Tong Family Owed A Ten Year Debt

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Duan Xingye seemed to have seen a ghost and he started yelling, immediately. "Aunt Tong, what are you talking about? The one who treated grandfather was Weiwei! This Mr Liu, whom you invited, nearly killed grandfather the moment he inserted the needle! If not for Weiwei's timely help, you won't have seen grandfather lying here alive!"

Tong Yunrou's smile stiffened and her eyes suddenly widened. "What did you say? Who saved your grandfather?"


Who was she? She had never heard of someone with that name!

Duan Xingye replied with pride in his voice. "The miracle doctor that my fourth uncle and I invited from Yunwu Mountain. Her medical skills are much superior to Mr Liu."

Just as Duan Xingye said that, he unconsciously looked towards Duan Xiuqi. When he saw his third uncle's chilly expression, he cried out internally. "Sh*t! So much for my blabbermouth."