216 I’ll Show You The Power Of The Celestial Realm

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It was true that the shackles of the world had been loosened a little bit. To be exact, it had been forcibly loosened by Lu Xuan.

In the process of the breakthrough, Lu Xuan had opened a bit of the shackles of the world. It was something that he could not avoid.

Therefore, it was much easier to break through this time around than when he had broken through to the Invincible Vajra realm.

The world was like a quagmire. After being tormented for a long time by Lu Xuan, a big fish, it had finally been enlarged.

Lu Xuan himself jumped out of the quagmire and headed for a broader future, while this quagmire had also been enlarged.

It could accommodate stronger experts.

There would not be anyone in the Celestial realm, but those in the Invincible Vajra realm would probably increase by a lot in a short period of time.


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