There's Something Wrong With You, My Lord!

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What is There's Something Wrong With You, My Lord!

Read ‘There's Something Wrong With You, My Lord!’ Online for Free, written by the author Imsuperberbs20, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, R18 Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Battered, injured, jaded and marvellously wreaked. Luis Lee was one of the powerful ability users during the chaotic tim...


Battered, injured, jaded and marvellously wreaked. Luis Lee was one of the powerful ability users during the chaotic time of the apocalypse but that was until he found himself reincarnated in a magical world full of hunks and gorgeously powerful moon elves.  At that moment he thought, "Let's live a slow slutty life, (b)itches!" These long-eared hotties needed him for something and the new moon elf lord was determined to do nothing. However, an obnoxious system was added into the mix saying that he is reincarnated in a world of a book. System administrator: This world will usher an Apocalypse after a decade. So enjoy your stay (b)itch. Few days old moon elf lord: Will I ever get a proper rest? A story of a perverted soul who just wanted to get laid starts now. Author's Note: Bearers are another gender of the moon elves. They have PP but has the ability to 'bear children'. This concept is practically like an omegaverse- minus the heat. This is my first ever novel. :) The book cover is a commissioned art made by Kanl Art. Paid by the Author using all the love that the beloved readers gave to this book! Hihihi! Do not use without Author's permission. Contact me @ https://discord.gg/M6N3nDkA

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Volume 1 :The Birth of Wood and Space Power Moon Elf Lord
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Hi! Your Mitch author here! (my readers might know what I mean) First of all, this is not a review. I just want to say all the things that the 500-character authors thought cannot fit. Honestly, I didn't expect that I will reach more than twenty chapters in writing this story. Just like many authors, I have written many books that didn't get to meet the publish button due to it being scrapped or forgotten. I didn't use a story outline when I am writing those. It was caused by too much confidence, it was poison really. So this time, I said, "Let's make a bloody outline!" and so I did plan the details of the story until two volumes. It is full of elements of kingdom building, adventure, action and minor flirtations. All I can promise for my dear readers is a regular update, a perverted main character, a 'hung' male lead and an author with terrible naming sense. If you are okay with that, then be my guest and read on.


Woah! I'm not a fan of ML and LGBTQ stories but this story changed my perspectives. The plot and the writing quality are superb as the readers keep on coming to read more chapters. Can't wait to know what will happen to Luis Lee! Great job, Author! 10/10 for me.


The starting of the story is intriguing plus the ML is very fu---adorable 🤭 from a strong build up man *power bottom* to a bearer with a beautiful body, I wonder how the ML will live his this life and who his other half will be. The description is something I loved a lot, as it directly gives you a visualization of the world and must say the usage of words are done in a very beautiful way. Writing quality is no doubt very good, update stability: The Author has just started publishing the story, so nothing much to say now. Good luck, Author! 👍


The protagonist, Luis Lee, is initially portrayed as a strong and capable individual who has survived an apocalyptic event but has been battered and injured in the process. However, the story takes a surprising turn when Luis finds himself reincarnated in a magical world filled with attractive and powerful moon elves. Interesting plot, I can't wait for the world development and the characters that the story will explore.


Second review! Very happy to see your work got contrcted! Really worth it! My congrats!❤️


The background and character of the story is so good. Really loved it waiting for more chapters. Keep it up author [img=recommend][img=recommend]


Your word building is excellent. Each paragraphs, entails nourishing vocabularies. Awesome book, as a upcoming author you are quite good. But the only thing I would love to say is; I would love if you break each sentences in a paragraph a little bit {like reducing the sentences with a full stop for better understanding}.


I enjoyed your story. It was well-written


I love how the Author pictures his characters, the world background is amazing and all. I'm looking forward to more updates.


Luis Lee was a powerful ability user during the apocalypse but finds himself reincarnated in a magical world full of handsome and powerful moon elves. He decides to live a slow and promiscuous life, but soon realizes that the elves need him for something.


This story is just so good and interesting. It has to be one of my top favorite reincarnation BLs I’ve read. The characters are very entertaining and fun to read, the character development is also good. The story itself is very intriguing too. I hope this gets updated more consistently though, like it used too bc the story just keeps getting better and better. It’s so good I just want to know what happens next 🙌💕💕💕😊


This story has a unique premise and is quite entertaining. The protagonist's personality is refreshing and adds humor to the story. However, I feel that the plot could be developed further to keep the reader engaged.


Oh my, the title alone sounds very intriguing and funny 😂😂, Can't help but to click on it and want to read more... I love your book already author, please do keep on updating


The way the characters are described is honestly amazing! The start is intriguing and has captured my interest. I will be looking forward to even more chapters Author~




This book is truly a gem. It features a compelling storyline that unfolds with perfect pacing. The characters are well-developed, each with their own distinct voice and personality, making them easy to connect with. I appreciated the author's skillful weaving of themes, managing to explore complex issues without losing the plot's momentum. The narrative kept me engaged from start to finish with its unexpected twists. It's a balanced mix of excitement, introspection, and emotional depth, making for a thoroughly enjoyable read. This book is deserving of a full 5-star rating and comes highly recommended.


this novel is very intriguing I loved it from the first chapter and I've loved it since great work author


Firstly, I would like to say that I enjoyed your story. It was well-written with vivid descriptions and good dialogue. The book had a nice flow to the story, and I particularly enjoyed the characters, especially Luiz. Keep up the good work, author


I love this story~ especially the mc HAHAHA


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