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There for You


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Wake up without memories is definitely not easy. But accompanied by a handsome young man to travel around the continent and unfold the Dark Prophecy is thrilling and adventurous.... Rose is the name given to her Kyle is Rose's life saver and Master "I don't want to owe you a favor. Let me pay with my body or my life..." Rose said Together, they start the journey of life and death while searching for the lost memory... They don't know that shadow and dark secret following everywhere... ***** It's a mixed story with genre fantasy, romance, action, martial arts It's still on progress and any constructive suggestion/comment is welcome Pardon for any grammatical error ~ English is not my main language It's an original story and I own every Copyright, please respect it... Any name, character, and setting in the story is fiction #romance #fantasy #action #martialart #femaleprotagonist #harem #magic # beast

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