The Zero Division Commander Manage The Whitebeard Pirates Temporarily

Goro Majima travels through the Pirate World, becomes the captain of the Zero Division of the Whitebeard Pirate Group, and activates the comic system. this is fanfic is not mine i just translated it so i can atleast try to make it readable the author of this fanfic: Ruiqi Xiangyun note: one piece is not mine, Eiichiro Oda is the creator of One Piece, a popular Japanese manga and anime series. He first started publishing One Piece in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1997, and it has since become one of the best-selling manga series of all time. Oda is also known for his unique art style, creative character designs, and world-building skills, which have helped to make One Piece a beloved and enduring franchise. 2 chapters per day

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Chapter 49 Hold down, it’s my turn next!

Page one became increasingly agitated as he watched the excited Whitebeard Pirates. He expressed his disdain, saying that it seems like they need a taste of their own blood to understand what it means to be afraid. Just as he was about to take action, he noticed something unusual happening on the other patrol boat. One of the patrol members threw out an anchor rope hook, which hooked onto the railing of Page's ship with a loud clang.

Page One was full of confusion and disbelief as he saw the Whitebeard Pirates preparing to attack. He wondered if they had lost their minds, thinking they could take their pirate ship with their weak strength.

The pirates under Page One were equally puzzled and were about to launch a suicidal shock.

However, suddenly, one of the patrol members threw an anchor rope hook and used it to jump onto Page One's ship.

Aymon (Pirate 4) took the lead and jumped onto the ship, followed by the rest of the patrol. The Beasts Pirates were shocked and called them crazy and stupid opponents.

Aymon, wrapped in Armament Haki, kicked Page One's face with a lot of energy, shouting, "Hehehe! You can't escape from me, Page One!!"

[A/N: Aymon is the same as Adolf he is one of the first pirates to get an ability read Ch.33 for details]

Page one expressed surprise at the sight of a patrol member using Armament Haki.

However, he quickly recovered and transformed into a humanoid tyrannosaurus with Armament Haki-covered claws, catching Aymon's flying kick. Aymon appeared frozen in mid-air, but from Page one's perspective, he had been caught. Page one then taunted Aymon, saying that his use of Armament Haki was nothing compared to his own strength.

Page one taunted Aymon, "Is that all you've got? You really think you can challenge me with that kind of Armament Haki? How boring."

Page one is about to crush Aymon with his claws, but Aymon remains calm and activates his jutsu instantly.

He performs the "Earth Style·Iwasu Falls," which is powered by Chakra energy and his superpower, making it stronger than usual. With the added support of Armament Haki, the attack is even more powerful, and a powerful wave of air is generated upon impact.

Aymon possessing the superpower of Power Surging: Balzac, Aymon's abilities are much stronger than the average person, often increasing in power by ten times or even dozens of times. The degree of increase depends on Aymon's mastery of his superpower. Therefore, his attack "Earth Style·Iwasu Falls" is much stronger than a typical attack of the same kind.

Page one felt a powerful force penetrate through his right arm after being hit by Aymon's attack. His arm, which was previously covered in Armament Haki, was immediately broken apart piece by piece. The once menacing dinosaur arm was now hanging limply like a wilted vegetable leaf. Meanwhile, Page one was also thrown back by the force of the attack.

[A/N: When worn, Balzac can tap into the wearer's body and mind and unlock their potential by 100%, giving the wearer super speed, super strength, lightning-quick agility and unparalleled intelligence.]

Aymon expressed his joy, saying "Hahaha! You all saw it, I took down page one and this is my accomplishment! No one is allowed to take credit for it!"

Aymon was jubilant, boasting about his achievement of taking down Page One,

One of the patrols expressed their desire to become a combatant as well, saying "Hey, I want to be a part of the action too!"

Another patrol member expressed frustration at being left behind, saying "Damn! You beat me to it!"

Another patrol member reflected on a missed opportunity, saying "I once had the chance to defeat a Tobiroppo but I didn't value it enough. If only I could go back in time, I would run faster than this kid!"

while some other patrol members expressed envy and frustration, wishing they had been the ones to land the blow. They bickered and complained amongst themselves, some regretting not having appreciated the value of the Tobiroppo when they had the chance. The scene resembled a chaotic shopping frenzy, rather than a fierce battle.

As Page One regained consciousness and heard Aymon refer to his takedown as a "merit," he realized that he had been seen as nothing more than a token of achievement from the very beginning. This realization brought him a great sense of shame and anger, and he vowed to wash it away with blood.

After Aymon claimed the merit for taking down Page One,

One of the patrol members suggested, "While the merit is yours, we don't come across a Tobiroppo often, so the rest of us can't come back empty-handed. Why don't we make Page One our practice target?"

The others agreed, but Page One was furious, feeling like he was being treated as a sandbag. However, as he was about to attack, a patrol member intervened and explained that Page One's broken right arm would hinder the effectiveness of their hand training, and they should first help him treat his injury before continuing.

The patrol team quickly explained, "Your right arm is broken and it will greatly affect the effectiveness of our training. If you try to practice with a broken arm, it won't be effective. Stand still, we'll help you treat the injury on your right arm before we start."

In case Page one spit out blood!

His face turned pale with anger!

"I treat your mother!" Page one was furious.

Upon seeing this, Aymon quickly sealed the seal.

Earth Style·Rock Pillar Technique!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ...

Several rock pillars suddenly appeared out of thin air, trapping Page one all of a sudden! !

"Quickly, I can use medical ninjutsu, you hold him down and I will treat it!" one of the patrol said.

"Hold him down? More like sit on him!" another joked, eliciting laughter from the group.

Several patrol members swarmed up and pressed Page one firmly into the rock pillar.

"Hey, Page one, you're like a fly stuck in honey, can't move an inch!" one of them teased, dodging a punch from Page one.

The patrol members who could use healing ninjutsu quickly expended their chakra to heal Page one's broken arm.

Despite the severity of Page one's injury, his extraordinary resilience, thanks to his Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Spinosaurus, allowed him to recover almost instantly.

The patrol members were amazed at how quickly he could use his arm again

However, Page one was in no mood for laughter, still fuming at the thought of being used as a practice dummy.

"Guys, it's cured! It's time to start!"

The patrol members who had just finished healing Page one's arm eagerly stepped back and assumed fighting stances, signaling the start of their training session.

Page one got up from the ground, seething with anger. It was beyond shameful that his opponents had to heal him before the fight even began. It was a complete humiliation! "I'll make you pay for healing me...with your life!" he bellowed as he charged back into battle as a ferocious Spinosaurus.

But after just ten minutes, Page one fell to the ground with a dazed expression. "How could this happen?" he wondered. Despite playing a back-and-forth game, he ultimately lost to a patrol team from the Whitebeard Pirates. To make matters worse, it seemed that the one who defeated him was a little girl who relied on healing as her primary method.


"Come on, come on, heal him now! It's my turn next!" one of the patrol team members exclaimed as they rushed to hold Page one down for more medical ninjutsu.


What a deception!