Get Rid Of Your Brand Ambassador, Duan Xiuqi

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Bai Chuwei smiled and opened the car's door to walk towards the Bai Family's residence with her backpack slung on her shoulder.

She dialed a number on her new phone and a young man's magnetic voice could be heard from the other end. "Hello?"

Bai Chuwei spoke in her usual tone. "It's me. Moyun is one of your businesses, right? Get rid of your brand ambassador, Duan Xiuqi. I find him irritating."

Dozens of silent seconds elapsed and all of a sudden, a trembling voice containing traces of shock, shouted out. "I-It's… you? Ancestor? You have a phone now? You've descended the mountains?"

"En." Bai Chuwei answered and hung up the call.


A black, classy yet conspicuous Rolls Royce was parked by the side of the road. The man was seated in the driver seat and appeared normal. But upon closer inspection, one could see that the tips of his ears had turned red.