There's Something Wrong With You, My Lord!

Battered, injured, jaded and marvellously wreaked. Luis Lee was one of the powerful ability users during the chaotic time of the apocalypse but that was until he found himself reincarnated in a magical world full of hunks and gorgeously powerful moon elves.  At that moment he thought, "Let's live a slow slutty life, (b)itches!" These long-eared hotties needed him for something and the new moon elf lord was determined to do nothing. However, an obnoxious system was added into the mix saying that he is reincarnated in a world of a book. System administrator: This world will usher an Apocalypse after a decade. So enjoy your stay (b)itch. Few days old moon elf lord: Will I ever get a proper rest? A story of a perverted soul who just wanted to get laid starts now. Author's Note: Bearers are another gender of the moon elves. They have PP but has the ability to 'bear children'. This concept is practically like an omegaverse- minus the heat. This is my first ever novel. :) The book cover is a commissioned art made by Kanl Art. Paid by the Author using all the love that the beloved readers gave to this book! Hihihi! Do not use without Author's permission. Contact me @ https://discord.gg/M6N3nDkA

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How you like that? (Slightly M)

Prior to entering the middle circle, Luis didn't expect to see anything in this forest. The trees are taller and wider compared to other lands that he had been to in this world.

Probably it was many years old.

A lot of sprawling vines, some cricket singing, and occasional jaywalking critters.

This is normal for any forest land. Luis knows that.

The moon is high up in the sky.

Though the moonlight is fragmented due to the lush leafy canopy of the forest. It should be expected that most living organisms in this forest should be sleeping.

And boy he was wrong.

Thirty minutes of wandering around and he had seen about fifteen fresh carcasses of two-star beasts and at least 13 deaths of three-star beasts!

"Now I know why they said that the middle circle is only for three to four-star warriors! This is too fierce!" Luis exclaimed in surprise after watching a group of gigantic crocodiles wrestling in a wide muddy pond that he found.

Luis already witnessed a ridiculous scene of a crackle of shadow plumage cockatoo assaulting a pack of tempest wolves so this is nothing compared to birds feasting on dogs' corpses.

Who would have thought that he will witness the cute chatterbox bird in his past life will kill a man's best friend?

They are supposed to eat seeds, fruits and nuts, not meat, eyes and guts!

Stressing about the law of the jungle is pointless and stupid.

So the moon elf lord carelessly went on with his little trip. He is using the conceal technique that he got from the inheritance.

It's not like he is afraid of being attacked, he is out for a walk not to train.

"Speaking of, this place is perfect for training the moon elves!" Once he trains them for various military strategies, this wild place is an ideal venue.

Luis made a mental note. That defines the future hellish training for the future military force of the moon elf race.

The moon elf lord is flying towards the north when he suddenly saw a white dot falling.

Luis enhanced his vision and see that it is a little white chick.

He tried to accelerate his speed to timely catch it in.

However, it seems like Luis is not the only one trying to catch the chick.

Suddenly a twenty feet long snake shot forward from the adjacent tree to swallow the poor chick.

Luis suddenly felt cold. It seems like this poor little one will fall to the bottom of the food chain without reaching adulthood.

Luis lamented how ruthless nature is.

The moon elf lord who was about to change his direction when he notice a green puff covering the head of the vicious snake.

"What the hell is that?!" Luis blurted out in confusion. He thought it was an overkill attack from the snake.

The moon elf lord covered his fist with energy. Ready to punch the bully when all of a sudden, the snake stopped mid-air and then fall to his death from hundreds of feet.

Luis stayed afloat upon seeing this. Is that green gas a poison?

Luis once again looks for the white chick only to find it energetically jumping below, unscathed.

It was like he had seen a miracle. This fragile-looking animal actually survived a dive like that?

He descend and stood in front of the twittering bird. To inspect this weird creature.

"Chirp?" The white blubbery chick bravely raised its head and look at the stranger. It eyes as though looking at a very uninteresting thing.

The three long and standing green feathers on the crown of its head shook slightly.

Luis resisted the urge to pinch these cute hairs and said, "Hey, What the hell are you?"

"Chirp." It said without withdrawing its stare.

"Do you understand me? It was said that mystic beasts with strong lineages are intelligent beings, are you one of them?" Luis curiously asked.

This time the little white chick didn't make a sound. It just burped a small cloud of green gas.

Luis is not sure but there is a change in the eyes of this little critter.

It somehow looks prideful.

'This little birdy is kind of cute.'

"Is your nest on the top of this tree?" Luis asked, interested.

However, the little snub just looks at him with spiteful eyes. This somehow made Luis want to annoy it even more.

"Hey, can you fly up?"

"Want me to fly you there?

"Do you think I'm handsome? Sexy? Amazingly fu-"

"Chirp." It said then turn his back on this crazy creature.

Holding back his laughter, the moon elf lord who found something like a toy, stood in the direction where the snub bird is facing.

Luis grinned like the Cheshire cat.

"I can take you there," and pointed at the tree top. "You just need to ask me to."

The little birdy stood firmly, it doesn't understand the crazy creature but it can feel that it is being taken as a fool. And it doesn't feel pleasant.

"I look at you then you look at me. How you like that?"

The little bird spews a green gas at this annoying featherless creature. But to its surprise, the creature fanned its most lethal attack like nothing.

"Chirp!" This ugly skin creature is stronger than him! The frightened tiny critter ran away with its clumsy feet.

Then it bumped into a pair of pillars.

"You don't need to be afraid. I just want to help you."

Luis was about to pick up the little birdy when a scorching presence flashed towards him. Targeting him.

"Chirp!" It jumped away as if frightened by something.

"Shoot!" Luis felt his shirt get burnt by the extreme heat. "What a waste! We spent a lot of time making this shirt and now you just have to ruin it!"

He knows by the traces of nature's energy that it's an ability of a moon elf. Thinking that he can communicate with the attacker, Luis ranted while patting out the leftover embers on his burnt shirt.

"Why did you do that?! I am just trying to pick this little guy up. Do you really have to attack-" Luis' words stopped midway upon seeing the offender.

Silver hair, tanned skin, purple eyes, a perfectly chiselled face and a very sexy pair of pointy ears. That is the first thing that he noticed from the stranger.

Masculine and handsome! He likes that!

This is absolutely his type!

How can there be a male god in this forest?

"Oh hi. You just approach me. Do you need me to do anything?" Luis asked in a flirty tone, completely forgetting that he was attacked and ranting not long ago.

"Chirp?" The little white birdy tilted its head 'Is this skin stupid? The other skin creature obviously attacked the other, why does it give off a mating call?'

"You're hot- I mean you're naked. Did you lose your clothes or something..." Luis's eyes almost pop out of their socket upon seeing the entirety of the male moon elf.

The reincarnated moon elf lord who was a virgin for two lifetimes almost died of a heart attack at this moment.

It was one thing to see the chiselled abs, he had seen a lot from the models in his past life. The bulging biceps, he has those at one point. But that thing stands proudly with its owner. That pink and brown thing with few angry veins.

That is enough to send him to the path of reincarnation all over again. It was that big!

"I can help you with anything."

The hottie let out an animalistic growl and attacked him once again at high speed. Purple lights danced around the naked male's body. It is a thunder power.

'Wait, is there a thunder clan living around here?' Luis wondered but he can't seem to remember so he focused on the current predicament.

Luis hastily reinforced his body and increased his speed to dodge the attack of the rampaging naked male.

Luis didn't forget to warn the little trembling bird. It is obviously afraid of the situation.

"I don't know how you will do it but you need to stay away from here or else you will be crushed by this hun- I mean guy! Go somewhere safe and I'll come back!"

"Chirp!" Then the little critter clumsily ran with its short legs.

'That tiny guy can actually understand me!'

"Hi! I'm the new moon elf lord would you mind having a conversation?!" Luis stated after facing the other.

The young moon elf didn't reply and continued with his assault.

Punch after punch then blow after blow. Each of the attacks contains bright purple electricity. It was both fast and incessant. Luis can only dodge for a few centimetres from the point of impact. So can still feel the scorching heat of the lightning power.

When the crazed moon elf realized that he can't hit his prey he tried to claw at his target without any rest.

Luis reinforced his legs and did a long jump backwards. This is the first time that he moved wildly like this! The moon elf lord can feel his back sweating.

'Is this guy not even getting tired from all this moving' Luis thought. He tried hard not to look at the bouncing pole.

Probably because of the height difference, its attack is easier to dodge for Luis.

This time, he proactively tried to contain the others' power.

"What is wrong with this lightning?" Luis exclaimed. Clearly, this moon elf's power is made up of nature's energy.

However, when he tried to contain it with his energy, it didn't work. There is a lingering energy that he cannot manipulate.

"Is this mana?" Luis' eyes are wide from disbelief. Moon elves' abilities are solely made up of nature's energy. While moon elves also have tiny amounts of mana, it never mixes with nature's power.

It should be stagnant until it is used to make a contract with mystic beasts.

Luis looked at this frenzied moon elf. This handsome guy should be not simple.

"Hey, handsome! There is something wrong with you!" As if he understood it.

The other let out a loud beastly roar. It was amplified by mana.

It is earsplitting.

Luis used both hands to cover his ears.

"F*ck you! For real! Ahhh!" the helpless moon elf lord yelled at the top of his lungs as if it can overcome the loudness. The feeling was both painful and dizzying so he doesn't have a choice but to stop.

Like a beast that was waiting to deal the killing blow, the naked male moon elf jumped at its prey when he saw it defenceless. The moon elf lord helplessly used his both hands to push the other

Luis finds himself pinned down by this crazy guy. Now that their faces are near, he can see that the white of this man's eyes has turned red.

"Hey! Wake up! I'm the moon elf lord. Do you hear me? What is wrong with you!".

He frantically moved his body against this man's grasp. Luis can feel that the standing ding dong is touching and rubbing him.

However, before he could feel the pleasure, a sharp stinging sensation coursed from his wrist.

"No, you! I may want to make it rough but I don't want it to be too painful! Yaaahh!" Luis screamed like a pig. He didn't expect that he will get electrocuted in this world without a cell phone.

And it is because of a handsome hunk!

This spark is too much that it's numbing!

"Revitalize! Low-heal!" Luis shouted frantically. Activating his skill one after another.

How vexing that he doesn't have any attacking skills!

He can only passively take the pain and continuously heal himself. Luis remembered the last reward that he didn't open until now.

The golden easter egg.

Even though he has a zero trust rating for the system, he is not in a situation where he can be picky.

"System, open the golden easter egg now!"

And the system interface appeared.

'Congratulations! You received Moonlight Circulation Training- Beginner's Manual

-- effective for building energy pathways throughout the plate.

-- can be used by one to two stars moon elf warrior'

Luis didn't even want to click the drop down button.

"Cr*p?" How can this training manual help him?!

"This useless system!" Luis is seriously pissed off right now. However, the other side didn't give him the time to be angry.

The electricity became even more intense this time.

"Harden! Harden my body! Morning Wood Skill, activate!" Luis yelled in desperation. Luis isn't sure if this one works and he doesn't care about the shame he is feeling when he yelled the skill name. He is desperate from all the pain that he is feeling!

At this moment, Luis didn't know that because of his continuous use of his wood powers, soothe the agitation of this young male moon elf.

Letting the sanity of this guy go back.

"Wound... Back... Please." Xagrien uttered weakly. He was in a daze and he cannot fully comprehend what is going on.

The only thing that he knew is that this bearer can make him feel comfortable. He collapsed on top of the other person and fell asleep.

Luis who could barely hear him stopped struggling. The electricity is gone and seems like this male became normal.

The male's standing pole became flaccid.

"Low-heal." Luis activated his skill and applied it to the back of the sleeping man. Due to his connection with his ability, he can feel the deep slit on the back of this guy

It was surprising to see such a terrible wound on the back of this energetic male.

How come this guy can still move despite being in such a state?

"Hey, can I see your back? I need to take a closer look at your wound to treat you." He repeatedly tapped its shoulder. Though he is saying this, he didn't dare to cease using his low heal.

Who knows if this guy will go bonkers once the pain kicked in?

"Handsome, you are heavy." Luis cannot push this man without strengthening his arms.

Once he was freed from the male's weight, Luis checked the wound and saw that it is showing signs of necrosis.

"We need to cut some of your dead muscle tissues before I can heal you," Luis looked around and realized that they are in the wilderness.

There is no such thing as sanitation in this place.

Luis has no dagger and no clean water. But all of it is present in their camping base.

He fell into a stupor.

"How can I take you there?" The moon elf lord felt helpless as he asked the slumbering patient.

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