4 Chapter 4 Look at What I Found

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Perhaps due to Ji Ruo being a transmigrator, his reaction speed was faster than the rest despite being the same level 6 Martial Apprentice.

Moreover, Ji Ruo lived two lives, so he had more life experience than ordinary high school students. Therefore, even though he behaved a little immaturely to trigger his achievement system, he had never let down his guard.

Ji Ruo was the first to notice the green shadows the moment they scampered out from the grass, and he was also the first to react and counterattack.

Due to their positioning, the green shadows' primary target was Liu Neng, who had his back to them.

"Watch out!"

Ji Ruo exclaimed in a low voice and pushed Liu Neng away. Then, he used his basic movement technique. While dodging, his palms turned red, and he struck his fists continuously.

Ji Ruo was using the Iron Sand Palm.

Those green shadows were fast, but Ji Ruo was even faster.

In the blink of an eye, he struck out five palms, which precisely hit the heads of each green shadow. The advanced Iron Sand Palm shattered the heads of the five green shadows upon contact, killing them on the spot.

The Iron Sand Palm was very powerful.

The green shadows died almost at the same time. Ji Ruo caught them in one hand–the demonic beasts killed were counted in the martial arts examination results.

"Jade snake?"

Ji Ruo raised his eyebrows. With a glance, he recognized the identity of the demonic beasts immediately.

The original host studied very hard, and Ji Ruo was not bad after taking over. Ji Ruo was familiar with all the demon beast illustrations taught in high school.

Initially, Liu Neng was slightly annoyed that Ji Ruo had suddenly pushed him away. After all, he was caught off guard just now. When Ji Ruo pushed him away, he staggered and almost fell.

But after seeing Ji Ruo kill the jade snake, Liu Neng felt very grateful.

After all, he might have been bitten if Ji Ruo had not reacted quickly.

However, Ji Ruo hollered immediately, "What's there to thank me for? Run!"

The so-called jade snake was actually not a demonic beast, or rather, it was an unrated demonic beast.

It carried paralytic neurotoxins in its body. Its speed was not slow, and it was good at camouflage.

If there were only one or a few of them, those jade snakes would be nothing in front of Ji Ruo, a level 6 Martial Apprentice who learned advanced Iron Sand Palm.

However, jade snakes moved in groups, and five was not considered a group.

It could be seen how well they had mastered the basic knowledge from this incident.

After Ji Ruo recognized the green snake, he ran immediately. Liang Shixian was stunned for a moment, but he quickly followed him.

As for Liu Neng and Zhang Quan, they stood rooted to the ground, not understanding why these two Yonkers students, whom they had just met, were running.

Then, they saw a terrifying scene.

Just then, the entire grass field suddenly trembled violently. Hundreds of jade snakes raised their heads from the grass, staring at the crowd with their cold pupils. They flicked their tongues, and the terrifying 'hiss' sound made people's skin tingle.

"Do run toward the grass where the shade is lighter!" Ji Ruo shouted.

At this moment, the surrounding vegetation began to tremble violently. A large number of jade snakes slithered out from the dark side of the grass, and the same happened on the canopy of trees.

The snakes were using such a method to mislead humans.

While fleeing, Ji Ruo took time to observe his surroundings.

"How do I determine the direction by the grass color? They are the same color. How could there be any shades?" they mused.

Liu Neng and Zhang Quan were still a step too slow. The jade snakes piled like a tide behind them, and they were about to catch up.

"Keep up!"

Ji Ruo turned around and threw out a palm. He activated his Iron Sand Palm to the extreme, and the red light on his palms became even brighter. The jade snakes instinctively wanted to escape when they got close to him.

Under the activation of the advanced Iron Sand Palm, the temperature of Ji Ruo's palms was so high that even cold-blooded animals felt instinctively disgusted.

Ji Ruo did not plan on killing too many snakes. After all, he could not kill them all.

Seeing the number of jade snakes was increasing, Ji Ruo turned and ran without hesitation.

They were all college entrance exam candidates, and the average level of the college entrance exam students was level 6 Martial Apprentice. By fleeing with all their might, these unranked demonic jade snakes naturally could not catch up with them. The snakes could only watch the four of them run further and further away.


An hour later, the four finally ran out of the forest.

They did not have time to distinguish the direction in that dangerous situation just now and were currently lost.

However, no one cared about this problem now. While everyone was panting, they felt a sense of relief after surviving a disaster.

"J-Ji Ruo, thank you for just now," both Liu Neng and Zhang Quan said gratefully while gasping for air.

Although they were both college entrance exam students, they were not from the same school. Liu Neng and Zhang Quan did not expect Ji Ruo to save them in that situation.

"Whew! We're teammates now. Teammates should naturally take care of each other," Ji Ruo answered.

He had thought that he would be able to trigger an achievement, and he had even thought of the name of the achievement, 'saving a life is better than building a seven-storey pagoda.'

It was a pity that no achievement was triggered.

"Class president, where should we go next?" Ji Ruo asked.

Liang Shixian looked around and sighed. He responded, "I don't know either. The methods the school taught to determine directions are useless for the time being."

The jade snakes had once again gone into hibernation in the woods behind them. The shade of the vegetation once again changed to a different green.

However, they knew that the jade snakes were lurking on the darker side after what they had just experienced.

Zhang Quan raised his hand weakly and suggested, "Why don't we wait here? I was a little scared just now, so I activated the rescue device."

Ji Ruo was at a loss for words and thought, "He has already escaped, and he is saying he activated the rescue device?"

Liu Neng also added awkwardly, "Mine too."

Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian looked at the other two party's wristwatches, which showed 'Distress signal being sent. Please try to stay safe.'

Ji Ruo was rendered speechless.

The rescue device had indeed been activated, but the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain was just too big. Even if the invigilators and rescue personnel had all opened up their meridians and surpassed the limits of the normal human body, it was still impossible for them to reach every location where the rescue signal was sent in the first place.

If the situation was really critical, activating this device would actually be of no use under normal circumstances.

Based on Ji Ruo's understanding, the rescue team had always collected the corpses of the students.

Even though the martial arts examination grounds had already been cleared by powerful martial artists, there were still countless dangers present.

Hence, the death rate in the martial arts examination remained high.

This was something that could not be helped.

Martial artists had to go through bloodshed in order to be able to stand alone.

In the face of countless foreign races and demons, humans were unable to even take care of themselves. It was impossible to achieve a safe and injury-free college entrance examination in a short time.

"I'm sorry." Zhang Quan said apologetically, "We were too scared at that time and subconsciously activated it. But don't worry, it will only be us. You'll still be qualified to take the exam. The invigilator will only take us away, and it won't affect you. "

Liu Neng also added, "That's right. Do you guys want to wait with us? We've already lost our exam qualifications, and we're also lost. When the invigilator comes, we can help you ask for directions."

Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian glanced at each other.

"Okay. We'll wait with you."

However, no one noticed that the notification on Liu Neng and Zhang Quan's wristwatches was still saying 'Distress signal being sent,' without any change or indication of who was coming to the rescue.

This was their first time taking part in the martial arts examination, so they were not very familiar with the emergency device. The teachers at school only told them to find a safe place as soon as possible and wait patiently after activating the device.

Suddenly, Ji Ruo's eyes lit up.

"Look what I found!"

Everyone was all taken back momentarily and looked in the direction Ji Ruo was staring at.

Ji Ruo's eyes were shining as he walked in that direction.

Then, they saw Ji Ruo bend down to pick up a wooden stick with a jovial look.

"Ji Ruo, why did you pick this up?" Liang Shixian asked curiously.

"Class president, look at how straight this stick is!"

Ji Ruo posed proudly and continued, "It's like a sword. Look at me. Am I handsome?"

The rest of them were rendered speechless, and they wondered, "Doesn't he has a real sword on his back?"

"Ji Ruo, you..." Liang Shixian said helplessly, "Can't you tell the occasion? Can you don't behave immaturely?"

However, Ji Ruo hummed softly. "I don't want to. I don't want! I don't want to grow up. The world after I grow up has no fairy tales."

Once again, the rest of them were left speechless.

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