Film Emperor Who Has Been Popular For Twenty Years.

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Both of them entered the crowded store, where there was no lack of young female students roaming around in their uniforms.

The staff immediately went up to welcome them with a smile. "May I know which customer is interested in purchasing a phone?"

The staff's eyes could not help but light up. The man was handsome and the girl was gorgeous and had an unearthly demeanor. Both of them looked like a good match!

Bai Chuwei answered. "Me."

The female staff smiled even more sweetly. She led them to a counter, took out a large screen phone and politely explained. "Miss, this Moyun V20 was recently launched in March and is endorsed by the popular film actor, Duan Xiuqi. It is well liked by most girls and you can also get a chance to win his autograph with this purchase."