111 Zhang An's package at work.

In the people's union hospital, inside a private VIP ward, one unhappy mother and daughter were facing each other. Lin Billi, the daughter was angry because she had been waiting for days, for Alix to come crawling to apologize and grovel at her feet but no such had happened even though days had gone by. 

Jing Hee was trying to calm her daughter down because Lin Qianfan had told them to sweep the matter under the rug. 

"I don't care what Zhang Caishen says, I am going to sue her. Mother, I will not be able to work for four weeks because of her. I have cancelled two television appearances, a private performance for the birthday of the Ma family's matriarch and I am being forced to go on a liquid diet."

"Calm down, the doctor told you not to over talk." Jing Hee told Billi. 


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