20 Grandpa Lei Helped to Clean up the Courtyard

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At this moment, Lei Feiche was extremely excited, because Lei Jingyun had finally made his move.

Moreover, the strength of a core building cultivator like him was indeed worthy of his reputation.

He was not the target, but the power contained within still made his heart palpitate with fear.

"Brat, go and die!"

Lei Jingyun roared, and his momentum became even fiercer.

With this palm strike, even a huge rock weighing a thousand pounds would be shattered!

Jiang Ping looked at Lei Jingyun coldly, his face expressionless.

The next moment, he suddenly clenched his hand into a fist and threw a punch.


The fist and palm collided with a loud shockwave.

Lei Jingyun's body shook a few times.

However, Jiang Ping didn't move at all and wasn't affected in the slightest.

Lei Jingyun took a deep breath before he calmed down and looked at Jiang Ping with a serious expression.

Although that palm strike wasn't his trump card, he had still used 80% of his strength.

He didn't expect Jiang Ping, who looked so young, to be able to take it so easily.

"You have some skills."

"Very good, I can now take you as a serious opponent."

After saying that, he strengthened his momentum.

Lei Jingyun's eyes flashed with a cold glint. He pointed his finger at Jiang Ping like a sword.

All the true Qi in his body instantly gathered on his two fingers.

It was as if dozens of invisible swords were emerging.

For a moment, the air churned and blew in all directions.

The whole backyard was covered by the energy swords, throwing the trees, plants, tables and chairs into a mess.

This was the move that Lei Jingyun was proudest of.

He had faced many opponents in the core building stage before.

Even those in the same realm as him could only temporarily avoid this move!

Even the elders in the sect said that it was extraordinary to be able to train this move to such an extent.

He was sure that this move was enough to heavily injure Jiang Ping!

Jiang Ping felt the aura of this sword and frowned.

In the next moment, Lei Jingyun streaked through the air like a beam of light and slammed into Jiang Ping.

In response, Jiang Ping calmly struck out with his palm.

This palm technique looked ordinary and unremarkable. There was nothing worthy of praise.

It was as if he had casually extended his palm.

Only experts above the origin core realm would be able to see that at this moment, Jiang Ping's entire body was emitting a ray of light, and a core-shaped silhouette glistened within his body.


The two of them collided.

In an instant, sand and stones were sent flying, and dust flew everywhere.

Lei Jingyun could not control his body as he flew backwards.

Finally, he crashed into a stone table before he barely managed to stop.

At this moment, Lei Jingyun could only feel his Qi and blood churning within his body, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

He even found it a little difficult to speak.

He raised his head to look at Jiang Ping, his eyes filled with fear.

At this point, he knew that he was absolutely no match for Jiang Ping!

Though Jiang Ping was just a young man in his twenties or thirties, he was actually stronger than Lei Jingyun.

No wonder his daughter's talent was so monstrous! Her father was already a freak!

Lei Jingyun ridiculed him in his heart, before turning and running away.

Since he knew he couldn't beat Jiang Ping, it would be better for him to run, unless he wanted to be beaten up.

Jiang Ping didn't expect this move.

He was startled for a moment before he reacted.

Jiang Ping's body instantly disappeared from his original position.

Lei Jingyun hadn't even taken two steps when he felt a tight punch on his back.

He lost his footing and almost fell to the ground.


Lei Jingyun was about to beg for mercy.

But Jiang Ping didn't give him the chance.

His fists rained down madly on Lei Jingyun's body.

Although there wasn't any true Qi attached to his blows, it still hurt Lei Jingyun.

"You come and go as you please. What kind of place do you think the Jiang family is?"

"How dare you be so arrogant when you're only in the core building stage? Do you think you're very strong?"

"The Chuanyun Sect is trash, and you still want to take my daughter as a disciple?"

"Who allowed you to think so highly of yourself?"

With every sentence Jiang Ping said, his fists became heavier.

Lei Jingyun covered his head and tried to scramble away, crying out, "Ouch, ouch."

Not far away, Lei Feiche, who was watching this, was scared stiff, trembling in place.

Now he finally understood what Li Batian had said that day.

'Li Batian, why didn't you say it clearly? You wanted to trick me, right? I'll teach you a lesson some other day!' Lei Feiche thought.

But on second thought, he was unsure if there was still another day.

Jiang Ping was still chasing after Lei Jingyun and beating him up.

Lei Jingyun was having a hard time now.

He couldn't run away or beg for mercy.

When had he ever been in such a sorry state?

Just as Lei Jingyun was in the depths of despair, Jiang Ping's body suddenly froze.

Then, he pulled Lei Jingyun over, and in a flash, they were both sitting in the pavilion of the Jiang Mansion.

He even put an arm on Lei Jingyun's shoulder.

Lei Jingyun suddenly shivered. He was like a frightened bird now.

Every time Jiang Ping touched him, he would panic.

Jiang Ping said loudly, "Old Lei, do you think the view is a lot brighter after cleaning the leaves in the yard?"

Lei Jingyun was dumbfounded. What was going on?

Why did the topic suddenly change to the scenery?

He looked up and saw that although Jiang Ping had a smile on his face, his gaze was like a knife.

Lei Jingyun's heart palpitated. He didn't know what was Jiang Ping planning.

But he knew that if he didn't follow Jiang Ping's words, his ending would be very miserable.

He could only force out a wry smile and agree, "Yes, yes."


Just as he said this, he heard a few tender voices.

The three girls behind him were running towards Jiang Ping.

Jiang Ping looked at the three girls who appeared and revealed a shocked expression.

"Why are you here?"

"Dad, we heard a big commotion just now!"

"Dad, we were worried about you!"

"Dad, that's why we ran out."

The three girls spoke rapidly and non-stop.

Jiang Ping felt proud of them as they showed concern for him.

"Everything is alright, I am having tea with Grandpa Lei. What's there to worry about?"

Hearing this, the three girls frowned and looked at Lei Jingyun.

Lei Jingyun quickly squeezed out a bitter smile and nodded with an extremely humble attitude.

Yan'er felt that it was strange and looked at the messy backyard.

She asked again, "Then what has happened in this backyard?"

Jiang Ping's mind was racing. "Grandpa Lei helped to clean up the backyard."

"Isn't it a lot emptier? It's easier to bask in the sun this way!"

"But the backyard is in a mess now. It's not fun."

Yan'er pouted. She hated dirty and messy things the most.

Flowers, plants, stones, and wood chips were scattered everywhere. It was so ugly!

"Don't worry. Grandpa Lei hasn't finished taking care of it yet."

"He already said that he would only leave after he helped us take care of the backyard."


Yan'er stared at Jiang Ping with a puzzled gaze.

Jiang Ping lied, but his face was not red and his heart was not beating.

"Of course! If you don't believe me, you can ask Grandpa Lei."

Jiang Ping walked to Lei Jingyun's side and glared at him without letting his daughters see it.

He threatened with a voice that only the two of them could hear.

"If you want to live, then follow my words and stay in the Jiang Mansion."

Lei Jingyun's body suddenly trembled.

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