7 Finally Out Of The Forest, Panyang Town

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The sudden system notification surprised Liang Yi. There was a lot of information contained in it.

Experience points aside, this thing looked like a lot, but it was actually pitifully small. In the future, it would be used in all aspects, but these were not useful at all. Moreover, a Level 30 cultivator should be worth about 100,000 Experience points when killed normally. This time, they had encountered a Weakened monster. Otherwise, the experience points would not be so low, and even the evaluation of strength would be much lower.

However, in the black-robed man's normal state, he would die if he faced him.

Experience points were a small matter. The main thing was that the last two notifications concerned Liang Yi: the main mission and the Spirit Devourer Sect.

He checked the mission panel. This mission was indeed a golden main mission that would run through a version of existence.

[Shadows Under The Back]: Under the appearance of peace and prosperity in the World of Arcanum, there are actually undercurrents. When the Shadows are no longer willing to hide in the dark, that will be when peace is broken.

Mission Requirement: Phase 1: Find clues related to the Spirit Devouring Sect.

Mission clue: 1. The Spirit Devourer Sect has become hostile toward you. 2. The Spirit Devourer Sect has mastered the Great Dark Escape Technique.

Mission Completion: 2%

Mission Reward: 200,000 Experience Points, unlocking the next main mission.

"As expected of the main mission! The rewards are so generous!" Liang Yi was grinning from ear to ear when he saw the rewards.

In his previous life, almost no players would use NPCs as a source of experience. These NPCs had ridiculously high intelligence levels. When they fought, it was common for them to run away if they could not win. What was even more sinister was to pretend that they could not win and turn around to launch a surprise attack.

He had picked up a huge bargain this time.

Even if he successfully killed the NPC, the EXP he obtained was pitifully little.

Normally speaking, if he reached Level 30 and was at the same level as him, he would only be given 100,000 EXP. Liang Yi knew that it would take 200,000 EXP to reach Level 31 from Level 30.

The cost was not proportional to the benefits. Players would not do such a thankless thing.

Unless the NPC was rich.

Therefore, most players would search for quests all over the world. They were looking for secret realms, which were dungeons in ordinary games.

As for the clues mentioned in the mission panel, it should not be a reminder from the system. Instead, it was recognized by the system after he obtained some information.

And this Spirit Devouring Sect should be the villain who was secretly causing trouble.

It seemed that Liang Yi's relation with the Spirit Devourer Sect was hostile, but he knew that the Spirit Devourer Sect was in trouble.

This was because Liang Yi did not allow himself to have enemies. Once he had enemies, he would die!

Moreover, the Spirit Devouring Sect had even tried to kill his alternate world counterpart. If he did not come, they would be considered to have succeeded. Even if it was to figure out why they wanted to kill him, Liang Yi would not leave this sect alone.

When I grow, your ashes will be scattered before me!

He opened his character panel and looked at the 90,000/5,000 EXP bar. Liang Yi felt relieved.

Why did he use the Great Dark Escape Technique instead of other escape techniques? Was this not serving himself up on a silver platter?

Liang Yi muttered a few times in his heart, 'Level up.'

After Liang Yi muttered to himself, his attribute panel had already changed.

[Name: Liang Yi

[Gender: Male

[Template: NPC

[Race: Human

[Level: 10

[Cultivation Technique: None

[Health Points: 182/200

[Attributes: Strength 20, Agility 20, Endurance 20, Intelligence 20, Comprehension 10 (not upgradeable), Charm 10 (not upgradeable), Luck 10 (not upgradeable)

[Free Attribute Points: 10

[Experience Points: 45,000/10,000 (Cannot be upgraded)

[Skills: None

[Equipment: Ordinary rolling pin]

Feeling that his physical fitness had increased in all aspects, Liang Yi stretched comfortably.

Su Youyi, who was behind him, looked at her senior brother strangely. She felt that her senior brother had suddenly become stronger. It should be an illusion.

Liang Yi currently did not have any cultivation techniques, so his upgrade function was temporarily locked. In his previous life, when he was Level 10, he could choose to join some sects to learn cultivation techniques. However, the conditions for each sect to accept disciples were different. Even if they joined, they would be the most ordinary disciples. The ordinary disciples of superpowers and first-rate forces would be taught a blue-grade cultivation technique, while the other forces would only teach a white-grade cultivation technique.

Only when one reached the core disciple level would they be taught the most basic cultivation techniques of the sect.

His current junior sister, Su Youyi, belonged to one of the super forces. However, there were only two people in the entire sect, her and her master.

Oh, right, now there's me.

Liang Yi sighed secretly. It was all his fault for being too strong. He had even started the game so perfectly.

"To loot the corpse first." From Liang Yi's unique perspective, there was a layer of white light on the surface of the corpse, indicating that he could loot the corpse.

"Pick it up." Liang Yi muttered in his heart.

"Congratulations on obtaining the [Great Dark Escape Technique]."

"Congratulations on obtaining 276 Spirit Coins."

"Congratulations on obtaining the [Spirit Devouring Scripture (Incomplete)]."

'Oh my, my hands are quite red!' Liang Yi looked at the two light purple skill books in his backpack and thought happily. However, what troubled him was that although this Spirit Devouring Scripture and the escape technique were purple-colored cultivation techniques, he could not cultivate them.

There was no need to talk about the escape technique. It was too flawed. He did not understand the Spirit Devouring Scripture. If even the incomplete one was purple, then the complete one should be orange or gold, right? If this was a game, he would definitely learn it without hesitation. It did not matter where it came from as long as it was useful. However, this was not a game. He had to consider the thoughts of his junior sister, his master, and other forces.

Moreover, the Dao Mountain he was in was one of the strongest and one of the top existences in the world. Why would he need to learn such an incomplete cultivation technique?

That's right, Liang Yi had become arrogant and had high standards. He no longer had interest in purple cultivation techniques.

White, blue, purple, orange, and gold were classified by the system. The cultivation techniques of his Daoist sect were at least gold. Of course, Liang Yi could be choosy.

Liang Yi threw the two seemingly high-level cultivation techniques, which were actually useless, into his System Backpack and turned to look at the girl behind him.

"Should we bury him on the spot or feed him to those demon beasts?" Liang Yi had never disposed of a corpse before.

"Feed it to the demonic beasts. It's risky to bury it here. It'll be more difficult for someone to track it down if we feed it to the demonic beasts." Su Youyi thought for a moment. She did not have any tools to deal with corpses, so she could only choose this crude method.

"Then where are we going next?" Liang Yi only wanted to go out and figure out what time it was. He only knew that in the background, seven years after his death, his junior sister had become the number one in the world. However, when the players entered the game, Su Youyi was already the number one in the world. He really could not guess when that was.

"Let's find a group of demon beasts first. Then, we'll set off back to the sect at dawn."

"Alright, I'll listen to you."

Su Youyi did not know what to say.

It was already a day later when Liang Yi saw the sun.

This 100,000-mile mountain range was too big. Although they were not deep into the hinterland, they could only be considered to be at the periphery at worst. However, even with Su Youyi's speed at the peak of the third level, it would take her more than half a day to pass through, let alone with Liang Yi.

Standing outside the town closest to the mountain, Liang Yi took a deep breath. He had finally arrived at the place he was familiar with.

Panyang Town was the most southwestern town of the Xuanzhou Immortal Dynasty. If one walked a little further southwest, they would reach a mountain range of 100,000 miles. This place seemed to be far away from the Central Province, but the number of people here was no less than some famous cities.

There were countless resources in the 100,000-mile mountain. Be it demon beasts, natural treasures, or the relics of their predecessors, they were all things that could make people rich overnight.

According to the agreement between the leader of the demon race, Yuan Sage Jiuling, and Emperor Zhou of the Immortal Dynasty, the periphery of the forest was the training ground for both sides. Humans needed resources, and demon beasts also needed blood and food. Only after they had developed intelligence could they join the demon race. Therefore, those who wanted to train, become rich, or need any resources would choose to come to the 100,000-mile mountain for a walk. Panyang Town was their supply point.

In his previous life, this place was much livelier than it was now. Plays of mutual deception, trust, betrayal, and scheming played out here every day. He would grab a stool and bring a bag of melon seeds. He would not feel bored even if he sat at the entrance of the town for a day. Sometimes, when he encountered an exciting show, he could even eat two more bags.

Seeing his junior sister looking around curiously, Liang Yi smiled and asked her, "You've never been here before?"

Su Youyi shook her head like a rattle drum.

"Eh? Then how did you get in?" Liang Yi did not expect this junior sister to really not have come before.

However, as soon as he asked, he realized that the girl's eyes were red again.

"Senior Brother, did you really lose your memory?" Su Youyi looked at Liang Yi with heartache. She did not expect her senior brother to really forget the memories of being with her.

"Yes, I'm not lying to you. I still remember some things, but I've forgotten the time I spent with you and Master." Liang Yi looked at her helplessly and spoke the truth.

"Senior Brother, I will definitely help you regain your memories." Su Youyi's gaze was resolute.

"Haha, my memory doesn't matter. I think that even before I lost my memory, my greatest wish was to always be with you, right?" Liang Yi subconsciously touched his junior sister's little head. He did not even notice this habit that he was becoming more and more familiar with.

However, she did not notice that Su Youyi, who was under his hand, was blushing so much that she looked like she was about to become a tomato. Her senior brother had already lost his memory, but he still liked to pat her head so much. What if she could not grow taller?

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