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This immortal way cannot be cultivated anymore.

At least, not now.

After deep consideration and weighing the pros and cons,

Especially after rummaging through the house and finding a total of ten bank checks worth ten thousand yuan each without a password.

I don't know where they came from, but they are definitely part of my assets...

With this, I won't have to worry about living expenses for a short while.

"I can't understand those Remnant Consciousness Whispers, which means I almost certainly won't be able to obtain a second Immortal Cultivation Key Points besides this 'Nayuan True Jue'.

And as long as I don't acquire a new key point, my pollution level will not rise, and the possibility of exposure is not great."

Lin Yuan quickly made up his mind.

Being able to get a second chance at life after a brush with death was already an incredible stroke of luck.

It's not worth making enemies on all sides in this new world.

During the quarantine, I've seen what this world's attitude towards cultivators is like.

That hunt was truly relentless.

And their detection methods for cultivators are surely not limited to pollution levels alone, there must be other means. I was just the least suspicious at the time, so it wasn't my turn.

Currently, my understanding of this world is still not comprehensive enough.

It's just not worth it... truly not worth it...

"The most important thing right now is to get to know the information about this world first, everything else comes later."

Lin Yuan turned on his computer and began seriously searching for some general knowledge about this world.

Although I didn't inherit the memories of the original body, the similarity between this world and mine is extremely high, so I deduced that it could be a kind of parallel world, diverging due to different choices at a certain point in time.

But things like text and inheritance are not so different, so they don't affect my daily life.

After several hours, apart from some different names, I found analogies in my previous world for the general knowledge about this world.

I have quickly integrated and understood them.

Seeing that it was getting dark...

Lin Yuan stretched his limbs and decided to go to the supermarket to buy some groceries to replenish his fridge.

After more than a month of quarantine, even the eggs, which lasted the longest, had gone bad in the fridge.

I didn't dare to spend frivolously before due to the lack of money.

But now with an unexpected hundred thousand in savings, the biggest pressure of survival has lessened a lot.

Putting on shoes in the entryway,

As I opened the door, there was a clinking sound.

The door hit the iron railing across from it, scraping off a small piece of paint from the anti-theft door.

The staircase of the old double-unit building was already narrow, and with half of the space taken up across it, it was hard to even open the door halfway.

Especially since this railing looked brand new...

Needless to say, it was because the previous occupant's parents had died, and a common young man was left alone, that they began to overstep their bounds.

This was no different than driving one to ruin.

Lin Yuan felt anger rising up spontaneously; how the previous occupant handled this, I do not know, but now they were truly stepping all over my head.

With a venting fury, I punched the railing.

Warm spiritual power surged within, followed by a grating, cringe-worthy noise.

The railing was already bent significantly by Lin Yuan's punch...

Completely indented inward.

Lin Yuan was suddenly stunned.

The railing, welded together with steel pipes and hollow inside, wasn't very sturdy, but its interconnection gave it great elasticity, and usually not even a strong man could easily cause this kind of damage with a full-force kick...

And the discordant noise also quickly disturbed the neighbor across the hall.

The sound of footsteps approached rapidly...

The door across from me swung open.

A man in his thirties stuck his head out.

Short and slim, with a pinched face, you could tell he was not an easy person to deal with just by his appearance.

With a stern face he angrily said, "What are you doing... eh..."

Since he dared to do this, he clearly was prepared to have a confrontation with Lin Yuan.

Knowing that the police usually don't intervene in domestic disputes, as long as he managed to deal with this kid, he could claim the roof space and the square meter by the door—all of which would be his. He could slowly build a simple house on the rooftop later—wouldn't that net him a house for free?

The words of provocation had only been half uttered when they saw the dent Lin Yuan had made by bending the railing, and the trailing tone of their sarcastic remarks suddenly changed.

Fear filled their eyes as they looked at Lin Yuan.

"It's nothing, the quality of your fence here is just not up to snuff. I was simply using it for support to change my shoes, and it bent like this."

Lin Yuan laughed mockingly, gave the railing a light pat, and said, "You should replace it, otherwise, it's so fragile that if it breaks one day and someone gets stabbed, what would you do?"

The middle-aged man said angrily, "You you you stop it, I warn you, hitting people is a crime."

"Then call the police."

Lin Yuan glanced at the pile of shoes on the rack, made a rough estimate, and pulled out from the bent opening what looked like the most expensive black leather shoe, reminding them, "By the way, you'd better fix this fence quickly, otherwise, if someone steals your shoes through this hole, what will you do? It's annoying enough to lose a pair, but just one... right?"

With that, he walked downstairs with the shoe in hand.

The man watched Lin Yuan go downstairs and exclaimed, "What are you doing with my shoe?"

"Nothing much, I found a shoe in the stairwell, don't know whose it is. There's only one, and you can't wear it, so it's going in the trash."

It takes a rogue to beat a rogue.

To deal with such people, you have to be more shameless than they are...

With a provocative grin tugging at his lips, Lin Yuan walked downstairs with the shoe.

The man wanted to follow, but looking at the dent in the fence, and especially Lin Yuan's challenging demeanor, he didn't dare say anything more...

They were all in isolation.

How come this kid, Lin Yuan, suddenly became so strong after not seeing him for over a month?

Do young guys grow up this fast?

While Lin Yuan originally intended to toss the shoe in the trash, he heard a husband and wife quarreling inside one of the doors on the second floor. The man was furiously demanding who the other person was, shouting that he would kill them if they showed up...

The woman was just crying non-stop, saying it was all your fault, after all, I've been wronged...

After some thought, Lin Yuan threw the shoe through the ventilation gap in the stairwell, landing it on the terrace of this family's second floor.

He was framing someone else for the crime, but he didn't take any pleasure in their misfortune.

Instead, his expression was unusually grave.

Something was off...

He had been fine during the isolation, but after looking at the Cultivation Technique and cycling it through once, he felt completely different.

Lin Yuan hurried outside.

He didn't go to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Right now...

There were more important things to do.


Two hours later.

Lin Yuan finally came back, with a heavy heart.

He hadn't noticed anything during the isolation, or perhaps, he hadn't activated the spiritual power within his body at that time.

But now, after going through the Cultivation Technique...

He ran a hundred meters in eight point five seconds, breaking the record of his former life.

He didn't know how strong he was, but when Lin Yuan tried to punch the wall, he went from barely making a mark to gradually applying more force until he finally smashed a shallow pit in the wall...

More importantly, after trying over a dozen times, his palms weren't even scratched.

Spiritual power circulated on its own, protecting his fists like a thin film.

Cultivation Techniques were too miraculous.

But for Lin Yuan, being too miraculous was a problem.

Luckily, everyone had just come out of isolation; otherwise, people across the way might suspect he'd been replaced internally.

Lin Yuan's mind was a torrent of complex thoughts.

Even when he returned to his doorstep and found several new dents violently smashed into the railing and some fresh blood on the ground that hadn't dried yet, he no longer felt any schadenfreude.

This physique...

In his former life, he would have been ecstatic to discover it.

Casually breaking world records for you to see!

But now...

All of this was trouble.

As an ordinary person, if he was exposed, death would be the least of his worries; he feared that even after death, his ashes would be scattered by others.

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