Reviews of The Wrong Turn....


The Wrong Turn....

Y.R. Novella

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I was missing out on this masterpiece🤩😍 Such an interesting and amazing book that it just made my boring day👌🏻 It’s really well written and very interesting to read!! Great job done by the author 👍🏻👏🏻

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As a horror fan, I was blown away by this story. It's engrossing and beautifully written. So far, I'm in love with the characters and their development. This is an excellent book, and the author has done an excellent job.


This book is amazing... waiting for the next chapter is so so so hard... I seriously get so curious to know the later part... I surely recommend this book to everyone... this book really deserves a Rank... Big fan of yours Miss. Y. R. Novella.


I liked how the author describes her scenes which makes you feel that you're actually the person in the story. The plot is also very interesting and I would continue reading this all the way. Hope to read more from you author!


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Woha, I did not read a horror type for a long time and this was good. So good...I highly recommend this one if you like to be frightened :) Thanks to the author for sharing such a good one with us.


Good story. the synopsis is intriguing and making me curious about the content. I just confuse with the character's dialogue, however, overall it is a good read.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I am a huge fan of horror and thriller, and reading your work, it gave me chills. You have a good book author. Keep writing and keep working harder.


Fascinating story, everything is good, the plot, the characters, everything ! It feels like you're actually in the story, good book, keep it up author ~


The story had a very similar plot and the turns were pretty expected from the first chapter itself. Being a horror lover, this story did not have anything gory of sought but talking about paranormal as well did not do well. Everything was pretty expected. What I really wished was for creativity and newness. The characters could have also been built deeper. You could have given point of view for each and every character because being only 5 we need to deeply connect With the character to feel and empathize for the character. There was no backstory or background of the characters which made it dull. You could have described the house stronger. Sorry for this rating but take it in a positive way. Best fo luck!!!


Wow!!! The cover page is stunning! Very mysterious and eye-catching. The climate reminds me of Roswell series... The plot of your story is intriguing, and the characters are interesting. You also nicely created the background of the action. Well done!


Best Novel for thriller lovers very unique piece of work.I thought novels were boring but after reading this my opinion is completely changed.Read it its worth it. Amazing,excellent,brilliant,fantastic mind blowing.


The story seems to start on a good note and actually seems to follow the route set by Arthur. I don't really like horror but it's a fun read overall


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This book is kicking in excitement and thrill. The storyline and how words are crafted to each scenes boost my curiosity and I hooked me up! Reminded me of my fave Scooby-doo. Job well done! Highly recommended. ❤️


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The storyline is very interesting and synopsis very pull you to read the story. However I had a little problem reading it as quotation marks were missing in someplace. All the best and good luck.


The writing is ok, but I can't separate the dialogs from the narrative, i can't identify the change between characters and I cant understand what's happening. the story is good once you pay attention, but it's hard to tell. keep up, don't give up!


Will pull you in from Chapter 1! It's a beautifully written story that makes you feel like it's sucking you into the plot. Amazing writing and story line!