2 Chapter 2 Hundred Kilometers Equivalent to a Bottle of Mineral Water

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[Host: Ji Ruo]

[Unlocked achievement type: Martial arts]

[Number of unlocked achievements: 1]

[Martial arts class skill: Iron Sand Palm, Advanced (225/1000)]

 Ji Ruo became emotional as he recalled his experience two months ago.

 Ji Ruo, who had just transmigrated, obtained the original host's memories at that time. Shortly afterward, he obtained his special advantage—an achievement system.

The original host was an orphan. Her parents died in a fight with a demonic beast. Ji Ruo pulled through with government assistance, so he studied exceptionally hard.

The system allowed Ji Ruo to unlock and upgrade the corresponding skills by achieving a variety of achievements.

However, the system did not seem to be very perceptive. There was neither a starter gift package nor specific instructions on how to unlock achievements. Ji Ruo had to figure everything out on his own.

In the beginning, Ji Ruo tried various methods based on his many years of experience in reading novels, but he could not unlock any achievements.

This made Ji Ruo think that the system was just for now and nothing useful.

A few days ago, Ji Ruo went downstairs to replenish his supplies when he ran out of food.

Initially, he did not plan to buy rice. After all, he lived alone, and cooking was a little troublesome. It was not as convenient and cheap as eating noodles.

Even if the government provided him with a sizable monthly allowance, the saying goes that the poor become scholars while the rich become martial artists. To practice martial arts, he needed to consume all kinds of high-grade ingredients. Otherwise, he could not continue simply by relying on his body to absorb spiritual energy.

Martial artists were existences that could absorb great power into their own bodies.

The human body was a huge treasure trove, and even today, humans had not been able to explore it fully.

That day, when Ji Ruo passed by the main food area and saw the tall pile of rice, he unexpectedly reached his hand into it.

This was a habit that he had had since he was young. When Ji Ruo was young, he thought he was practicing Iron Sand Palm. However, Ji Ruo no longer felt that way as he grew older, but this habit was still retained.

At that time, it was just a subconscious action. However, when his hand wholly submerged into the rice pile, Ji Ruo heard the system's friendly prompt.

[Congratulations to the dear host for unlocking the achievement: Iron Sand Palm rice internal reach.]

[Obtained martial art technique: Iron Sand Palm (Current level: Beginner, Proficiency: 0. Proficiency can be increased through achievement)]

 [Note: Iron Sand Palm and fried rice are a perfect match.]

This was the system prompt when he had just achieved an achievement. Now, Ji Ruo's Iron Sand Palm had reached a higher proficiency.

It was then that Ji Ruo finally understood that his system was children oriented.

To be honest, this was the first time he had seen such a friendly system. He mused, "Didn't the system refer to me as dear host just now?"

However, the system's functions were powerful.

Having been in this world for two months, Ji Ruo knew very well that Iron Sand Palm was just an ordinary martial art technique. However, it was at least a martial apprentice skill, one of the best martial arts techniques among high school students and some college students.

If one wanted to raise Iron Sand Palm to higher proficiency under normal circumstances, their palm would undergo a certain degree of deformation. It would be required to soak the palm in a large amount of special medicinal liquid while practicing. 

Otherwise, he would only cripple his hands and gain nothing if he were to train forcefully.

 Of course, this level of resource consumption was affordable for an ordinary family. However, Ji Ruo's circumstances were different. Although the allowance given by the government was not small, it was still tough to practice this kind of martial technique that required the assistance of special medicinal liquids.

It was already good enough that the original host could reach level six Martial Apprentice under such circumstances.

There were a total of nine levels in the Martial Apprentice stage. Level six was the average level of the college entrance examination candidates over the years. This was the result of the hard work of the original host with limited resources.

Therefore, Ji Ruo's system was very powerful.

It allowed him to practice Iron Sand Palm to the advanced level without consuming extra resources. Regardless of the other issues, the system saved him a lot of resources.

From the beginning to the advanced stage of Iron Sand Palm, Ji Ruo had only consumed one bag of rice, and not all of it. After all, Ji Ruo had fried the bag of rice with his palm.

What did this signify?

A bottle of mineral water was equivalent to the consumption of a car driving for a hundred kilometers. What was outrageous was that the driver mainly drank this bottle of mineral water.

"There are still three days."

 Ji Ruo put the bag of rice in the kitchen, poured one-third of it into a pot, and started to stir-fry it by inserting both hands.

On average, the proficiency of Iron Sand Palm would increase a little for every ten times he stir-fried the rice.

During this process, Ji Ruo's palms glowed with a faint red light, and the temperature of his palm gradually increased as he practiced.

He had calculated that this pot of rice could be stir-fried about a thousand times before it would be cooked. This would increase his proficiency by about 100 points.

As a martial artist, Ji Ruo's appetite was not small. This pot of rice was enough to submerge the young man's hands entirely. It was enough for Ji Ruo to eat for a day after it was cooked.

The nutrition he took in was enough for him to cultivate until midnight.

 Ji Ruo did not intend to go out for the next three days.

Time flew by, and three days had passed.

Ji Ruo gathered at his school.

There were 863 students in the entire Yonkers First High School taking the college entrance examination this time.

The college entrance examination was a joint examination for all schools. According to the data from previous years, there were about 1 million students taking the college entrance examination, and the mortality rate was close to three percent. In other words, there would be nearly 30,000 students who would never return from the examination hall.

"Students, this trip to Myriad Beast Mountain is the time to test the results of your many years of cultivation."

The principal stood on the high flag-raising platform and made a motivating pre-examination speech.

"I would like to advise all of you that the duty of a martial artist is to guard, and not to fight fearlessly. So, all of you can think about it first. If you feel you can't adapt to that kind of life, it's still not too late to quit now.

Once the students entered the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain, even if an emergency help device was given during the martial examination, it was unlikely that the rescue personnel would arrive at the first moment.

At that time, life and death would be up to fate.

As martial artists, they needed indomitable courage and unrivaled determination.

"Therefore, I hope that all of you will reconsider this one last time."

Ji Ruo raised his eyebrows.

It was the first time he had seen such a pre-test pep rally.

He thought, "To think that the principal would even advise students to give up on the exam…"

However, it was normal when Ji Ruo thought about it. After all, it was a secret realm. Hundreds of thousands of people would be taking the examination at the same time. Although the level of the demonic beasts inside was low, there was still quite a lot of them.

The risk factor would not be low.

After a while, when the principal saw that no one had the intention of backing out. More than eight hundred of the students' faces below the stage were full of determination.

Although it was the first time they had to face bloodshed, they seemed to be prepared.

"I understand."

The principal said with pride, "Here, I wish all of you a swift victory as you begin your path from this Myriad Beast Mountain and walk on the path to the pinnacle of martial arts. All of you are the future of humanity!"

As he spoke, the principal waved his hand. "Now, each class shall line up accordingly. Some forward in an orderly manner and collect your weapons!"

Behind him, the dean fiddled with a device, which was activated after the first class had received their weapons.

An indescribably colorful vortex gate appeared on the flag-raising platform.

"Then, I wish all of you a triumphant return. Now… the examination begins!"

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