The Young master's fake bride and her lucky system

Author: 1cutecat
Fantasy Romance
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What is The Young master's fake bride and her lucky system

Read The Young master's fake bride and her lucky system novel written by the author 1cutecat on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering system, weaktostrong, sliceoflife, ceo, faceslapping. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Sweet, satisfying, pampering, lots of face slapping.] Zhang Caishen's era had come to an end and he could never rise again, or so they said. But why did he seem to be getting richer and more powerful even if he was now crippled and abandoned by his betrothed? Why was he suddenly so unnaturally lucky? The answer was simple; his new wife!! Lin Alix was not lucky when it came to her family. She was the older, less loved and less talented one in comparison to her younger sister who stole everything from her. But fate intervened and she got lucky when it came to a husband, not only was he wealthy but he loved to spoil her. Suggested by her infinite luck gaming system, Alix married her sister's unwanted crippled husband to be and stepped on the path of a winner in life. She swept up music awards, gained international recognition and got her revenge on her cruel family while becoming Beijing's most envious wife. "Are you crazy, you willingly married a crippled man?" her friends asked. "Yes, but have you seen how much he pampers me?" she asked in turn. "She will cheat on him, he is a cripple and he can't perform his husbandly duties." others gossiped. Alix looked at the so called crippled man who climbed into her bed night after night and laughed. Sorry, he was more than capable. "Honey, I am here to perform my husbandly duties." he would always say coquettishly when he flipped her over. This book is participating in the WSA and the author will appreciate all your support. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, nothing should be compared to the real world no matter how similar. You can also check out my other works here on Web novel. Cover photo from Pinterest.

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really good [img=update][img=coins][img=fp][img=exp][img=golden ticket]


Hi, it's 1cutecat, the author of yet another amazing book and shamelessly leaving herself a review, as usual. I hope that Caishen and Alix will enthrall and hypnotize you. Please leave me some good reviews. xoxo.


I really love this book, keep updating chapters please


FL character is really cool . I also like the ML character and o course the system the interactions between FL and systems are just great I often find myself laughing while reading . I can recommend this story very much. ll


A true face slapper and I could not be more happy... No bad chapters but a book filled with action and great plot.


The writing quality is good! I can say that the author has put a lot of effort into developing the first few chapters of their novel and that the character development of Alix will be a run for your money. The only thing I didn't quite like was the very long and chunky paragraphs but since this novel is still fresh I believe the Author can fix these mistakes to make the reader's immersion even better. Overall I love the plot of where this story is going and I hope the author can keep writing for this story to have its ending! Keep up the great work author!


I love the rapport between the character. Their qpersonalities are all unique and interesting. Zhang Caishen and Lin Alix are lovable. I would recommend this to those who love to read romantic novel with an interesting comedic twist. An easy 5-star. I’ve read all available chapters (201 chapters)


Story well writing. FL and ML have strong personalities. Eager to see the evolution of this story


the book is very interesting. keep up the good work


This book is so funny. Love the fl and ml. I can’t tell how many times I laughed. Thank you author.


Es una novela interesante, el romance es magnífico.


Author, are you willing to take in someone as your disciple Just the synopsis alone is enticing Let me learn from you dear author Sadly, I can only read the first free chapters I'm really broke But an amazing job, kudos to the author


I can’t believe I found a gem. This novel cater to my preference. Light and easy reading. If you just want to enjoy a good romantic comedy book, I recommend picking up this one. It won’t disappoint you. Pls. keep updating.


Reveal spoiler


I like the story plot,very straightforward,ican wait for the villain to be punished


espero ler toda essa emocionante história


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