1 1.First day at school after transmigration

At the school gate, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan stopped, and the driver respectfully opened the door.

Then, a young man walked out of the car.

The young man looked to be 18 years old, tall, handsome and his looks can easily rank him in world most handsome men.

With his midnight black hair and chiseled jaw and sharp black eyes which strangely has an unparallel attraction whoever stare at it.

Many girls who came to school saw him, and almost all of them were overjoyed and couldn't help but want to get closer.

However, the young man's face was gloomy, and he gave people a feeling that he was unapproachable.

The young man's name is Qian Jun.

He is in a very bad mood now.

After all, if that happened to anyone, no one would be in a good mood.

He was a transmigrator.

Before transmigrating, he was an orphan, struggling in the big city. He was almost 30 years old, but he was still mediocre and couldn't even get a girl. He was a complete failure.

Almost all the bad experiences in his life had happened to him.

After transmigrating, he was a rich second generation.

He had a good family background, was handsome, and excelled in his studies.

Every day to and from school, Cullinan would pick him up.

He had an endless amount of pocket money.

Originally, if he encountered such a thing, he would wake up laughing in his dreams.

In fact, a few days after transmigrating, he did feel quite good, and he even laughed in his dreams.

After all, his previous life was so terrible.

After transmigrating, he had such excellent living conditions.

Anyone would feel good.

However, he soon found that things were not that simple.

The last place student in the class had recently improved by leaps and bounds in his studies, and he occasionally interacted with the school belle, the study committee member.

In everyone's eyes,Qian Jun and the school belle were a match made in heaven.

Although the school belle didn't admit this.

When the last place student and the school belle got close, the lackeys couldn't help but fawn on them.

As a matter of fact, he had called the last place student to a corner yesterday and wanted to give him a profound lesson.

Three people against one, no matter how you looked at it, it was a crushing defeat.

However, the result was that the three lackeys were beaten up!

Qian Jun, who read a lot of web novels in his previous life, felt that the plot was familiar.

Wasn't this the plot of an urban novel where the last place student flirted with the school belle?

As for his background and conditions, he was completely a villain's rich second-generation heir.

After this thought came to mind, Qian Jun couldn't help but laugh, thinking that he might be overthinking.

However, at this moment, the standard system of transmigrators appeared.

The name of the system was the "Supervillain System".

Through the System, he found out that he had transmigrated to a parallel world constructed by a novel.

There was no doubt about his identity. He was a proper villain's rich second generation, a tool used by the protagonist to slap his face, a stepping stone that protagonist will use to boost his prestige and connection.

In the main storyline, he constantly fought against the main character, but he failed step by step. When he lived for less than 100 chapters, his family was destroyed by the main character and that leech of a protagonist absorb all his family wealth too. It's not like he is alive to enjoy the wealth.

His family property was taken by the protagonist, and the school belle he liked also belonged to the protagonist.

"F * ck, of all the things I could have transmigrated into, why did I have to transmigrate into a villain? I can't even live past the 100th chapter. Are you toying with me?"

Qian Jun complained in his heart.

However, this was already an established fact, and he knew that he was powerless to change it.

Of course, this did not mean that he had accepted his fate.

From the events of the past few days, it was obvious that the plot of the novel had just begun.

The main character had just started to grow, so he couldn't face him head-on.

He had much more resources than the main character.

As long as he made good use of these and was prepared, it wasn't impossible for a villain like him to counterattack.


While he was thinking, a boy wearing a hat walked over from behind.

Under the hat, some bruises could be seen on his face.

He was obviously beaten up.

This was one of Qian Jun's three lackeys, Fan Jian.

The other two, one was called Fin Tong, and the other was called Qin Shousheng.

Listen, listen!

What kind of names were these?

Fan Jian, cheap?

Fin Tong, good-for-nothing?

Qin Shousheng, a beast?

The three of them were the epitome of villains.

Obviously, this was deliberately designed by the author who had a bad taste.

Fan Jian's expression was awkward, afraid of meeting Qian Jun's gaze.

Indeed, this was embarrassing.

The three of them couldn't beat one.

After being stared at for a while, Fan Jian finally couldn't take it anymore and admitted his mistake.

"Boss, if you want to hit or scold us, it's up to you. We have embarrassed you."

"Why is it only you? Where are the other two?" Qian Jun didn't blame him, but only asked.

Because he knew that it was useless to blame him. He had the main character halo protecting him. How could he be beaten up so easily by the three of them?

When Fan Jian saw that Qian Jun did not blame him, he heaved a sigh of relief. He walked a little closer and laughed.

"Boss, I ran a little faster, so I didn't get beaten up much. They were a little weaker. They ran a little slower and got beaten up badly. Half of their faces are swollen and deformed. It will probably take a few days for it to subside!"

Qian Jun saw the other party's expression and couldn't help but be speechless.

What kind of brain-paralyzed lackey did the author give him?

He ran a little faster and got beaten up less, but he still wanted to show off.

What, do you want me to praise you?!

"If you continue to smile, I'm going to slap your face."

Qian Jun couldn't stand this brain-paralyzed lackey's smirk and reprimanded him.

"Boss, don't, I was wrong, I was wrong. I won't laugh." Fan Jian hurriedly admitted his mistake and said,

"Boss, don't worry. I will definitely get back at him. I don't believe that kid has three heads and six arms. Today, I will call ten of my lackeys!"

"Save it, it's useless." Qian Jun shook his head.

Now that they had already alerted the main character, the main character was on guard. With the main character halo, if they continued to call people over, they would just be giving the main character a punching bag.

Taking a step back, even if the main character couldn't beat them, he would definitely be able to escape easily.

This was completely useless.

"Useless? Then boss, I will call twenty? "

"Why are you talking so much? It's useless."

"How is that possible? Then I will call thirty."

"You might as well call your mother!"Qian Jun couldn't help but curse.

"Call my mother? Boss, this … won't do. My mother's body is weak, how can she fight? "Fan Jian said with a bitter face.

Qian Jun rubbed his temples. What kind of brain-paralyzed lackey was this? How can he even came to this conclusion.

He resisted the urge to beat him up and calmed himself down.

"Don't do this kind of thing again."

"Ah, boss, that kid is flirting with his sister-in-law. Who does he think he is? We can't stand it anymore." Fan Jian said.

"Let me ask you, am I more handsome or that kid?" Qian Jun asked his lackey.

"Of course, boss, you are handsome. That kid is nothing. At most, he has good facial features."

Fan Jian answered without hesitation. He didn't mean to flatter because it was the truth.

"Then, is my family better or that kid's family better?" Qian Jun continued to ask.

"Boss, your family has tens of billions of assets. That kid's family is ordinary. There is no comparison."

"Then, is my grades better or that kid's grades better?"

"Boss, your grades are in the top ten of the school. You are definitely a top student. That kid is at the bottom. He is a bad student."

"Is that it? I have such good conditions. How can I lose to a poor kid at the bottom of the class? Why do I need you to be so nosy? "

"Boss, I understand, I understand. We did something unnecessary. Without your orders, we won't do anything.

That kid doesn't deserve to be compared to you. "Fan Jian finally understood.

Qian Jun nodded and looked at his brain-paralyzed lackey with a look that said, "Fools can be taught."

Suddenly, a system notification popped up in his mind.

[Ding, guide the lackey's behavior and slightly change the direction of the plot. Obtained 100 villain points.


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