There's Something Wrong With You, My Lord!

Battered, injured, jaded and marvellously wreaked. Luis Lee was one of the powerful ability users during the chaotic time of the apocalypse but that was until he found himself reincarnated in a magical world full of hunks and gorgeously powerful moon elves.  At that moment he thought, "Let's live a slow slutty life, (b)itches!" These long-eared hotties needed him for something and the new moon elf lord was determined to do nothing. However, an obnoxious system was added into the mix saying that he is reincarnated in a world of a book. System administrator: This world will usher an Apocalypse after a decade. So enjoy your stay (b)itch. Few days old moon elf lord: Will I ever get a proper rest? A story of a perverted soul who just wanted to get laid starts now. Author's Note: Bearers are another gender of the moon elves. They have PP but has the ability to 'bear children'. This concept is practically like an omegaverse- minus the heat. This is my first ever novel. :) The book cover is a commissioned art made by Kanl Art. Paid by the Author using all the love that the beloved readers gave to this book! Hihihi! Do not use without Author's permission. Contact me @ https://discord.gg/M6N3nDkA

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Moon Elf Lord's Stone

After a whole day of resting. Luis first visited the 'herbal farm' that the Hyon clan built.

It was a wide plain located near the Shane Woodland so it is convenient to go there along the way. The herbal farm is not that different from modern farms that he had seen before.

The plants are neatly arranged in rows. And are all thriving. It is apparent that it is well taken care of. Luis is satisfied with this and he appreciated the warm atmosphere of this clan so he used his revitalize skill on the herbs.

"My lord, thank you so much for this!" Hylolas was ecstatic upon seeing the healthy green leaves of the plants.

So much vitality!

The energy concentration in these plants have gone up!

Some elders who are staying behind burst into tears upon seeing this miraculous phenomena.

Planting has become their livelihood for years. And even though they are living in a relatively fertile area, there are still times when they will have little to no harvest at all due to various reasons.

Now looking at the plump leaves of these plants, 'the moon elf lord is blessing us for a better life!' was the words ringing on their head.

"This is nothing." Luis said as he tried not to look at the drama unfolding. This clan is not that bad. If there is a good effect that the incident yesterday had caused, then it would be that he witnessed how genuine these people are.

"Anyway, I just want to ask. If I ever relocate you to a place that is better than your current accomodations, will you go?"Luis asked, obviously testing the waters.

He already thought of building a city. Ever since he first drafted his plan.

This is a good way for him to centralize his authority over the entire race.

Besides, if he want to revolutionize the technology, economy, security, infrastructure and other aspects of the entire population, to develop a solid society of the moon elves, he needs to collectively arrange their living place into one.

In this way, it will be much easier for him to manage. Exchanges and communication between different clans will also be promoted.

Luis intently looked at the clan leader.

Once this project is set, well-off clans like Hyon are possible to suffer losses.

And that is normal. You gain something, you lose something.

Now the question is the attitude of this clan towards such change.

Hylolas is silent for a few moments and answered, "I need to talk about this to the whole clan before deciding. Please pardon me if I cannot give you an answer."

Luis is satisfied with this answer and he no longer pushed through the topic.

Hylolas is indeed a leader material. If he was on earth before the zombie out break, then Hylolas will be a model public servant.

Luis will undoubtedly put such guy on his list if he ever needed someone to help him with governing in the future.

"I just asked that, besides that will not happen anytime soon."

Luis once again thanked the hospitality that is given to him by the clan.

With that, their group went on with their journey to find the rogue moon elves.


Finding the rogues was proved to be not easy. They are too cunning! It's like they really not want to be found by the way they meticulously hid their tracks throughout the woodland.

After reaching the hunting ground of the Hyon Clan within the Shane Greenwoods where the confrontation happened, the sentinels are split up to find traces of the group of rogues.

The Oriole Squad flew to the sky to look for them.

While the others started with the tracks that is left in the vegetation. They are currently in the edge of the outer circle so occasionally, fierce mystic beasts of two stars can be met along the way.

Luis watched as Legland slashed a group of small humanoid beast that has a weird proboscis-like structure on the face. Luis have seen this tricky creature shift it's body into a different size, from hand tall to two feet long, but it's strength is only a one star.

"That is?" Luis curious

"This is called a root crawler, my lord. Like it's name it lives underground. This creature lives by eating meat and sucking the vitality of the tree from it's root. A lot of trees has been killed by this pest so whenever we meet a group in the wild, we see to it that we kill them all."

Luis thoughtfully looked at the hideous beast.

They must have a very strong reproductive ability considering the size of the group that was slain single handedly by Legland.

"Do they have any other uses?" It would be great if they can somehow benefit from this pest.

"The meat is not tasty and it is not that much. They are too bony so even if one is starved no one will even dare to cook it."

Luis gave a moment of silence. He never thought he will see such level of uselessness. It's unbelievable.

"The Hyon Clan also suffered a lot because of these pest, my lord. Don't under estimate their strength. They are vicious and that long thing in there like a mouth is enough to puncture an adult moon elf to death. Even a three star moon elf cannot is not their opportunity once they came in droves." Olyn said in a complaining tone.

"But it is strange, why do they look so active now?" Olyn muttered in a low voice.

Luis notice that Olyn seems to become more relaxed when interacting with him. It is a good start, not bad.

Maybe they be besties in the future, no one knows.

"Speaking of, Olyn." Luis was reminded of something so he said, full of gossip. "In the Hyon clan..."

"W-what is it, my lord?" Olyn is caught off guard.

A lot of things happen in his hometown. Olyn didn't want to be reminded of the details. In fact, he wanted to jump into an earth hole and just disappear when he think of how he acted.

Shamelessly crying, he even thoughtlessly antagonize someone his senior.

Even now, he can feel the boring stares of the elders and the clan leader.

"How was Jiro?" Luis asked with a look of a child with wide and innocent eyes after dropping his parent's phone.

"J-jiro?"Olyn is stuttering for reasons unknown to himself yet Luis knows this all too well.

"He is recovering well, Lord."

"You meet up with him before we left right?" The moon elf lord asked casually.

"Yes, my lord."Olyn answered truthfully without realizing he is actually being led to a trap.

"Good. I knew you were close so I will feel bad if you set aside your personal affairs."

Living as a wall flower has its perks.

Yes, he never got a chance to date.

Yes, he was a virgin (!!!).

But so what? (Really)

Living by the side of the gutter made him see things clearly.

And he had seen lots of kinds of romance in it's budding stage. Luis thinks that this case is just another breed and will bloom sooner or later.

By the way, he isn't bitter.

"P-personal affairs?! We are just friends my lord." So Olyn become a rumbling mess.

The moon elf lord just left it at that.

"By the way, my lord. Jiro wanted to thank you for saving him. He is also grateful to you for improving his strength. He said that he can feel that the nature's energy that he absorbed is more behaved and he is now feeling the cycle in his plate." Olyn remembered what Jiro told him earlier so he said this to the moon elf lord.

Legland who was not far away heard this and it piqued his interest.

"My lord, may I ask what did you do with Jiro's plate?" the muscle-head excitedly asked.

'Why does he feel like he did something bad?' Luis thought, pondering Legland's words. If it were said in a different tone, it will be a whole new meaning.

"That is nothing, really. I just helped him contain and collect the leaking nature's energy in his body to make sure that my revitalize skill's effect will be maximized. What he is feeling is probably the temporary flow that I made in his plate. If he follow the flow then memorize it, then he will probably become stronger." Luis answered after contemplating.

"Is it applicable to me, my lord?" Legland carefully asked.

The moon elf lord is speechless. Seems like Olyn is not the only one who is relaxed in his presence.

Luis remembered the strong and violent energy on Legland's plate.

"Well, I am not that sure. I need to do it first to answer your question."

"Will it cause you to become unconscious, my lord?" Legland remembered how Luis slept for a whole day.

"Maybe?" Luis answered uncertain. That was caused of mental overdraft. He still need to train more.

"Then I don't want to, my lord"

Luis is touched by the concern of this dilf. Why be unavailable, ahhh.

"My lord, is your power that controls life?" Nicol asked on the side.

'Why, am I a god?' Luis find that ridiculous so he answered with a smile.

"I don't control life. My power is wood. I can control the plants to be specific."

The other moon elves look astonished upon hearing that.

Isn't this a new power?!

A birth of new power is no longer a foreign concept to them. Historically speaking, whenever a new moon elf lord was born with a new power, some moon elf child who are born after that will receive the same power.

Hence, the existence of small group of ice, metal and thunder power warrior.

Hence, the clans does not exist in the earliest times.

"So you can make plants grow shorter, taller, move them around as you wills it, make them brimming with vitality and even kill them?!" Olyn asked with eyes full of worship.

"Well that is pretty much all of it. However, I can't do all of it for now. I still need to become stronger." All the blame is on that damned system!

Speaking of, the system actually has a good side. Later the day he woke up, a notice of congratulations appeared in the system interface. It seems like the grind that he did resulted to a new learned skill, low-heal.

I passed out for a day, and it is just a low-heal...

Anyway, he doesn't need to spend a great deal mental strength to heal someone so pathetically. The system finally serve it's purpose as a cheat so he will leave it at that.

The group hustle around the outer circle of the Shane Greenwoods and only in the afternoon that they found a lead.

The tunnels that is discovered by the sentinel as the path made by the rogues are too complex and it spans to a huge part of Shane Greenwoods that is near the Hyon Clan.

The exits are all scattered making it impossible to know where the exact place is.

"This tunnel is pretty sturdy." Luis knocked at the solid wall as he inspected tunnel.

"This must be done by an earth moon elf. Probably a two star warrior based on the energy residue left." Olyn stated his observation. He is an earth power user so he is sensitive to earth energy.

Luis fell into thinking. Right now, they are on the edge. If they are in this part of woodland, then their only choice is either the unsafe middle circle or the part of Amber Forest that is considered as the front yard of the temple. The latter is unlikely to be undetected. While the other is too dangerous too live in.

"Olyn, kindly tell the sentinels that we will move towards north east. To the hunting grounds of the Adriha Clan." Luis immediately ordered.

"Will we go to the Adriha Clan before night falls?"

"No, we will continue searching. We will camp out if we need to." Luis said with certainty.

Olyn left after receiving the order. Nicol who is standing there, looks lost.

"My lord..." The head priest called. Nicol originally thought that finding the rogues is just the kindness of the lord.

This arrangements clearly shows the priorities of the lord and this made him realize that the lord must be up to something.

"Yes, Nicol?" Luis answered with his usual expression.

"Nothing my lord." It seems like the lord's stone will cast a big ripple among the entire moon elf race.

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