1 The beginnings.

Victoria's POV

I am sick of observing those two eyes moving left to right in the hope to spot somebody to vent out the frustration on. It's not been even an hour but from what I gather, it seems like an eternity of wait that isn't gonna end any soon. With every passing moment my desire, to hop in the car and get out of this place, is taking over my patience. My mind is hounded with hundreds of pointless thoughts but one thing is certain, no matter what, I am about to lose it. Not the thoughts but definitely my mind. Who the hell even gets this late? These people were supposed to be here an hour ago, they definitely don't value time. Tyler is the only one who is here and he is much more annoyed than I am, isn't that so obvious anyways, his life revolves around the clock. In his entire life, he has never been late anywhere, of course, my 18th birthday was just an exception even though it was genuinely not his fault that he was late.

"I swear they are gonna die a really bad death. These filthy creatures don't even value time. They need to understand the importance of time because time is never gonna wait for them." Tyler spoke out while his words were clearly brimming with annoyance. It was rather shocking of him to say all of this and it definitely took me minutes to get out of this shock. I always knew he just can't take it when someone is late but I never thought he would actually complain about it. He is the kind of person who always stays quiet and doesn't really express himself, like a typical introvert but guess this got on his nerves.

Like I said, he was clearly devoted to time. I just can't figure out how he is a literal slave to time when his own twin brother, Kol, is always the last person anyone would ever expect to be on time. Just like today, Tyler definitely mentioned how Kol was still sleeping when he left for here. Well! There was nothing less expected from him but I am shocked to the core how Ryan and Andrea are late. They aren't an early bird like Tyler but they definitely aren't tardy like Kol, they are always on time. Whatever it is, I am seriously sick of waiting anymore. We were supposed to have left long ago.

A car halts in the parking lot

Tyler sighed and marched towards the car as if he is ready to assassinate all of them right away. He has always been this dramatic, actually, all of them have been. There is something wrong with the genes for sure.

"Well! Tyler, looking at the anger in your eyes, I can surely tell you have already decided how to explain to the world about the untimely demise of the three of us. Seriously, what's with that look. Are you actually gonna kill us?" Said Ryan.

As I said, all of them definitely had a flair for drama.

It was Kol who opened his mouth to break the staring competition between Ryan and Tyler. "Well! I was just wondering if we could just skip the part where you are gonna give us these icy glares and then we are gonna pretend like we are extremely sorry and feel guilty and all of that stuff because I don't wanna waste another hour here."

For the first time in a while, there is I can totally agree with Kol. Even though I still wanna know what caused them the delay but we all sat in the car without wasting any more time.

It's been hours since we left and Kol was still giving explanations to Tyler about the reason for their delay. Turns out Kol woke up late like always and Tyler and Andrea had to pick him up. So, it wasn't really their fault for being late. Turns out all of them are much more annoying than I imagined them to be, just as I was begging the almighty to save my sinking ship of sanity, looks like he had some other plans in mind. It was my time to drive. These people definitely don't believe me enough to hand me over the car but they are gonna have to try at some point. Andrea isn't an adult yet, although she's about to be just in a few months, no way she can drive.

Well! Victoria, I swear to god you are never touching a car again if you lose your way this time. I just can't get over your track record of losing way every time you drive.

Ryan sure is just over paranoid, it's not my freaking fault that I can't deduce those so-called maps, it's definitely the map's fault. Besides, not like I lose way every time I drive so it's gonna be a tradition that I'll have to uphold. I am gonna prove to them that I am not losing my way at any cost today.

"Oh well! Now you would surely be thinking how you are gonna prove us wrong by not losing the way and yes, it is your fault that you can't deduce maps. I just don't get how can you always blame the map for it. I mean like just leave that poor thing alone and concentrate on your driving." It was Andrea who finally spoke up after so long to break the ice.

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