30 Chapter 30 Beastmaster

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After the black cat was whipped by the fish's tail, it was furious. Its pair of cat claws were wrapped in endless anger, and it waved them quickly-in an instant, it had stirred up the water by the stream.

"A little kitty!"

Ji Ruo's eyes brightened. He walked over with the two fish in his hand."I love little kittens the most! Let me play with them!"

"Ji Ruo, don't go, what if it's a demon..." Liang Shixian opened his mouth, but before he could finish, Ji Ruo had already started to greet him. "Hello, little cat. I'm Ji Ruo. Do you want to come over and play with me?"

Ji Ruo was not arrogant, but the black cat was bullied by the fish, so it did not look like a powerful creature.

Since the cat was not strong and still dared to catch fish by the stream, it was probably very hungry.

Ji Ruo made the decision in less than a second and then stepped forward.

His thoughts were very simple. He wanted to grab the cat and give it a good beating.

The black cat finally noticed Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian, so it did not want to mess things up anymore. It arched its body and looked at the two of them vigilantly, then it said in a baby voice, "Meow!"

The cat looked to be only one or two months old. It was a full-on kitten, and it was extremely cute when it pretended to be fierce.

Ji Ruo chuckled and took a few more steps forward.

The black cat turned around and ran.

Its movements weren't that swift, and iteven staggered a little.

It climbed up a tree with difficulty and looked down at Ji Ruo and the stream that it had muddled up. Its eyes were filled with reluctance.

It was afraid of Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian, but it also couldn't bear to leave. It really wanted to eat fish.

Liang Shixian came to Ji Ruo's side and said in a low voice, "Stop it, Ji Ruo. We are still in the exam... No, we are no longer in the designated area of the martial exam. Myriad Beast Mountain is too dangerous. If you want to play with a cat, I will give you one when we get back... My cat is about to give birth. "

"Class president, have you heard of the legend of the fisherman?"

"What legend?" Liang Shixian was stunned.

"Certainly, we have to stop when we meet a river!" Ji Ruo laughed.

"What does this have to do with us?" Liang Shixian asked, confused.

"Because cat lovers are similar."

"... But that black cat seems to be afraid of us. "

"Don't worry, I have a way to make it come down. " As Ji Ruo spoke, he put one fish into his pocket and put the other fish between his palms.

His palms suddenly turned scarlet red, and the high temperature even slightly distorted the air.


Liang Shixian was at a loss for words.

Liang Shixian felt numb as he sniffed the faint and strange fish fragrance that had a slightly fishy smell.

He thought, "Did Ji Ruo specially learn how to cook with his Iron Sand Palm?"

"Little cat, do you want to eat grilled fish?" Ji Ruo picked up the fish with a smile and waved it at the black cat.


The black cat on the tree swallowed its saliva. The strange yet familiar fragrance was constantly stirring the black cat's mind. Its eyes revealed a little desire, but also a little hesitation.

"Meow, meow, meow! Come on, let me touch you. I'll treat you to fish!"

Ji Ruo said with a smile. He looked like a bad uncle who tricked a little girl to see goldfish.

Of course, it was impossible for Ji Ruo to be a bad uncle. After all, he was younger and more handsome.

The black cat was hesitant. Even Liang Shixian could see how conflicted the cat was.

That dawdling look was even more adorable.

Then, perhaps it was because it was really hungry, or because of Ji Ruo's title of [Diplomatic Spokesperson], the black cat slowly came down from the tree.

It walked toward Ji Ruo, stopping after every step.

Perhaps the temptation of the Iron Sand Palm-grilled fish was too great, but before the black cat could come to a conclusion, it had already walked to Ji Ruo.

Ji Ruo squatted down and passed the fish to him.

"Meow, meow, meow. Eat, eat." Ji Ruo talked to the black cat in his self-created cat language and translated as he spoke.

The black cat looked at Ji Ruo, as if it didn't understand what the creature was saying.

Liang Shixian was left speechless and thought, "Childish! How childish!"

The black cat carefully licked the grilled fish that Ji Ruo handed to him. Then, its eyes lit up and it began to eat it.

The black cat's eyes were filled with satisfaction and happiness. It had never eaten such delicious fish before.

Even though Ji Ruo had only roughly cooked it with Iron Sand Palm without adding any seasoning, the taste might be unbearable for humans, but for the black cat, it was the difference between raw and cooked food.

In a sense, it was the first time in his life that he had eaten something so delicious, which completely changed the black cat's eating habits.

Ji Ruo put the fish on the ground in front of the cat and patted the cat's head.

The black cat's body stiffened, and then, perhaps because being touched on the head really felt good, it began to enjoy it while eating the grilled fish.

At the same time,

[Congratulations for triggering a functional achievement: A stray cat will come to my side just by casually playing with it!]

[Acquired title: Beastmaster.]

[Beastmaster: Comes with a special skill of establishing contracts; You have received universal language.]

[Contract: When both parties have no obvious resistance and their strength is similar, they can sign a contract with creatures of different races and reach a contractual relationship with a master and a servant.]

[Universal language: A common language, and ability to communicate without barriers.]

[Remark: The contract has been formed. The one who breaks his promise will be punished by the rock!]

[Remarks: Unobstructed communication is the foundation of all contractual relationships!]

[Remark: Be a kind and loving child.]


Ji Ruo was ecstatic.

This achievement was actually a title reward.

He happily scratched the black cat's chin, and the black cat closed its eyes in comfort.

"Is it good?"

"Meow! Meow! (It's delicious! How yummy!)"

As expected, he could understand the cat now.

[Universal language] was terrifying.

"Do you want to eat more delicious grilled fish?" Ji Ruo was even happier.

Seeing Ji Ruo start to chat with the black cat, Liang Shixian covered his face helplessly."You're really talking!"

"Meow! (I want to eat it!)"

"Then, sign a contract with me. After the contract is signed, I'll take you to eat something good," Ji Ruo said.

He had already tested [universal language], so he planned to try [contract] again.

Besides, it was not unacceptable to have a cat.

This black cat was born in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain. Whether it was a demon or a demon, it was naturally of a higher grade than all the cats that were sold in the human market.

How could an ordinary cat be compared to a cat from the secret realm?

"Meow, meow, meow! (Okay, okay!)"

At this moment, the black cat had not realized the problem.

If its 'sister' woke up, it would probably be so angry that it would go back to sleep once again. It asked the black cat to live, but it ended up as a human's pet in the end.

How was this taking revenge?

[Contract complete!]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining a new pet!]

[Click to check pet details.]

"This is it?" he thought.

Ji Ruo was dazed for a moment. Suddenly, he felt a sense of control over the black cat.

It was a master-servant contract.

The black cat also felt close to Ji Ruo. After the grilled fish, it rubbed against Ji Ruo's pants.

"Meow, meow, meow! (Master, I'm still hungry.)"

Subconsciously, it called out "master," but the black cat did not feel that it was inappropriate.

"I'll catch fish for you. Let's have a big meal today!" Ji Ruo laughed.

Liang Shixian was speechless and wondered, "Did he really understood the cat? Why is his conversation seemingly real?"

Ji Ruo picked up the black cat. The cat was only one or two months old, so Ji Ruo put it on his head. Then, he walked to the stream and squatted down. He activated the breath of thunder and lightning flash. With his hand speed, he fished the fish out of the stream one by one.

Whether he should say it or not, Ji Ruo was really down-to-earth. He used the Iron Sand Palm to cook and the flash of lightning to catch fish.

The black cat's eyes sparkled as it watched Ji Ruo throw the fish onto the grass.

As if recalling the scene of him catching fish, he cheered, "Meow. (Master is so powerful!)"

"Little cat, let me give you a name..." Ji Ruo smiled. How about Prosperity?"

The black cat's nose wrinkled. "Meow, meow, meow (What an unpleasant name. I don't want this. I have a name!)

"You have a name?"

The black cat raised its chin and said, "Meow! (Of course, my name is Luo Qian!)"

"This little kitten actually had its own name? Also, this name doesn't look like a demon or a demonic beast," he thought.

Ji Ruo was curious, so she clicked on little Luo Qian's [detailed introduction].

(It took a day after he clicked on it.)

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