1 1. When I First Met You

"Myah, catch!"

"Maison, no—" I did a desperate attempt to duck, but it was of no help as the football had already reached my shoulder. I watched as her brother's friends cracked up in laughter and rolled my eyes.

"Haha, really funny!"

Annoyed, I grabbed the ball with my hands and glared at my twin brother, Maison. "It was just a joke. It's a party—live for once!" He ruffled his hand through my thick brown curls before running off.

Just a party? Yes, one I shouldn't even be at.

A new year had started at Barfile Private University, but for me, it was nothing more than just an ordinary sophomore year. Barfile Private was one of the most prestigious schools for sports and art and extremely difficult to get into. Luckily for me, my dad was an alumnus and the head of the football team, which came with advantages for me and my brother, who was a running back for the Barfile Lynx.

If there was something I wasn't good at, it had to be living life to the fullest. At the age of 19, I was known as the brains of the family and completely different from my brother—Maison.

Feeling comfortable enough in his sophomore year, Maison had taken advantage of our parents celebrating their anniversary and decided to throw a party—which was the reason why my parent's house, which was on the campus, was filled with students from freshman to seniors.

Although I really didn't want to be here, someone had to keep the house in check.

"Bitch, why aren't you having fun?" My best friend and roommate, Mitsuki, entered the hallway. My eyes fell on her tight little black dress, which hugged her toned body.

The halls were filled with the sound of her high heels as she approached me. "Come on, dance, have fun, get something to drink!" She almost dragged me from my position.

"No, I really shouldn't." I shook my head, pushing all of my weight onto the floor. Even though Mitsuki and I had been best friends and roommates since our freshman year, we had completely different personalities. I was not fun or the life of the party—heck, I wasn't even popular. I was just there.

Mitsuki was a sport major and an amazing gymnast preparing herself for the Olympics—while I was nothing else but a boring girl who got gifted the ability to paint.

"Myah!" Mitsuki pouted, refusing to let go of my arm.

"We have class in the morning." I opposed. Mitsuki, who was already a bit drunk, could not take rejection. "Boring!" She pointed her finger at me.

"Yeah, well…nothing new." I shrugged. I was used to it.

Mitsuki pushed me aside and forced herself on the floor. "Don't you want to see the new transferred quarterback?"

"I really don't care."

If anything, I could not hear the word 'quarterback' anymore. Being in this football-obsessed family was already more than enough, and my dad could not stop talking about this newly transferred quarterback.

"Are you sure?" Mitsuki furrowed. "His dad is the JR Cruz, and his mom is Camren Santana—"

"I'm sorry, who?" I yawned.

Mitsuki gasped, clutching her heart dramatically. "One of the biggest legends in the league and one of the biggest models?"

"Doesn't ring a bell, I'm sorry."

Why would I be interested in these people who couldn't do a single thing for me?

Just when Mitsuki was about to give me some more backlash, a group of girls entered the hallway. "Girl, are you coming or not?" One of the girls called out. They were Mitsuki's gymnastic friends.

"Yes, these drinks aren't going to clear themselves!" Another girl added before cheering. Mitsuki laughed. "Myah, are you sure you don't want to join us?"

I shook my head. "Go, I'll see you at our dorm."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, go!" I nodded, forcing a smile on my lips. I would actually feel a bit more comfortable with her joining me on the floor, but I would not ruin her night.

Mitsuki, who had undeniably sensed it shot me an apologetic smile. "You're allowed to have fun…I hope you know that." She patted my shoulder before running off to her friends.

I knew I was allowed to have fun, but not the day before classes started. That was just stupid and irresponsible.

After a group of drunk students made their way to the hallway, I gave up my goal to protect the house and made my way to the backyard. Whatever would happen tomorrow was between Maison and god.

Luckily enough, the backyard was empty, giving me enough time to think about my life. Why couldn't I just be annoying like everyone else? It would've made life a whole lot easier.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

Surprised, I let out a yelp and turned around to look at the guy in front of me. I stumbled backward and almost fell, but before I could—he held me by my waist and stared into my eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Y-yes, I'm fine." I blinked, mesmerized by his beauty. His brown hair and beautiful tan skin lit up under the bright spotlight, revealing his perfect smile. My eyes moved from his sharp jawline to his dimples, to his light brown eyes.

"I was just going to ask you where I could find the bathroom." The guy laughed uncomfortably, letting go of my waist. I recovered myself and straightened my leather jacket.

"The bathroom…of course," I said out loud. "Because this is my house."

The guy laughed, probably thinking I was joking. I took a step back and took a breath. "I've never seen you before."

The guy chuckled, showing me his perfect dimples. "Yes, because you know everyone around here." He spoke in a flirting tone. Embarrassed, I lowered my head. Why did I have to say something that stupid?

"Hey, I'm just playing." The guy smiled. "I am new here. I've just transferred as a sophomore." He confirmed.

I stuck out my hand with an awkward smile on my lips. "Myah."

"Jayden." He connected his large and soft hands with mine. Flustered, I pulled back and covered my cheeks with my hands. "Art major?"


"So, are you enjoying yourself, Myah?" Jayden asked, taking a seat. So much for going to the bathroom. "Because I'm not." Jayden continued.

He patted the empty spot beside him, and I accepted his offer. "My roommate dragged me to this party while I have to wake up early in the morning—and I couldn't decline because he's apparently some big thing around here."

Even when pissed, he still seemed like the most charming person. "What about you?" Jayden asked. "What's your story?"

"I guess you could it's pretty identical to yours." I chuckled, thinking about Maison. "I was forced to be here by someone who thinks he's the big thing around here, and I could not decline."

Mainly because I had to make sure Maison wasn't turning the house upside down. I was supposed to be in my dorm.

"Boyfriend?" Jayden asked. I blushed, shaking my head. "No, just…someone."

"Good." He nudged my shoulder. "That means I still got a chance."

I was trying my hardest not to blush, but he was making it very difficult. One thing was sure, Jayden was a charmer. I wouldn't say I was a shy person, but more so someone who didn't live on the edge. That was how Mitsuki used to describe me.

According to others, I was too dull, too serious, a fun police—and anything else they could think of. That's why your relationships don't work out, Myah.

A hot guy was flirting with me, and I didn't know what to do. "W-we can always leave this party." I suddenly suggested. I didn't know what came over me, but maybe this was the correct time to be a new and confident Myah.

Jayden placed his hand on top of mine while I was seconds removed from taking back my words. "And where should we go, Myah?"

"I don't know, g-get drunk?" I blurted. Jayden showed me his pearly white teeth and broke into laughter. "I would love to, but I have practice in the morning."

So he was an athlete. Judging by his height, I could tell that he stood around a nice 6'2 and was most likely a basketballer. He had to be, right?

"Actually." Jayden changed his mind. "One drink wouldn't hurt."

"Right," I mumbled. I started it, but now I couldn't continue. Flirting was not my area of expertise.

Jayden turned to me. "How about we go to my place?" He suggested. What was I even doing? What if he turned out to be some creep?

"Do you take every girl to your place?"

"No." Jayden laughed, shyly. "It's just…I really want to get out of here—and I could use a friend." He said. Whatever it was, he seemed to be having a hard time.

"Also, you seem like the only sane person at this university."

I couldn't help but giggle at Jayden's correct observation. This wasn't some random university anyone could get into, and the students were a bunch of snobs.

"Yes, welcome to the world of the rich and privileged." I got lost in his light brown eyes. Jayden looked at me as if he was still trying to figure me out.

"Come on, Myah." He pronounced my name so perfectly. "Let's go."

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