There’s No Need To Delay The Wedding

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After the traditional chinese medicine concoction was boiled and cooled, they lifted up old man Duan to lean against the bedrest and fed it to him.

Bai Chuwei had been rather 'kind' to specially choose the most bitter medicine and even left a reminder that they had to feed him spoon by spoon. Even the old man Duan, who was accustomed to drinking bitter things, nearly vomited when it was fed to him.

That bowl of medicine took half an hour to finish and it was bitter to the extent that his lips were trembling.

Old man Duan gradually opened his turbid eyes and muttered to himself as he looked at the surrounding family members. "I've only done one bad thing in my life. This is retribution. My illness is my retribution."

He had been an upright man throughout his life and only did one thing that went against his principles.