powder.)

Anyone who used it would know how it tasted.

Wen Jing was crying because of the chili water.

Song Zhenyu patted Wen Jing's back and comforted her while asking, "Are you sure it's him?"

Wen Jing cried more loudly and said,

"When the light was dim, that person grabbed my hand and threatened me, telling me not to move."


"Later, when I was struggling, I accidentally touched his hair. It was a little prickly. It should be a buzz cut. That voice… that voice, and that unique buzz cut, I'm sure it's Chu Bai."

"Trying to molest a girl, Chu Bai, how dare you!" Song Zhenyu slammed her hand on the table and said it angrily.

"I admit that I went to the girl's dormitory, but I didn't molest her!" Chu Bai defended himself.

There were surveillance cameras at the entrance of the girl's dormitory building. One check, and they would know that Chu Bai had been there.

Of course, Chu Bai wouldn't lie about this.

"Why did you go to the girl's dormitory all of a sudden?" Song Zhenyu questioned sternly.

"It's Hsu… Someone impersonated Hsu Mu-Yan's handwriting and wrote a note to me, asking me to go to the girl's dormitory. It said that she had something to tell me."

Chu Bai was no fool. Now that things had come to this.

Of course, he knew that this was a trap.

"Where's the note?" Song Zhenyu reached out her hand and asked for it.

"I ate it."

"Who are you trying to fool? Do you think I'm a three-year-old child?! " Song Zhenyu felt that her intelligence had been severely insulted.

"Ms. Song, I'm telling the truth!"

"Still trying to quibble? Call your parents here!"

Hearing this, Chu Bai panicked.

"Wen Jing, why did you frame me? What grudge do you have against you?"

Wen Jing didn't know how to answer, so she didn't say anything and just let her tears fall.

(A|N: A woman is more destructive than a gun to a man's heart.)

"It's really spicy. It hurts, sob… sob…sob." Wen Jing was really uncomfortable at this moment.

Song Zhenyu's heart ached just looking at her.

"I understand now. It was Qian Jun who ordered you to do this, right?" Chu Bai suddenly understood.

"Chu Bai, that's enough. You're not admitting your mistake, and you're even accusing Qian Jun?"Song Zhenyu was furious.

"Qian Jun was an excellent student. Why would he do something like this? This is impossible."



[Ding! The host has manipulated behind the scenes and destroyed the impression of the main character, Chu Bai, in the eyes of one of the female leads, Song Zhenyu, affecting the original plot. Obtained 200 villain points.]

Qian Jun, who was sitting in the classroom for his evening self-study, happily received a wave of rewards.


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