1 Huh? This Curse Has A Bug?

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[Countdown to the college entrance examination – 33 days!]

[Cultivate to bring peace and protect the country!]

[No. 341B "Space Portal" of Green City is opening tomorrow...]

Looking at the slogans and noticeboards hanging everywhere in the classroom, Chen Yu was at a loss, his face void of expression.


Had he traveled back in time to a certain time before the college entrance exams?

But what was it about cultivation?

And what was with the No. 341B Space Portal?

As he stood there, puzzled, countless memories appeared out of thin air and merged with his original memories.

Yes indeed. He had traveled back in time.

Traveled back in time to before the college entrance exams.

However, he hadn't just traveled back in time. He had traveled to a parallel universe.

A highly militarized world!

In this highly militarized world, the danger of crisis lurked in all corners.

Outside the city, all kinds of hideous and horrifying alien beasts were itching for the chance to take action and stir up trouble. They were prepared to storm their way through the walls surrounding the city at any time and slaughter the entire human race.

The humans had no choice but to continuously increase their strength as they struggled to keep the monsters at bay.

As for culture, economy, politics, development, and so on… these were areas that were somewhat neglected.

Only strength mattered. It was everything.

Only strength mattered as it determined the survival of the species.

Therefore, warriors occupied high status in human society.

Usually, when the lowest tier of Level 1 cultivators applied for jobs in major enterprises, these companies would offer an annual salary of no less than 200,000.

And for Level 2 Cultivators, their annual salaries would at least be a million dollars!

Level 3, Level 4 cultivators, and beyond were even more highly sought after by various forces.

And at this time, Chen Yu was a year 3 senior student of the "Cultivation" class and was about to participate in the college entrance examination.

"This… this is incredible…"



[Detected that the soul does not belong to the current world.]

[Determined as the invasion of an alien soul.]

[Curse in progress…]


[Please leave the current world. Otherwise, the curse will gradually increase in intensity.]

[Warning! Please leave the current world. Otherwise, the curse will gradually increase in intensity.]

[Warning, please leave the current…]


"I've been cursed?"

Chen Yu's face filled with horror as the electronic synthetic voice sounded in his ears.

[Curse is successful.]

[Effect of curse: State causality inversion.]

[Warning! Please leave the current world. Otherwise, the curse will gradually increase in intensity...]


Without allowing Chen Yu the time to regain his senses, someone suddenly threw a piece of chalk at him, accurately hitting him squarely on the head.


Chen Yu couldn't help but let out a cry of pain as he covered his forehead with his hands.

"Only 33 days left before the college entrance examination and you're still in a daze? Not going to cultivate?!" On the podium, the headteacher pointed straight at Chen Yu, and with his face filled with anger he said, "Studying is like sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead or you simply fall behind!

"If you keep lazing around like this, you won't even be able to beat the elementary school students!"

Inside the classroom, the other students who were cultivating turned their heads in the face of this interruption, and the look they gave Chen Yu was surprisingly consistent.

That would be a look of disgust.

Disgust that came from the bottom of their hearts.

The reason for this was very simple.

In the wilderness outside the city, the foreign realms inside the Space Portal were all lands of despair where one's chances of survival were slim.

For the sake of safety, almost all human cultivators would form groups when doing "assignments."

Cooperation was of utmost importance.

In order to instill such a concept of unity, starting in elementary school, each student was placed in a class as a unit where they would cultivate, advance, and retreat together.

And Chen Yu was not only the least capable one of them all but also particularly sloppy in his actions. And he often hindered the class, making them all fall behind.

The dislike Chen Yu's classmates felt towards him had steadily increased over time.

Naturally, Chen Yu had tried hard to fit in.

But with limited talent and an introverted personality, he gradually became withdrawn and antisocial. And finally, he became the lowest ranking student of all time and was detested by everyone in the senior class.

No matter which world it was, there were always poor students.

And in this highly militarized world, people were exceptionally cruel when it came to the poor students.



Covering the part of his forehead that was beginning to swell, Chen Yu flew into a rage.

Should he just go and dig up the ancestral grave of that headteacher?

Was it really necessary to deal such a harsh blow?

But thinking about it from another perspective, this was a highly militarized world they were in, and the headteacher was also a cultivator. So Chen Yu had no choice but to suppress his anger and work the flow of his internal strength according to the memory he kept in mind.

[Effect of the curse activated!]

[State causality inversion…]

[Cultivation in progress: Internal strength – 1]

[Cultivation in progress: Internal strength – 1]

Chen Yu: "…"

[Cultivation in progress: Internal strength – 1]

[Cultivation in progress: Internal strength – 2]

"…" Chen Yu was speechless.

"D*mn it, I really am cursed!"

"Is it still possible to reduce my strength through cultivation?"

Chen Yu was on the verge of a mental breakdown and directly slouched in his chair as though he was paralyzed.

The more he cultivated, the weaker he became.

So why should he still put himself through this torture?

"Chen Yu!" Seeing that Chen Yu was slouched over, Chen Yu's headmaster threw another piece of chalk at him and shouted, "You'd better get on with your cultivation!!"


The chalk, which carried a good amount of the headmaster's rage, smashed squarely into Chen Yu's forehead.

[Hurt inflicted: Qi and blood +2]

Chen Yu: "…"


Sighing heavily, Chen Yu said despairingly, "Teacher, leave me alone. I'm totally wasted."

"You… A student without aptitude like you is really hopeless! Rubbish! What a good-for-nothing!"

[Mental damage inflicted: Mental state +1]

The surrounding students cast hateful looks at him once again.

[Mental damage inflicted: Mental state +3]

Chen Yu: "…This is really insane!"

In that case, he might as well just go with the flow. So, he took out a jar, smashed it open, and amidst the ongoing class, he began cracking open melon seeds and popping them into his mouth as though there was no one next to him.

Life wasn't giving him a chance to live.

So he might as well find a comfortable position as he awaited death.

At least he could still enjoy himself for the moment…

[Feeding time: Hunger level +1]

[Feeding time: Hunger level +2…]

Chen Yu: "… D*mn."

Apparently, life not only wasn't giving him a chance to survive, but it also didn't want him to have things easy.

"Chen Yu! Get out of here!"

The headmaster couldn't tolerate his behavior any longer. He shouted, "Go stand in the corridor as punishment! You're not allowed to come back to class for the whole day!"


After being thrown out of the classroom, Chen Yu leaned against the wall, feeling resentful.

Once again, he worked his body's internal strength and began cultivating.

[Cultivation in progress: Internal Strength – 1]

"D*mn, I'm still not going to believe it!"

He turned back around and glanced at the teacher and students in the classroom. Then, he hunched down and snuck out of the school building.

When he arrived at the field, he found the monkey bars and, taking a deep breath, reached out his hands, grabbed the horizontal bar, and started doing some pull-up exercises.

Even if he couldn't cultivate anymore...

If he trained himself physically, he wouldn't be completely useless, right?

[Bodybuilding in progress: Obesity +1; Weakness +1; Physique -1; Physical Strength -1; Endurance -1…]

Chen Yu: "…"

"What a sin!!"

Chen Yu felt himself go weak in the legs and fell to the ground.

Very angry.

He was very angry.

So angry that he even began to sing: "Oh fate, why do you have to torture me so…"




[Lazing in progress: Internal strength +1]

"… Eh?"

Hearing the electronic voice sound in his ears, Chen Yu suddenly perked up.

"This curse…"

"D*mn, seems like it has a bug?!"

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