Then, Now & Ever Will Be

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What is Then, Now & Ever Will Be

Read ‘Then, Now & Ever Will Be’ Online for Free, written by the author Madellene_Penaflor, This book is a Teen Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, DRAMATIC Light Novel, FAMILY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Description: Slow pacing, Change of Time, Day to Day life from student to young adults who strives for a great career to...


Description: Slow pacing, Change of Time, Day to Day life from student to young adults who strives for a great career to pursuit of love and building a family of their own. It is a story of healing, hope, fath and love. ~ Synopsis: THEN Follows the story of 5 Friends in High School. Twins Monaliza Madelleine Gomez and Mikhail Timothy Gomez enters Feng Shu Chinese International Academy for Business and the Arts and there they met Gao Sian /Daniel Gao, Qi Xiao Yu/Sam Qi and Qi Lei Leng/Louie Qi. Monaliza was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or simply lupus when she was 13 years old. With little chance of survival ( mostly 15 years), her family don’t want her to go to a dormitory school, but as she wants to battle the sickness bravely (to which her great grandma and grandma failed to do so as they loses the battle and died early; it is also the same disease that her Dad is still courageously battling until now), she decided to live an independent normal life with her brother. At sixteen, her symptoms were stabilized and she was pronounced by the Doctors healthy again and needed only to attend regular monthly check-ups and maintenance medicine. So with a heavy heart, her parents let her attend Feng Shu with a promise to take good care of herself while she is away from home. Just with that promise she joined the running team and took up a regular balance diet to preserve and improve her health. In Feng Shu, Mona met Gao Sian. Their first meeting didn’t go well, but as Mona found Sian’s lonely heart being hidden beyond the nutshell of cruelty and rebellion, she found a new mission and purpose in life - to let the heart of this young man let go and turn over a new leaf in life. In the course of time that Mona is with Sian, she eventually found herself slowly falling in love with him. Gao Sian loses his parents when they got divorce, forcing him to be separated with his older brother Gao Yu, who came to live with his Dad in Canada, while he was thrown away in the Philippines to live with his cousins Qi Xiao Yu and Qi Lei Leng, while his mom, remarrying a rich tycoon and stays behind in Shanghai. Feeling lost and abandoned by his family, Gao Sian decided to hide his loneliness behind the column of his heart and turn his wrath into alcohol, cigarettes and ramble. During one of the rambles is where he met the optimist Mona, who recognized him as one of her classmates and helped him to escape. Through her constant persistence to help him change and improve both of their grades, his irritation to her was little-by-little turned into curiosity and from curiosity to care, then eventually love and compassion to the sick girl. The young couple decided to dream big dreams together with the mentorship of Pastor Glenn Yu, and it was set for them to meet again in College in Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A., to take up both communication courses. With the help of each other, they intend to pass IELTS with high grades and aim for scholarships intended for international students. However, one accident that turns into a loss of a loved one compels Mona to stay behind and let go of her love. Devastated Sian decided to go to the States with a broken heart and follow the unknown road alone. 8 years passed and Mona is now a lonely single parent to her nephew Timmy while still recovering from the loss of her twin. With her Dad and Mickey gone, she has no choice but to take good care of both her mother and son while teaching at a community Christian College near home.

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