There's Something Wrong With You, My Lord!

Battered, injured, jaded and marvellously wreaked. Luis Lee was one of the powerful ability users during the chaotic time of the apocalypse but that was until he found himself reincarnated in a magical world full of hunks and gorgeously powerful moon elves.  At that moment he thought, "Let's live a slow slutty life, (b)itches!" These long-eared hotties needed him for something and the new moon elf lord was determined to do nothing. However, an obnoxious system was added into the mix saying that he is reincarnated in a world of a book. System administrator: This world will usher an Apocalypse after a decade. So enjoy your stay (b)itch. Few days old moon elf lord: Will I ever get a proper rest? A story of a perverted soul who just wanted to get laid starts now. Author's Note: Bearers are another gender of the moon elves. They have PP but has the ability to 'bear children'. This concept is practically like an omegaverse- minus the heat. This is my first ever novel. :) The book cover is a commissioned art made by Kanl Art. Paid by the Author using all the love that the beloved readers gave to this book! Hihihi! Do not use without Author's permission. Contact me @ https://discord.gg/M6N3nDkA

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Moon Elf Lord From Apocalypse

In the Sacred Spring located at the foot of the Tree of Life, a lone figure of a beautiful teenager is floating.

His slim body made ripples on the calm surface of the magical spring.

His face that looks as if it was carved personally by the gods is facing towards the blue sky and that beautiful pair of phoenix eyes is in unfocused gaze.

One wouldn't know what his thoughts are even if one were to stare at him for a long time.

But at this moment there was a translucent blueish-white box that is invisible to others hovering in front of his face.

It was Luis Lee's second day in this world. He heaved a relaxed sigh.

So peaceful.

Deep inside him, he was slowly liking this place more and more.

A lush greenery that is full of life and picturesque scenery no matter if it was day or night. This place could undoubtedly soothe his battle-torn soul.

This is absolutely a heavenly place.

Luis let himself to steal a fleeting glance at the temple servants standing not too far from him.

An idyllic spot plus these eye candies are at his beck and call...

Luis giggled inwardly.

Is this his karma for suffering in the apocalypse? Isn't his second life a great cheat?!

Right, the newly born moon elf lord is reincarnated.

Luis Lee was originally the well-known 'reluctant-to-take-office' base leader in a medium size survivor base in a country on earth. He was a level five wood and space ability user of apocalypse. One of the strongest ability users around that time.

And now, just like any other reincarnated MCs in the novel that he once read, he was entitled to a enviable add-on called System.

His relaxed lips protrude with a slight pout.

Since his rebirth, Luis can see this status window.

How come he can't when it was right in front of his face, like all the time?

And he doesn't like its existence.

Luis read the details in it.

There was a label name which is currently blank, the age says two days old, then race that unsurprisingly says Moon Elf Lord, stats, on the other hand, are divided into three: Health points or HP of 1000000 that proves that he is almost immortal, a Magic Point or MP which is pathetically quantified as 100 then that mysterious NP which has a topple downed 8 beside it (it was infinite and he is clueless what it is) and lastly exp: experience points that are now at 0/100.

Just below this information are the abilities that he directly brought from the apocalypse.

Both wood and space powers are with him.

Then, there was a red notification sign in the quest tab and a message icon that he never dared to open since his rebirth.

Luis leisurely opened his storage space then pulled out a piece of orange gummy candy and ate it. He isn't particularly interested in the system.

If you can live the life of a domesticated cat then why choose to be someone's horse? Hard work doesn't always pays off. It would be the best if he can just laze around if he ever has the chance.

He knows that once he dabbles in the affairs of the system he will be dragged into the whirlwind of adventure and a restless path of strength.

Who cares about getting stronger and meeting big boob bimbos every twist and turn of his damn life?! Not to a gay man! Who wanted to tire themselves with face-slapping?

Thank you but no thanks. He's a gay that was rugged, jaded, and torn by his past life so thank you very much. Let's make this life as slow and as leisurely as possible, alright!

And besides, he is a bottom! He wanted a cylinder rod. He would be the one riding so no way he wanted a garage!

A huge physique and a rough face. That is what he is in the past. Even if he is an openly gay man who is vocal about him being the bottom no one wanted to top him. Which was one of his insecurities.

This life or previous life, not getting a taste of 'that' will always be his lifetime regret. Fingers crossed. He badly wanted to take that virgin hat off.

Strength and domination are not on his agenda.

So him being able to become the 'lord' of such a hot, gorgeous, and visually stimulating race plus the fact that they are one of the apex beings in this world was the best thing that happened to him ever since he was born even in his last life!

His stream of happy thoughts came to a halt. Luis considers his last life a fair life. While it is full of hardships and challenges, it is not like it's without merit. A lot of good things happened to him too.

Back on earth, he was governing a medium-sized base.

Don't underestimate their size. They are heralded as the most stable base throughout country S. With his wood ability that can control the mutation of the plants which could provide a steady source of food and another layer of defence throughout the base.

His subordinates are mostly high-level ability users.

The security of the base was natural.

Living a life here while they are still struggling to live in that apocalyptic world made him melancholic.

How will they live over there? Now that he is gone, will the mutated plants that he manages still be edible? He was hoping that they will stay the same.

Wait, he is dead then does that mean that something happened in the base?

But how did he die in the first place?

Luis has no recollection of his death. So he reluctantly left it at that.

Luis then stared at his reflection on the water's surface once again (which he had done for the nth time ever since he woke up).

He is such a beauty! His hair was black and shiny, it looks like very expensive velvet from a famous luxury brand on Earth- before the apocalypse of course. These piercing dark green eyes perfectly sit in his phoenix-shaped eyes. That smooth slightly raised nose. Plus that pink alluring small lips, slim body and thin yet obvious curve on the waist! Mi mama! He's absolutely fu- doable!

But what the most super ultimate blessing of this life was: he was a bearer!

Like that male omega of those omegaverse novels that he once read...

What does this mean? It means that 'that' hole will finally have a secondary use! A-N all, A-N all, here I come!

Cheers to all those enviable shou in Manhwas! Where are those sexy muscled gongs at?

He was oh-so ready for action! Come on!

Luis subconsciously let out a shrill voice. He did not notice that Nicol, the DILF head priest of the moon goddess' temple approach him.

"Is your newly born body uncomfortable, my Lord?" he asked in a very concerned tone.

Such words made Luis' fantasy instantly shattered. Yes, he was just newly born. Physically he should be at least thirteen years old. Juvenile and still green. He shouldn't indulge in any adult activities yet!

Luis's mood plummeted.

"My Lord?" Nicol once again asked in a concerned neighbourhood uncle tone. He wanted to answer something biting but looking at this man's gorgeous brown keratin crown, sexy tanned skin and a face that looks like a Brazilian stallion from an editorial shot of a fashion magazine if it weren't for the long pointy ears he would have thought that he was facing a model extraordinaire from earth.

Well, forget it.

Thinking that such a tasty treat was just an arm's reach yet untouchable, it's dizzying(...)

The moon elf lord will just focus on growing up until he fully matures. It won't be late to have a feast for himself at that time.

"I'm fine. I am born to be tough. I can even stand being tossed around for eight straight hours" Luis gave a 'very' innocent smile.

"Who would dare to disrespect you, my Lord! I swear in the moon goddess' name that we the whole moon elf race will hunt that bastard's head for you my Lord!" The real innocent head priest reacted strongly. Obviously missing the point. 

Wait, what?

A temple warrior which they referred to as sentinels violently slapped his chest which is covered with tough animal skin armour. "We, sentinels have pledged to be your blade and shield! Please use our lives as you will it, my Lord!"

"Please use our lives as you will it, my Lord!"

"Please use our lives as you will it, my Lord!"

"Please use our lives as you will it, my Lord!"

The lord was stupefied at this point.

In an instant, the group of moon elves released their energy. Thin wisps of water, fire, earth and wind power leaked all over their body. The energy in the air became erratic as if something will explode any time soon.

Luis of course, has felt it.

Luis can't help but hold his breath. How can they be so good-looking when they are out to kill a non-existent someone?!

"Nah, I was just kidding." the slimy tongue elven lord worked hard to dispel the murderousness in the air. "I appreciate your commitment, guys. Thank you so so much."

As if blown by the wind, the atmosphere has become light once again.

"Just let me soak a little longer. I want to clear my mind."

"As you will it, my Lord. We will wait for you here." Nicol and the temple servants respectfully retreated.

"All right, keep it up," Luis ambiguously whispered while casting a last side glance. "Woah, that's thick."

Nicol, who thankfully didn't hear his passionate lord resumed his post with his innocence intact.

Luis the shameless newborn lord leisurely swam around the Sacred Spring.

Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke, breaststroke and even doggy (that swimming technique your dog uses, absolutely not the position) Luis proudly use all that he learned from summer swimming camp. From Nicol to the temple servants and sentinels, all of them ignorantly expressed their awe.

Luis as a devoted attention seeker, he made sure to move through the water with the most attractive and sexiest way he knows. He swam more gracefully while purposely ignoring the status window in front of him.

Not knowing when it happened. Luis saw after his useless display of swimming skills that the status window becomes blank with nothing but a blinking ellipsis in the centre and the conspicuous words 'system is currently updating'.

A dreading feeling brewed in his guts. This could be a bad omen.

"F*CK," was the only word Luis can say as he feels goosebumps forming on his nape.

Details to Ponder:

It's easy to calm down when they are thick, right my Lord?

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