10 Chapter 10 Yet to Return

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In Bactria, the combat examination had only started for half a day, but it was already forcefully terminated.

This was an annual event for humans and involved many people. Who did not have children? Every year's martial arts examination would involve almost all the industries in Bactria.

However, this year's combat examination was a little different.

A large-scale geological movement had suddenly occurred in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain, and the safety zones that had been previously divided by humans were all messed up.

Although they had been discovered in time, how could a group of high school examinees enter the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain, which was in a chaotic state?

Half a day had already passed when the education division discovered the problem. In the following half a day, the news of the martial arts examination's end and the problem with the examination venue swept through all walks of life like a storm.

The scope was too wide, and this news could not be hidden at all.

After all, there were also employees' children in the various divisions of Bactria who were participating in this year's martial arts examination.

The college entrance examination candidates were just a group of reserve Martial Apprentice martial artists. After passing the martial examination and entering the secret realm with the secret realm teleportation device, they could only wait seven days for the teleportation device to open again before being pulled back by the 'mark of the present world.'

In less than seven days, their bodies would not be able to withstand multiple teleportations in a short period of time.

The upper echelons of Bactria activated the secret realm teleportation device of the highest grade and sent a large number of cultivators to the myriad beast mountain secret realm to rescue the examinees.

Almost all of the cultivators in Bactria who had reached a certain level of strength had been mobilized. They had entered the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain at the first opportunity to provide assistance.

Millions of cultivators had spent the entire night searching the area controlled by the original humans in the secret realm of myriad beast mountain, and they had successfully rescued 768361 examinees.

This number was not even half of the total number of examinees in this combat examination. After all, the scope of the combat examination was the entire Bactria.

This was even if the problem had been discovered in time. Otherwise, the number of examinees who had been saved would be even fewer.

Because of the large-scale geological changes, the geographical location of Myriad Beast Mountain's secret realm was constantly changing. The basic network of the secret realm set up by humans had completely collapsed, and it was no longer possible to locate the position of every single candidate through the wristwatches of the candidates.

After more than 760 thousand examinees were rescued, the remaining examinees were scattered all over the place. There was even a portion of them who had met with mishaps.

The large-scale geological changes had also forced some powerful demon beasts and devils out of their original territories, which had a great impact on the rescue operation.

A large number of the martial artists who were originally on patrol had also gone missing.

The director of the education division walked through the forest. With the powerful perception of a martial artist, he constantly monitored the situation within a three-mile radius. Once he found any candidates nearby, he would immediately go to rescue them and send them back to the main world.

He had been running non-stop for half a day and a night.

During this period, he encountered powerful demonic beasts and successfully saved many examinees.

Running, perception, battle, rescue...

For half a day and a night, his mind had been in a highly tense state. Even with his current realm, he was already very tired.

But he could not stop, nor did he dare to stop.

Because if he stopped, those examinees who had yet to be found would most likely die in the mouths of demon beasts or demonic creatures.

His time was interconnected with their lives.

For such a huge mistake to occur in the martial exam, he, as the education secretary, could not absolve himself from the blame. No matter what punishment it was, he could accept it. But now, when he thought of the large number of young examinees who might be in danger, he could not stop.

At the very least, he had to save more.

In half a day and one night, the director of the education division had saved nearly 7000 candidates with his powerful strength.

But it was still not enough.

There were still close to 60% of the examinees who had not been found!

He still couldn't stop.

"Children, I'm sorry. You have to hold on..."

The director of the education division felt so guilty that he almost drowned in his guilt.

On the first day of the combat examination, at the end of the night, he had saved nearly seven thousand examinees.

However, on the second day, it was already close to noon, and he had only managed to save nearly three hundred people. It wasn't that he wasn't strong, but that the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain was just too big, and the remaining examinees were too scattered.

In addition to that, the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain was still undergoing extremely secretive and large-scale geological changes, causing its geographical location to constantly change, making the difficulty of the rescue even greater.


In Yonker's first high school, in the classroom of grade 12 class 4, the class teacher, Li Bingdao, stood on the podium with deep fatigue in his eyes.

His body carried a strong smell of blood that was difficult to disperse. He had also participated in this rescue.

However, because of his growing age and the serious injuries he had suffered in his early years, his vitality was not strong enough. Li Bingdao was forced to return to the main world after only holding on for half a night.

Even though Li Bingdao wanted to continue saving them, he knew that if he continued, he might become someone who needed to be saved. That would only cause more trouble for the rescue mission, so he wisely retreated.

Fortunately, the students in his class seemed to have good luck. By dawn, almost all the students in his class had been rescued. Although there were still traces of fear on their faces, it was a good thing that they were not dead.

"Students, I know that you are very afraid and want to go home, but you can't." Li Bingdao's voice was a little hoarse as he said, "We still have two students who haven't returned yet. Please wait in school for a while."

Li Bingdao was trying his best to calm the students down and had them wait in the school for a while. When the rescue operation was over, he would calculate the casualties.

It was the same for the other classes. The students who had been rescued sat quietly in their classrooms, recalling the terrifying scene they had encountered in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain, waiting.

Some of the teachers who were not suitable for the rescue mission or had already exhausted a large amount of their vitality and were unable to carry out the rescue mission were doing their best to calm the students' emotions.

There were a total of 46 students in grade 12 class 4, and 44 of them had returned.

Li Bingdao looked at the only two empty seats in the classroom as he comforted the students.

There were still two students who had not returned.

The class monitor, Liang Shixian, and Ji Ruo.


"There's a voice broadcast? Not bad, this one is enough for an undergraduate," Ji Ruo muttered happily.

Normally, the martial exam grounds would be cleaned before the exam began. In theory, the examinees would only encounter demonic beasts or demons that were lower than or equal to the strength of a level six Martial Apprentice.

However, it was not absolute.

There would still be some special situations, such as some demonic beasts and demons breaking through to a higher level temporarily, or high-level demonic beasts and demons from other areas entering randomly.

In the martial arts examination, similar situations were called 'out-of-scope questions.'

In previous years, out of the 3% mortality rate, close to 30% of them had encountered 'questions that were beyond their scope.'

It was definitely dangerous, but if he could kill them successfully, the rewards would naturally be very high.

The way to calculate the score for the combat examination was a little complicated.

However, according to Ji Ruo's understanding, a 'question beyond the syllabus' was equivalent to getting 150 points in a certain college entrance exam in his previous life.

That was to get a full score in an exam.

An ordinary Goblin Lord was equivalent to a level 8 Martial Apprentice under normal circumstances.

This one could even speak the human language, so its strength must be higher, perhaps even reaching the level of a ninth-grade Martial Apprentice.

Of course, Ji Ruo was thrilled.

Ji Ruo was only estimating the strength of this Goblin Lord. He wasn't sure how strong the Goblin Lord was.

After all, when he met this goblin, he was already on the verge of death. Even if Ji Ruo did not hit him with the Iron Sand Palm, this goblin wouldn't have lived for long.

Therefore, Ji Ruo did not know what level this goblin was at.

He only knew one thing, and that was that this goblin had triggered the voice broadcast on his wristwatch. It must be an 'out-of-class test question'!

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